And you are a voyer? Or what is voyeurism?

And you are a voyer? Or what is voyeurism?.

You like to spy on your partner when he changes clothes or takes a shower? Or maybe you had a desire to spy on how someone has sex? Exciting fantasy, is it not true? These desires arise for not in vain, and if they are available, you know, this is a veuer.

So, let’s figure out what word we just called you. Voyeurism is a sexual motivation to spy on people who have sex or other intimate activities, such as dressing up, masturbation, accepting a bathroom or even the process of urination. But consider the main feature – People who are spying on a voyer do not know, and do not even know that someone is following them. This is the main feature that distinguishes people who simply like to watch sexual intercourse from those who spy.

Stop your panic for a second. No need to consider yourself a terrible pervert. Voyeurism may not be pathological for humans. So let’s figure out what a person is looking for in the process of peeping:

The severity of feelings – it is expressed in two directions. Firstly, it is terrified terrified that now someone will catch you for peeping. Secondly, the essence of the desire to see the forbidden, remaining unnoticed.

An alternative to classical relations – A man or woman for one reason or another simply cannot enter into classical sexual relations. A person is excessively shy, can have a mental or physical disadvantage that considers too serious, and which will not allow him to build normal relations.

So this is the norm or pathology?

Pathology, that is, a deviation from the norm, voyeurism becomes when it completely replaces other types of sexual life, and a person can only enjoy peeping. Peeping does not imply a full -fledged act, but, at best, self -satisfaction. In a child and adolescent age, there is a desire to spy both in girls and boys, which contributes to the formation of normal sexuality in a child. In other words, the child does not see anything sexy or forbidden in this process, he studies the world around him, and peeps for adults to understand himself. A child who was caught by peeping behind an adult in the shower, in no case should be punished. On the contrary, he needs to explain why he was spying, and then explain what he spied on – Explain things related to sexual ripening, with intimate life.

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