5 exercises for couples to revive romance in relationships | Psychology of relations

5 exercises for steam to revive romance in a relationship.

5 exercises for couples to revive romance in relationships | Psychology of relations
Do you have the feeling that your life has become very saturated with events and stress? That you are no longer talking with your partner about something except purchasing products home or who will take the children to training tomorrow tomorrow?

This is a common situation in pairs that have long been together. Because of the problems at work, the influence of social networks on our lives, as well as the appearance of children and care for them, it is difficult to feel a connection with each other at the same level as it was before. We offer 5 small exercises for inflating the fading flame of romance, and they can be done without even getting out of bed!

The look of love

The first exercise may seem very difficult for you, but, believe me, it’s worth it!

Sit opposite your partner, crossing your legs so that your knees are in touch. If it is difficult for someone of you to stay in such a pose for a long time, try to do it lying on the side. Now look at each other and … wait 3-5 minutes.

Yes, at first you may have a feeling of awkwardness, or it will become funny, but this is a normal reaction! You must fully concentrate your attention on each other, and if you need to smile for the benefit, this is wonderful. Just don’t forget to blink!

Remember breathing

If you have tried to engage in yoga or any other equipment for awareness, you know that adjustment and control over breathing can bring an amazingly great influence on the state of your psyche.

Take such a position as for the first exercise, and gently contact each other’s foreheads, while closing your eyes. Hands can also be connected. Try to breathe with a partner so that the rhythm of breathing becomes simultaneous for 7 breaths.

For such a simple thing as inhalation, this exercise is much more complicated than it seems, and discomfort may appear in the first minutes. But when your breath goes to each other, you subconsciously become closer.5 exercises for couples to revive romance in relationships | Psychology of relations

Go to sleep together

Gadget screens began to occupy more and more of our time during the day, including in the evening. Whether it is an interesting story in an e -book, a stream of a social network on a phone or a favorite series on a laptop, it turns out the screen is the last thing you look at before falling asleep.

As an option – hug each other before bedtime instead of looking at the phones. This may be accompanied by a conversation or complete silence, but physical intimacy will give you the opportunity to think over the past day, discuss it together.

If this helps to spend time in the arms longer, you can turn on the music for about 15-20 minutes. Or start the podokast that both like, with a shutdown timer, ending just when it remains only to kiss the partner and wish him good night.

Make the game “What are 5 things …”

The game by the type of “Choose 5 things that you take with you …”, you can arrange at any time: a trip by car, a walk in a park or before bedtime, hugging each other. The idea is to ask each other some simple, easy questions with which you will learn something new about a partner, as if you had just met again.They can be on any topic – from 5 books that he or she would take with them to a desert island, up to 5 features, which are most like in a partner. You can speak alternately: first one, then the second. Or alternately.

Listen to each other

As the exercises gradually moved from non -verbal to ordinary communication, the last task is devoted to conversation and active listening. And it really works wonderful for couples, in which one partner is not as sociable as the second.

You need to set a timer for about 3 minutes to start. Then one participant will need all this time to fully tell what he wants or excites him, without stopping, just a stream of words.

The second partner at this time listens carefully, but at the same time should refrain from any objections, comments, answers. When the time will go out, you can share your thoughts, and then change your roles.

These are only 5 ideas from many exercises to associate with a partner, the revival of physical contact and communication, as for the first time after meeting. Do not forget to find time for each other, communicate not only on topics of everyday life or children, but also about your loved ones. And intimate life will help to diversify [b] sex toys for steam [/b] so that sex is as bright as at the very beginning of a love relationship.

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