As men piss – a description of all ways

How to write to men in the toilet – standing or sitting?.

The culture of urination for as many years as humanity. Scientists have found rock drawings depicting how men write in ancient Rome when the event was accompanied by dancing. Now such art has lost its relevance. Most guys seek to do everything as quickly and imperceptibly as possible. Therefore, we will consider how to act correctly in order to comply with the traditions of this art.

As men piss – a description of all ways

Why do men piss standing standing?

Guys who urinate, without sitting down, have very good reason for such a pose. The main thing is that it is so faster, as evidenced by the line of line in the public toilet at the entrance to the male and female department. The method also provides much more freedom. It is not required to worry about the purity of chairs, since it is convenient to use the pussuar.

How to urinate a man – instruction

As men piss – a description of all ways

Consider the phased actions if necessary to sign:

  1. It is important that gulfic is on buttons. Lightning implies haste, but in this matter it is not needed. Ung in the belt, then all the buttons, lower the pants simultaneously with the panties to the knees. Inexperienced guys pass the dick through the hole of the Gulfy, however, this is wrong. It is impossible for the member to be clamped. It is also strictly forbidden to try to empty the standing phallus. . It is required that the pussy hang freely, without restrictions.
  2. Cut the bark with three fingers. If your extreme flesh is trimmed, just hold your organ with your hand. But when the skin is entirely covered by a member, it must be carefully moved towards the pubis. You must not allow Urina to accumulate under the skin.
  3. By directing a dick approximately at an angle of 45 ° from the plane of the body down, relax the sphincter so that the urine flows freely. It is advisable to prevent overflowing of the bladder, since this is able to provoke premature emptying, which is not amenable to control. There are no rules governing the position of the second, free, hands. The only recommendation is to keep it as modestly as possible. It is better to place your palm on your thigh or get behind your back. You can’t wave it, hold it, stretching forward, as if during fencing.
  4. At the finish stage of fluid flow, the abdominal pressure should be slightly increased, easily reducing the muscles. You can not let go of a member at that moment. It is forbidden to empty the urethra, trying to put pressure on the bladder. Let the moisture calmly leave the body. The whole process is obliged to be accompanied by silence. Conversations, grunts, emitting gases are unacceptable. You can discuss something later, with friends.
  5. Having completed the event, never wash the dick on the sides, you can not squeeze the remains of urine, like toothpaste. It is enough to carefully shake the penis with a pair of light movements down, and then fill it into panties. Complete the procedure of dressing trousers.

Yoga urination technique

As men piss – a description of all ways

An interesting idea for men, about how to urinate, came up with Buddhists. To strengthen the kidneys, they recommend draining urine, standing on tiptoe. During the procedure, it is required to rise on the socks by straightening the back as much as possible. It is advisable to strain the peritoneum with buttocks, releasing urine on exhalation.

Can men write sitting?

As men piss – a description of all ways

If you stand when urinating, then muscle voltage will not allow you to completely empty. When this happens regularly, health problems are gradually developing. A person begins chronic inflammation, complicating not only the process of going to the toilet, but his entire intimate life.

An important reason to prefer a sitting position if you wish to pee – relaxation of the pelvic muscles. But for this it is recommended to get a little squatter. This will work if you place some kind of stand under the feet. The need is associated with the fact that with a sedentary life in the pelvic area, stagnation occur.

A question to the expert to whom urologists recommend urging sitting? Men do not earn physical labor, it is better to write in such a pose. Either systematically organize small walks, make gymnastic pauses to disperse blood.

The scientific journal has a description of a study organized against 72 Russian men. During the experiment, it was found that the average speed of the arising urine is higher in 30% of guys if they are sitting on the toilet. Although, in general, the results obtained do not at all indicate the advantage of a certain position.

As men piss – a description of all ways

It is also interesting that sitting manages a few seconds earlier to complete the emptying procedure. Dutch scientists who have chosen for the study of those men who are diagnosed with pathologies of the genitourinary system, revealed that if there are problems, it is more useful to write still sitting. This pose prevents the deterioration of the functioning of the prostate gland. With their similar experiments, the Swiss urban urologists have found that the standing method of going to the toilet significantly increases the risk of prostatitis.

An additional factor determining the advantage of sitting on a chair is caused by the pandemia of coronavirus. It turns out that when urinating from a height, small splashes of urine, along with water dust, can rise up to half a meter above the surface of the toilet, lingering for several minutes in the air. Even when a person was ill with coronavirus, at least another four weeks left in the urine of the Covid-19, despite the fact that there are no symptoms of the disease. It is worth taking care of the health of others. Sitting much more hygienic so that after visiting the toilet, do not suffer because of the clothes on which there are microscopic splashes.

Having figured out how men should go to the toilet, it will be easier to get rid of the accumulated urine, knowing that the process can deliver pleasure.

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