Erective ring: what is it, what is needed for, how to use

Erective ring: what is it, what is needed for, how to use.

The assortment of sex shops is amazing with its diversity. Manufacturers come up with a variety of toys, designed to strengthen pleasure, make the orgasm brighter and extend the time of sexual intercourse. One of the most popular devices for this is the erection ring. Today we will find out what it is and what you need for.

What is an erective ring?

An erection ring is a special device designed to extend an erection in men. Most often, these devices are made of silicone, latex or rubber. But sometimes there are specimens of leather, metal, glass, plastic or knitted fabric.

The dimensions of the ring are different. You should choose the one that is slightly smaller than the size of the penis. After all, the main task of the erective ring is to restrain the bloodstream and prevent premature ejaculation, that is, the accessory should slightly extend the member in an excited state.

There are also rings of a single size made of elastic material, which without problems stretch to the desired parameters.

The erective ring happens:

Classic. Intended only for mild restraint of blood flow and pulling the moment of ejaculation.

With vibrating nozzles. Able to additionally stimulate the clitoris of the partner with vaginal sex (or scrotum, if you put on a ring down the ring.

With a ribbed surface (or bumps on the inside of the ring). Used for additional stimulation for frictions. The outer relief is to stimulate the clitoris and the genitals of the partner, the internal – for the penis.

With a control panel. Using this device, you can control the vibration on the ring remotely, controlling the excitation of the partner.

With a ball to stimulate prostate. This is a ring that is connected to a narrow partition to the ball. It needs to be inserted into the anus of a man who puts on a ring. Allows you to experience more vivid sensations and orgasms. In addition, vibration can be built.

Electric Lasso. Erective rings with eyeliner of small electric discharges. Usually complete with a power supply and a control panel. Weak current is able to give truly intense sensations. It is not allowed to use people with a pacemaker.

All rings must be used with water -based lubricant.

How to use?

You can put on an erective ring in three ways (some models allow these methods to combine):

  • on the barrel of the penis;
  • on the base;
  • On the scrotum.

If you want to give pleasure to a partner, then put a ring on a penis barrel. In this case, additional stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse is possible (the ring will touch it, which will create a pleasant sensation in itself, and the vibrating elements will only strengthen them).

Lubricate the ring or genital organ with a lubricant. Put on a ring on a semi -erect member. As soon as you feel the excitement, begin to put it from the head of the penis to the middle (or base).

It is important to ensure that the pubic hair does not fall into the ring, otherwise it can begin to cling and thereby spoil your orgasm.

There are no direct contraindications for using the erective ring. But do not abuse this device and wear it longer than half an hour. You can’t fall asleep with a ring.

It is also not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages (or other intoxicating substances) before use.

Otherwise, you may be expected by priapism – a long erection that does not pass after sexual intercourse. Apipism will bring nothing but painful sensations. Gangrene may develop in critical situations.

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