Acne on the labia

Acne on the labia.

Acne is annoying, regardless of where they appear. However, if they are formed in the genitals on the labia, this often causes anxiety. What causes acne and what they mean? Perhaps they are a sign of a disease or everything is completely harmless? And how to get rid of acne on the labia and how to prevent their appearance?

Why acne on the labia appear?

Acne on the labia is not formed as often as on the face, but still more often than expected. However, only the external labia and pubis are affected. Acne is not formed directly on the mucous membrane or on the labia labia. But how does it happen? Where the hair grows, there are not only sebaceous glands, but also hair follicles. If they are inflamed, small abscesses form.

Tiny damage is the reason that bacteria or viruses can penetrate the skin and populate hair root. This leads to barely noticeable inflammation, which ultimately becomes noticeable in the form of redness of the skin and the formation of acne. The sebaceous iron is clogged and as a result, a tubercle forms on the skin, which eventually bursts, and pus flows out.

One of the most common reasons is an intimate shaving if it is performed incorrectly, as a result of which injuries occur. For bacteria, even small microwaves caused by gliding razor blade on the labia are enough. Other reasons can be frequent use of nicotine, as well as wearing narrow trousers. Nicotine worsens the metabolism and protective forces of the body, so it becomes easier for bacteria. On the other hand, narrow trousers make you sweat quickly and are an ideal nutrient medium for bacteria.

Acne on the labia

How to prevent acne on the labia?

Daily hygiene of the intimate zone. Your vagina is self -cleaned, but here we are talking about the flora of the vagina, and not the external genitalia. To clean them, you must use soap and water yourself. You must wash the lower parts of the body at least once a day and avoid aggressive means. Use pH-neutral lotion for intimate washing or just water. Perfumed remedies do not place on the labia.

Avoid dry shaving. Sometimes, when you have to act quickly, you can spend a razor under a stream of water and get rid of bristles. But this is not a very good idea, because dry shaving greatly loads the skin and can lead to the appearance of small cracks. If bacteria enter the skin, they can cause the aforementioned inflammation and lead to acne. When shaving, be sure to use a soft shaving gel for an intimate zone, as this will help the hairs optimally stand up and they can be removed.

Shaving with stroking movements. Yes, of course, it will not be truly smooth if you shave off the hairs on the labia with stroking. But health is more important, is it not so? Especially in such sensitive areas, you should never shave against the direction of hair growth, since you break through small holes in the skin, which subsequently can cause inflammation. If you want to get an absolutely smooth result, Brazilian hair removal or the use of a depilation cream may suit you.

How to get rid of acne on the labia?

1. Let it be as it is. This is tempting, and you may be on the verge of squeezing acne. Please, do not do that! By compressing, you can spread more bacteria to already inflamed skin. If you suspect that a boil or abscess has formed, contact the gynecologist. The specialist has surgical instruments, and if necessary, he can open a pimple.

2. Ointments for an intimate zone. There are many facilities against acne for the face, but you should never use them on intimate parts of the body. Usually they are too hard for sensitive skin and can cause a burning sensation. In pharmacies you can find soft gels based on chamomile or with an active ingredient of octenidine. They help to calm irritated skin and can fight microbes and bacteria due to their disinfectant effect.

3. Breathing cotton underwear. If you have acne on the labia, you should use free cotton underwear that will not rub the labia so as not to irritate the skin even more. If you went in for sports and sweat, dry the genital area. In warm and wet climate, bacteria can multiply even more. Even after a shower, you should always be thoroughly wiped dry. Wet heat not only softens the skin, but also creates a real oasis of well -being for microbes.

The main reasons for the appearance of acne on the labia are errors in shaving and too close, rubbing clothes. If you prepare for depilation using light peeling and make sure that the bristles are not too short, then in many cases you can prevent the appearance of annoying acne. And most importantly, do not panic, because, although acne is annoying, usually there is nothing wrong with them.

Acne on the labia

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