4 true ways to extend an erection without tablets

4 true ways to extend an erection without tablets.

Sex – A wide and extremely diverse concept. Sexual games between partners are not at all limited to sexual intercourse and can (even say they must) include prelude, petting, role -playing games, oral affection and a lot of interesting and very pleasant…

Of course, it is unlikely that any of the men is able to maintain a stable erection during all this time, and, let’s say, this is not required. However, what to do in order to at the most crucial moment your «Soldier» It remained persistent as much as it would be necessary to achieve maximum pleasure with both partners?

Erective rings

Popular and affordable devices are designed to extend an erection in a man. They are also great to give an additional pleasure to a woman, thanks to the most diverse forms and types. The ring is put on the base of the penis in a calm state, squeezes it as the cavernous body is filled with bloodstream and provides a long and convincing erection.

Seal nozzles for penis. Penis nozzle is a simple and quick way to try new sexual sensations for both partners. Nozzles are used with different purposes:

• New sensations. Every woman, like many men, dream of experiments with different sizes.

• A simple method to harmonize sexual relations without operations and other cardinal methods, if for one reason or another a woman is not satisfied with the size of a man’s penis.

• Increase in excitement. Stimulation of both the vagina and the penis using the relief outside and inside the nozzle, plus vibration bring additional pleasure to both participants in the process, making each movement more pleasant.

• Prevention. Closed nozzles can be used as reusable condoms. They do not pass the liquids and at the same time easily wash. Which is important – from frequent use, the nozzles do not lose their qualities.

• Phalloprostheses (more rigid nozzles) can be used without reaching a complete erection. At the same time, the woman is guaranteed to receive the desired pleasure.

• Extension of sexual intercourse. Closed nozzle reduces the sensitivity of the penis, which significantly distorts ejaculation.

Using a prolongator

The action of all prolongants is built on the content of a small amount of anesthetic in them, which, when applied to the penis, weakens its sensitivity. The most common drugs are based on benzocaine or lidocaine, and plant components are also sometimes used. Prolongators are produced in various forms, with a different duration of the effect, these are: gels, creams and balms, sprays (aerosols). Therefore, every man can choose the best option for himself, which will help to enjoy the sexual life as fully as possible.

Using a training masturbator (endurance training)

High -quality masturbator is a real male endurance simulator. Thanks to him, every man will not only enjoy a bright pleasure, but will also be able to train the skills of controling ejaculation. With the regular use of masturbators, technology and endurance increases during intercourse, which will subsequently bring incomparable pleasure to both sexual partners. It should be borne in mind that all manufacturers of masturbators recommend using lubricants without fail.

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