Excessive moisture moisture

Excessive moisture moisture.

Can pigs fly? Can tigers live underwater? Can I get blood from stone? "Can the vagina be too moisturized during sex?" – The same absurd question.

Too wet vagina during sex is not a medical diagnosis. On the contrary, the humidity of the vagina is extremely important for a pleasant, not causing pain of stimulation.

However, the vagina can release too many fluids (vaginal discharge) in non -sectors, and we will talk about this later.

Is the humidity of the vagina important?

The moisture content of the vagina is a key factor for pleasant penetrating sexual contacts. Without natural moisture, friction can irritate and even cause small microtrauma of delicate vaginal tissues, which increases the risk of infection. Regardless of whether the purchased is a lubricant or natural, there may never be too much lubrication.

Lubrication ≠ EXCITATION

Although the release of natural lubrication often accompanies excitement, it can occur in the absence of excitement. Similarly, a woman can be excited even if the vagina is quite dry.

Which affects the amount of lubricant secreted?

– The level of hydration of the body;

– the presence of alcohol or drugs in the body;

– level of physical activity;

– prescription drugs;

– The phase of the menstrual cycle;

– whether you have reached menopause or not;

– Stress level.

In a woman, the amount of naturally secreted lubrication changes greatly throughout the day, a month and throughout life.

Why can someone repel a large amount of lubrication?

Speaking directly: there are no good reasons for someone to annoy the moisturism of the vagina.

If someone repels the degree of moisture, then this is because he does not understand how the body works. In other words, this comes from non -education. But this is not a symptom of personal shortcomings of your partner. This is a reflection of the absence of adequate sexual education in his childhood.

What should you do if your partner says something about it?

First of all, it is a pity that you have encountered this! So, depending on how tone and language your partner expressed his curiosity about the isolation of natural lubrication, the answers can be different.

If the partner touches this topic from the perspective of caring curiosity, you can enlighten it. Here’s how you can answer:

– "Usually, when I am very excited, the blood rushes to the vagina, which makes it produce a natural lubricant. So if/when we have sex, it will be pleasant for me".

– "Lubrication of lubrication is a normal reaction to excitement. If I did not have a natural lubricant, then sex that we like so much would be not so pleasant for me, because there would be too much friction. He would become uncomfortable and cause pain".

Do not buy funds claiming that they “Remove” Vaginal humidity

Unfortunately, there are means that can dry the vagina, but we extremely do not recommend them to use.

The addition of chemicals to the natural microflora of the vagina can disrupt pH and cause irritation or infections, such as bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. These funds can also be so overdry of the vagina that such severe friction occurs during penetration that internal tissues are damaged.

In addition, if you use barrier protection products (condoms, latex napkins), additional friction can increase the risk of their gap.

Can there be too many discharge at all?

When this happens outside, too much vaginal discharge may be a symptom of infection. In such cases, humidity does not coincide in a biochemical composition with a natural lubricant produced in response to excitement. Vaginal discharge is a way of maintaining the vagina and vulva in perfect working condition.

How to find out if it is worth worrying?

You probably know the smell, color and general view of your ordinary daily discharge.

If your discharge has new signs, for example, a fish smell, a green or yellow tint, or they are accompanied by itching or burning, you should consult a doctor. If this is an infection, usually a specialist can prescribe a treatment that will quickly fix everything.

Excessive moisture moisture

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