Do the girls like Kuni and how to explain it?

Do girls like cunnilingus (when they are licked)?.

Oral sex has become an integral element of the sex life of many couples, despite this, many girls are negative about cunnilingus. It is extremely important for men to know for sure whether the girls like Cooney to understand the framework of the permitted. How to determine the attitude of the girl to oral affection and will be discussed in our material.

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Do the girls like Kuni and how to explain it?

Girls are divided into those who like Kuni and those who have not yet been made such a cooney that will like

The polarity of opinions about cunnilingus is good or bad, due to the different attitude of girls to oral sex. Sexologists insist that absolutely all girls receive tremendous pleasure when they do cunnilingus. Explain why women love cunnilingus can be possible several facts:

  • 70% of women are able to receive exclusively clitoral orgasm, which is promoted, in fact, cunnilingus;
  • Oral caresses increase the dosage of oxytocin in the body, due to which heart disease and blood vessels, the consequences of stress and insomnia, the development of cancer cells are warned;
  • Cunnilingus excites a woman as much as possible, as a result of which libido rises, and sex is more likely to lead to orgasm.

Besides Cooney for many women is an indicator of high confidence in relationships, love from a partner and readiness to bring his partner to maximum pleasure. If girls are negative about oral caresses when they lick the clitoris, large and small labia, the reason for this is the banal ignorance of the partner of the basic rules.

How to find out if your girlfriend like cunnilingus?

To unequivocally make sure that the girl likes the lanet (yes, this is another name of cunnilingus) or not, a man needs to be persistent and incline the girl to the very action. And only during the execution of cunnilingus, the reaction of the partner is determined by apparent signs. Non -verbal signs that she likes everything can be as follows:

  • her breathing accelerates, It becomes confused and superficial;
  • She will begin to move her hips up and down, as if hinting that a man should be faster and tougher in his tongue;
  • She moves her hips to the right and left, Trying to show the most sensitive areas of the genitals;
  • She is somewhat pushed away from the mouth of a partner, Hinting that movements should be tender and delicate;
  • Her legs can tightly squeeze the head of a man, preventing him from stopping;
  • She calms down for a while, stops breathing, Then it shakes in the clitoral orgasm.

To achieve clitoral orgasm is much easier and faster than vaginal, so many girls are so loving kuni. And if some young ladies do not agree to oral sex, then the man tried poorly or there are shortcomings in the relationship.

What method of kuni is best suited to your girlfriend?

To date, several dozen techniques and ways to make Kuni to a girl are practiced. To decide on which technique your woman will like the most, you need to try everything and evaluate the reaction of the partner to each of them.

  1. “Language jelly” – The soft language must be driven in the area of the groin, the inside of the hips and buttocks, along the big, small labia, clitoris and near the anus.
  2. “Forming butterfly” – the language should make light and quick movements, like a butterfly wings, but barely touching the clitoris and labia of a partner.
  3. “Bee” – The same movements as in the previous technique, a man needs to be performed, but with a tongue rolled into a tube.
  4. Zigzag – A man performs his tongue in different directions, dropping and rising along the external genital organs of a partner.
  5. “Alphabet” – The letters of the alphabet are alternately loomed alternately.
  6. “Relief between the roller” – The man wrapps his up lips with his lips and the clitoris of the partner, after which he rolled, sucks and grinds them in his mouth, as it were.
  7. “Blow job” – Just as the partner sucks the head of the penis, so you need to suck her excited clitoris.
  8. “Gimlet” – The man introduces the tip of the tongue into the vagina, imitating frictions, as during sex.
  9. “Double orgasm” – When a woman approaches orgasm, the partner stimulates the clitoris with a finger, and the point of the point g in the vagina.
  10. “Powerful orgasm” – During orgasmic sensations, a man needs to grab the clitoris with his lips and stimulate it without stopping, thereby strengthening the intensity of orgasm.

Do not get hung up on any one pose and cunnilingus technique. Despite the spectrum of strong sensations, monotonous stimulation is quickly boring and it seems not so pleasant.

What should the partner avoid?Do the girls like Kuni and how to explain it?

So that absolutely all the girls unanimously say “yes” to Cunnilingus’s proposal, it is important for men to avoid typical mistakes that can ruin the sensations and perception of Cooney. The most unforgivable mistakes:

  • impact on an unexplored clitoris;
  • Excessive intensity and stimulation rate during Kuni;
  • insufficient humidity;
  • a strange expression on the partner’s face;
  • a gaze in the girl’s eyes during Kuni;
  • spit;
  • monotony of movements or on the contrary confusing non -meticability;
  • Frequent questions about whether the girl likes this or that, as well as extraneous comments.

More than 8,000 nerve endings are located on a small area of the clitoris, so its stimulation should be as delicate as possible.

What to do if she doesn’t like Cooney?

To begin with, you can openly talk to the girl to understand the reasons for her negative attitude towards Lnier. Perhaps the previous manipulations of a man were not so dexterous that the girl does not want to repeat the situation. Or maybe she is prevented by constraint, stereotypes and other awkward reasons.

To arrange a girl to Kuni and complete relaxation, a man with his appearance must show that this process is pleasant to both of them. No need to immediately break into the groin, before that, the girl should definitely warm up with a prelude, tactile contact, kisses and stimulation of other erogenous points.


Oral sex is the best addition to the sex life of steam, as well as a great way to diversify bored sex. For many women, Cooney is the only way to achieve orgasm, some are ambiguous of oral affection for their reasons. About why the girls do not like Cooney and how to change their attitude was said above, read carefully the previous point. It all depends on the efforts of the man himself.

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