All ways to increase a male member without surgery at home

All ways to increase a male member without surgery at home.

All ways to increase a male member without surgery at home

You knew that 70-80% of men are dissatisfied with the size of their member and would like to increase it on average by 4-5 cm? Imagine this is the main problem that bothers them about the appearance and sexual body parameters. Actually, everything is the same as for girls with breast size – one to one. Modern plasticity can make not only the 5th size of the bust, but also increase the desired centimeters to the guy with the “Kornishon”. Phalloplastration and pumping of hyaluronic acid have existed in andrology for more than 10 years.

But still, not everyone will decide on surgical intervention, and there are always risks to be left without dignity. In many cities, only a few doctors are engaged in such operations and cosmetic procedures, while the effect lasts no more than two years from fillers. Ideally, many men dream of finding the most effective home way, how to increase a member without operations and achieve the desired size with health benefits. Of course, carrots and cabbage in fresh form will not be enough for men and women, therefore we will try to tell you in this article how to achieve the necessary results and, finally, gain confidence in relations with the opposite sex!

Is it possible to increase the member how real it is

What is a member, and is it possible to increase it, in principle? Is such a desire, or all efforts will be in vain, and the proposed methods of increasing the penis are a way to cash in on human complexes?

All ways to increase a male member without surgery at home

The member consists of 2 cavernous bodies and 1 spongy site. They are filled with blood. When excited, they are expanded and even greater filling with blood. The cavernous body is inherently a muscle system, so you can work with a change in size.

Amazing, but most often the problem with the small size of the penis was made by its owner. Men whose member length reaches 9 centimeters in an excited state may not worry: their genitals corresponds to normal indicators. But often guys who have quite “standard dimensions” (from 12 to 16 cm in length and 3-4 cm in girth during an erection) tend to think about increasing the member. Is it possible to achieve a truly noticeable result, and make your “friend” thicker or longer, without resorting to surgery?

Among all the proposed methods of increasing the penis at home, hardware techniques (pumps, extensors), folk remedies (grass, tinctures, decoctions), modern increase in ointments and creams, massage techniques, suspension of goods with the aim of stretching the organ and evenWisdom of masturbation! It is only worth considering that the active growth of the penis occurs in the teenage period and up to about 18-20 years. This is the most fertile time to change its size. Then it will be more difficult.

Do not forget about your growth and weight! If you have excess weight, then keep in mind that every 5-10 kg of fat takes 1-2 cm from your unit! Of course, a 17-centimeter “friend” will look more impressive in a man with a height of 170 cm than at 190 cm. Body proportions, however.

Well, now specifically about each method and the method of homemade increase of the penis without surgical interventions.

How to increase a dick with soda

You heard about this method of increasing the penis? This applies to grandmother’s methods that a lot has been written on the network about. It is believed that it is safe and easily compatible with others. And what is it so good for the desired size? Firstly, the elasticity of the male organ increases;Secondly, an erection intensifies. The size may not be added, but the blood flow will definitely change for the better.

You can make warm baths with a teaspoon of soda on a glass of water an hour before the alleged intercourse or carefully apply compresses for 10-15 minutes. You should not rub into the skin, otherwise damage its delicate texture in such a vulnerable place. To fix the result, it is recommended to mix soda with milk. After the procedure, the member is washed with warm water to avoid mutual allergic reactions.

What are the users of the network? Many assure that the treasured centimeters are added in six months, but only with the regular use of the methodology. How it really is, we do not know – we have not tried.

How to enlarge the penis with creams and gels

The childbearing male organ is proposed to increase with the help of special creams, sprays and ointments, which include various extracts from plants, animals and minerals. If you believe forums and reviews on the Internet, then the main thing is to choose the right set of components. They must open skin pores, increase blood flow to the genitals, stimulate the secretion of glands, bring a member to tone, promote the production of testosterone and t.D.

It is worth applying such funds shortly before sexual intercourse (10-20 minutes), gently rubbing a small amount of substance along the entire length. Many manufacturers advise observing a certain period of application: 1-2 times a day, 3-4 weeks, then a break and again on the attack. In general, the course lasts from 3 months to six months.

We cannot promise you an increase in the size of the penis for the rest of your life at the expense of naturopathy, but you have every chance to achieve the desired parameters before sex. It is possible that the notorious placebo effect is involved in this approach.

How to increase penis with exercises and massage

For hundreds of years, the men of Asian regions have been using the oldest jelking techniques, The essence of which is the manual effect on the penis. The main thing is that during such a massage resembling light compression and milking, the member is not in a state of maximum erection. The secret lies in the fact that it is in the half “sluggish” organ that reinforced blood circulation processes occur.

Massage, hand movements in which they are directed down, helps to stretch the cavernous bodies that make up the genitals. Training should be regular and long: every day for at least 20-30 minutes. Over time, the cavernous bodies stretch and when excited, when the blood rushes to the scrotum and penis, the member becomes larger.

Technique “milking”

Pre -heating the organ with a warm bag of salt or light rubbing, you need to grab the penis at the base. Taking it in a dense ring, stretch up to the head. Start with 30-40 movements in one approach.

Technique “Strong Compression”

The palm should be tightly wrapped in the penis and squeezed for 10-15 seconds. You need to do the exercise with force, but if painful sensations appear, so as not to damage soft tissues.

Technique “Stretching”

Stretching can be ordinary when a warmed member is pulled in all directions by the head and at different angles. Every day, the force of stretching increases. Such procedures are carried out from 5 to 15 minutes.

