Cut and uncircumcised member: what is the difference

Differences of circumcised and uncircumcised penis.

Cut and uncircumcised member: what is the difference

The anatomy of the female genital organs affects the quality of sex. The same applies to men. The larger the length and circle of the penis, the more it affects the nerve endings of the vagina. But there are other options on which the duration of sexual intercourse directly depends: a cut and uncircumcised member. We will talk about how the operation to remove the foreskin helps to cope with the problem of “speed”. Find out what girls like best.

What is the difference

Cut and uncircumcised member: what is the difference

From a physiological point of view, only one difference: the cut penis is deprived of the foreskin, which closes the head with normal development. Otherwise there are no additional differences. All the most important remains in place. True, sexual intercourse with a cut partner can last half an hour. And even more. This is what the male organ looks like before the operation:

Cut and uncircumcised member: what is the difference

The foreskin completely closes the head. Only a small hole for free urination remains. If it is too narrow, problems arise during sex. The skin with an erection squeezes the head. Pain will appear. A similar pathology is called phimosis. But we will talk about it below. In the meantime, we show the picture, what is the difference between a cropped member:

Cut and uncircumcised member: what is the difference

The improvised photo shows that there is no foreskin. The head is completely open. The surgeon can leave the bridle during the operation or remove it. Usually this nuance depends on the guy himself, who decided to lie down under the knife.

Over time, the skin on the head of the cut member loses sensitivity. Because it rubs about clothes and “coarse”. It can extend sex. It is not for nothing that the “speed shootings” use novocaine spray and lubricant with anesthetics. After surgical intervention, additional drugs will not be needed.

Opinion of girls

There are many myths around the topic of circumcision. Someone considers it a good, the rest equate the procedure with absolute evil. Let’s try to find out how girls relate to the appearance of the penis and how it affects sexual intercourse. On one of the thematic portals, we found suitable data. Based on the results of the survey on the VKontakte social network, interesting details found out:

Cut and uncircumcised member: what is the difference

The first interesting fact is that in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, approximately 12 % of cropped men. Not so much. The Slavic population does not favor the procedure. It is used mainly by Muslims, Jews. The rest go to the hospital for medical indicators.

It turns out that 45 % of women are sure that men without foreskin can hold out in bed much longer. Perhaps the ladies concluded on the basis of personal observations. Or approached the case logically. The coarse scales of the penis head are less sensitive, which means that orgasm will need more time.

In general, girls relate to cropped guys positively. In their opinion, the member looks more aesthetic and there is no problem with hygiene. Under the foreskin, urine residues, microbes can accumulate. This does not add health. If there is no skin, an excluded option of a high degree of pollution is excluded.

Why do circumcision

Reasons may be a mass. From medical problems to visual perception. Someone loses the foreskin in infancy, and some guys come to the surgical department voluntarily. Here are the main reasons that can push to the decision to do circumcision:

  • Religious considerations. For two Russian denominations, the operation is required. Muslims, as well as Jews, remove the foreskin for ritual purposes. The former do this at a conscious age, and the latter is already 8 days after birth.
  • Aesthetic considerations. If a man does not like his “skin” or girls do not make a blowjob too willingly, there is nothing left but to correct the situation surgically. Usually the operation is carried out after adulthood.
  • Phimosis. In boys, congenital pathology is found. The skin is too narrow. Even going to the toilet becomes a problem. There is no need to talk about full sex. With an erection, pain occurs, as if a penis in a belt of fidelity.
  • Balanopostitis. Smegma accumulates under the foreskin. This is an ideal medium for the propagation of microbes. Inflammation occurs. The head increases in size. Cutting eliminates the focus of constant infection and the guy recovers.

Extension of sexual intercourse can also be attributed to the list of serious motivations. A man who quickly finishes cannot satisfy his partner. Therefore, it is decided on extreme measures.


The procedure has advantages. And quite significant. Here is their list:

  • The appearance improves. According to the girls, the penis without foreskin looks aesthetically pleasing. Nothing extra. A naked head is visible. This enhances erotic experiences.
  • It is easier to observe hygiene. There is no need to “roll up” the skin when you take a shower or bath. All unnecessary is washed off the natural way under the influence of water pressure.
  • Increasing the duration of sex. Ladies note that cropped partners in bed look much more advantageous. They do not leave the distance twice as long.
  • Reducing the probability of getting infected. STD-sexually transmitted diseases arise due to severe trauma of the foreskin. No skin – no problem.
  • Respect for society. This applies to closed religious communities. Those who observe traditions accept. The apostates become outcasts. They look at them askance and do not trust important matters.

Cutting is a great way to reduce the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases. The fewer the rubbing parts, the less microtrauma.


Not without flaws. But there are much fewer of them than advantages:

  • Complications after surgery. Each organism is individual. One man will go without problems. Another will receive open bleeding or worse – infection, he is also sepsis. But here the matter is in poor immunity and not too qualified work of the surgeon.
  • Psychological consequences. Pain negatively affects the psyche. Especially at an early age. This happens more often when no one asked a person about whether he wants to do a circumcision. Characteristic of religious rites.

In general, there are no serious minuses. If an experienced doctor is taken for business, there will be no harmful consequences.

How to do the operation

Cut and uncircumcised member: what is the difference

In the third world countries and in closed religious communities, the topic of the health of the candidate for the elimination of the foreskin does not pay due attention. Antisanitaria, poor disinfection of tools lead to sad consequences. But this is a rarity that can be observed in some bear corners.

First of all, the man takes tests. Laboratory assistants determine whether there are viruses and microbes in the blood and urine. Often patients even make an ECG – electrocardiogram. So doctors get confidence that the patient’s heart will adequately react to anesthesia.

By the way. Operation for circumcision of the foreskin is called irremation or circumcisia.

For pain relief, the “place of action” is chosen by lidocaine or other anesthetic. In emergency cases, general anesthesia is used. Surgical intervention takes place in 4 stages:

  1. Extension. The doctor inserts the expander into.
  2. Clamps. Clips pull the skin as much as possible.
  3. Circumcision. The surgeon cuts off all excess in a circle.
  4. Fixation. The dissected flesh is sutured.

The operation takes no more than an hour. The seams are not removed. They are made from absorbing threads. Full healing will take from 2 to 3 weeks.

Now there are less traumatic methods of circumcision. For example, laser surgery. Excision of the foreskin is performed with a laser. In this case, the seams do not need to be applied. The plasma stream “seals” the skin.

A cut member differs from the uncircumcised in that there is no skin covering the head. The procedure prolongs sexual intercourse, reduces the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease and facilitates hygiene. The main thing is to do an operation in a professional clinic. Then there will be no complications.

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