7 dangerous injuries of a member and their prevention. Mechanical damage and injury of the penis in

7 dangerous injuries of a member and their prevention.

7 dangerous injuries of a member and their prevention. Mechanical damage and injury of the penis in

It would seem in such a lesson as sex, only pleasantness and sheer pleasure, but not everything «Close -free». It turns out that even having sex, you can get an injury: a bruise, a cut, a bruise or even get to the hospital. What dangers can be hidden in yourself sex, how to avoid them and what to do if I received a sex trauma?

Problem # 1: Rubbing penis

If your partner is not really «Ready» to sexual intercourse, then in order to avoid rubbing the penis, it will reasonably use a special lubricant. Otherwise, after sex, you will suffer from burning, itching and tingling in the penis.

But if this problem could not be avoided, and the member is still valued, then you will have to treat it. Reduce burning and relieve redness will help lotion or cream for sensitive skin. It is desirable that the soothing agents contain aloe vera extract. But from sex for a couple of days you have to refuse so as not to rub a member even more.

Prevention: Additional lubrication.

Problem # 2:Aching or acute pain in the penis

Sometimes after prolonged sex, a member can hurt not only from the outside – from rubbing, but also inside. Such pain is directly related to a long erection: your cock has been in a state of tension for too long. Do not worry, since pain should pass on your own in a couple of hours, less often – in a day.

Prevention: break, «Sick», You can be proud of yourself and your long sex.

Problem # 3:Pain in the testicles

This happens extremely rarely, but still does not interfere. Do not allow your partner too roughly handle your testicles. Otherwise, games with them – Pulling, twisting or compressing will remind of themselves in the form of light pain after sex. Another cause of discomfort in the testicles is a strong orgasm. As the saying goes, «you need to pay for everything». You should not worry about pain – This is a natural reaction of the body that quickly passes.

Prevention: For what? A strong orgasm is worth it.

Problem # 4: A bite of a member

Incident that can happen to amateurs of oral sex – Damage to the penis due to a partner’s bite. If the skin is not damaged and there is no blood, then you should not be particularly worried, and if you wish, you can even continue «Dangerous» class. But if the bite is strong and the wound bleeds, then you need to immediately put the bandage and burn on the penis, closer to the head, and then urgently call «Ambulance». The tourniquet needs to be loosened for a minute every half an hour, in the warm time – each hour. In order to reduce pain, you can drink anesthetic.

Prevention:Send the girl to the training «Subtleties of oral sex and the art of erotic massage».

7 dangerous injuries of a member and their prevention. Mechanical damage and injury of the penis in

Problem # 5: Penis edema

Some young people are too fond of the use of erectile rings, up to the receipt of edema of the penis. Undoubtedly, this sex toy is very beneficial – extends an erection, but it can also cause serious harm to your organ. If you use a very narrow ring or it is too long «Begins» on a penis, then blood circulation can be disturbed, and a member – swell. And the skin of the penis can be badly damaged. But the worst of all «Earn» Thus a disease called «priapism», That is, a painful pathological erection.

The American doctor Santucci tells how one day a guy was brought to the clinic who put a homemade metal ring on a penis. Remove this steel «decorations» The poor fellow did not work, but he shouted in pain. The hospital had to call rescuers with a saw that is used to saw off cars that had an accident. «Liberation» the unfortunate lasted several hours.

Prevention: Use only factory erection rings of reliable manufacturers, do not save on the material, carefully select the size and follow the instructions.

Problem # 6: Blocks on the genitals

Vacuum pumps, other toys from a sex shop or a very passionate mouth of your girlfriend can leave suckers on your cock. They are no different from ordinary suction – The same reddish-violet points that appeared due to a very strong suction of a member. These spots say that there was a rupture of capillaries, and blood accumulated under the skin. As a result, what is called a suction appeared on the penis.

Some people are trying to get rid of suction using folk remedies. For example, they rub this place with a toothbrush (it is strange that it is not an emery). It is clear that the sensitive skin of the penis is instantly damaged from such gross treatment. The suction should go on his own after a few days, but if it lasts more than a week, it is better to go to the doctor immediately. Redness, similar to a bump, may indicate another injury. For example, about «fracture» penis. Read about this danger below.

Prevention: Everything is a measure – Trying sex in other ways.

Problem # 7: «Fracture» penis

Perhaps this is the worst thing that can happen to your organ during sex. «How so…», – You will be surprised. – «After all, there are no bones or cartilage that could break!». That’s right. However, the penis is still possible «break». We are talking about the cavernous bodies that swell from the flow of blood and «form» Erection. A member in this state becomes solid as a bone, and therefore, it can easily be damaged. For example, due to the fact that you and your partner have sex at an unthinkable angle or in a too original position.

Richard Santucci, Doctor of the Urological Center talks about symptoms «fracture» penis: «It becomes purple-red color and swells due to a blood flow. We even jokingly call this case eggplant syndrome». To return the member of his usual state and color, they make an incision on it and sew out what was damaged.

Prevention: rejection of passionate and violent sex in position «woman on Top».

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