There is also circular stretching, in which stretching of cartilage processes at the base of the penis is taken as the basis. Usually this happens like this: we pull the head up and go with your hand, then we rotate on/counterclockwise, we pull again and again rotation. After several repetitions, you need to shake the unit well. Start from 5 repetitions and increase their number to 25-30 per day.

Technique “Flexion and Fighting”

With a slight intensity, we try to bend and unbend the heated penis trunk in different directions and at different angles. The pain cannot be allowed, so we begin with neat movements and, with the slightest unpleasant sensations, we immediately stop all manipulations.

“Taoist” technology

It is important to be able to combine manual influences with proper breathing. In the preliminary part of the classes, we need to knead the skull: with the middle fingers, we simply massage the recess near the base and breathe through the nose, and exhale with your mouth. Then quickly drawn the muscles of the pelvic floor and keep them in a tense state for 15 seconds, at this time taking a deep breath. Then slowly exhale and relax with the whole body.

Technique “Bell”

. Hands are not involved. Every day we spend 2-3 minutes on this, and after two weeks we add slowly for a few seconds.

All ways to increase a male member without surgery at home

Is it possible to increase the member with herbs and folk recipes

Among folk remedies, with the help of which you can inexpens a member at home, it is worth noting the following options.

  • Phytochai. The use of drinks containing the beneficial substances of ginseng, ginger, hawthorn and other plants directed at male strength, tones, favorably affects blood circulation, relaxes.
  • Broth from garlic and parsley. For one glass of water, 2 cloves of garlic are required, cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Before use in a decoction, put 2 t. l. finely chopped greens. Drink every day before bedtime.
  • Regular use of walnuts with honey. Recipe for men: Finely wrap and mix the nuclei 5-6 walnuts with honey, eat 1 hour. l. Before breakfast and dinner.

Also, a Korean ginseng, hawthorn, wormwood seeds, milk with asparagus and butter (it’s hard to imagine what a potion tasted), thyme and other plant components can be affected by a fluid of blood to the organs and its increase. Grandfather methods also recommend ointments made of leeches and ghee lamb fat, which, as you guessed, must be rubbed externally-just into the “root”!

It is impossible to list all folk remedies that help increase the member. If you believe the reviews, then some of them really give a chance to achieve the desired and long -term result with penny outlets. And yet, in pursuit of ideal sizes, it is important not to forget about health – the body reacts to many herbs with allergies, or the pancreas loses its position.

How to increase the size and thickness of a member of a pomp or an extender

The principle of action is identical to the previous method, and is to stretch the cavernous bodies. The vacuum pump was previously used to improve erection and restore potency. Now it is used to increase the blood flow to the penis, but with regular repetition of actions, one very pleasant side effect is observed – an increase in the size of the male sexual organ!

Thanks to the constant increased blood flow, the epithelial tissue increases, and, consequently, the growth of the organ itself. A greater effect is observed on the thickness of the penis, but the length may well increase by 2-3 cm.

If you decide to achieve a constant effect, then use this method for 6-8 months at least 3-4 times a week. Gradual stretching of the fabric helps to impregnate the penis.

We recommend visiting a cool sex shop and choose a pump with a pump or an extender to increase a member at home in a short time. In addition, such a toy for adults has a preventive effect on the sexual sphere and you are unlikely to once have problems with potency!

Insufficient size can be adjusted with an extender – a device that helps to stretch the cave. In addition to increasing sizes, you will also manage to adjust the shape, sending the member in the right direction. It accelerates blood, helps with impotence, works with a poor erection – in principle, a multifunctional apparatus that supports men in different situations.

There are straps, vacuum, butt and vacuum-adhesion extensions, but they all help to change the size by 3-5 cm in a few months. The penis head is reliably attached in the fixer, the rods are pushed to the desired distance and wear from 1 to 4 hours a day. Wearing is completely safe for men of all ages. It is best to send a member down when fastening the device. This will help to avoid uneven stretching!

When hanging goods to male dignity, an increase in size is achieved thanks to the World Physics Laws:

  • To massage the penis, grind it slightly.
  • Next, attach the adhesive plaster in front of the head and fix the dense thread.
  • A small load is suspended to the lace (starting with 20-30 grams), and left it for 15 minutes.
  • Each time the session time should be added, and the weight of the cargo should be increased. The main thing is not to experience numbness during the procedure.

The advantage of devices is a guarantee of a long result, however, the use of devices occupies a mass of free time and causes discomfort.

All ways to increase a male member without surgery at home

How to increase a male member masturbation

On the Web you can find interesting recommendations on the topic of how to increase the penis masturbation. The whole point is to masturbate daily 3-5 times, pulling the member as much as possible and stronger. Given the fact that 90% of adolescents and even adult men engage in masturbation quite often, difficulties should not arise with this.

We advise you to use a humid method of masturbation using lubrication, which simplifies sliding and stretching, eliminates bruises and allows you to achieve results much faster. Jerk off dry – buy cracks, abrasions and scuffs.

During masturbation, a large flow of blood occurs, and the ligaments are also lengthened. And in an erect state, the penis becomes possible to stretch to an additional 3-5 cm. It is better to apply warm lubrication in such classes, alternate movements, build up the pace gradually, and also not neglect other means of increasing the penis!

The operation is the pleasure of unsafe and expensive, and therefore it is advisable to consider other methods of increasing the member, available at home and not fraught with serious consequences. Try, experiment and rejoice in new sizes!

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