Feminization of men: where to start? From the image to the operation

Feminization of men: where to start? From the image to the operation.

In the 21st century, young people are increasingly resolving on such radical changes in the body as “sex change”. However, there are not so many structured information about transgender transitions in the publication. In this article, we tried to collect all the most important about where to start in such a hard process as male feminization.

In outline

The feminization of a man is a desire to see himself as a woman. It is worth noting that feminization is not necessarily about the operation and the change of documents. In general, there are two types of transgender tools – social and physical. If the former are available to almost everyone who decides to feminize a man, then not everyone has the opportunity to use the second. A limited budget or simply fear can become obstacles to physical changes in the body.

In this article, we will try to highlight the process of feminization to its full extent, therefore even if you do not plan surgical interventions, the first part of the article will help to deal with the stage of socialization in the new look.

Consultation of a psychiatrist

On the legal side, the process of feminization begins precisely with a consultation of a psychiatrist. Throughout the year (at least), a man will need to lead a lifestyle corresponding to representatives of the opposite sex, being under the supervision of a doctor.

According to the results of the commissioned commission, the specialist must diagnose “Gender Identity Disorder” or, if we talk about Russia, “Traxexualism”. Only in this case, the patient will receive the right to conduct hormonal therapy and surgery. This stage is also not worth skipping if you plan to change documents.

Social transition

New image


Pick the ideal images in which you will feel as authentic as possible. It can be shoes with heels rhinestones or just comfortable ballet shoes, cocktail dresses or skirts on the floor. It will not hurt to buy a few exclusively female elements of clothing, such as a bra or sexual stockings.

Jewelry and decorative cosmetics

Bright and original jewelry for different occasions can help in a new self -expression, as well as cosmetics with which you can create unique images. But, of course, for the latter you will have to well “fill your hand”.

The sculpture of the face will help to smooth out the angular features of the face and give the image of the prettyness, and the eye makeup will emphasize the depth of their color.


You can try to grow your hair or just repaint it in a different color, or try on several wigs of different lengths and textures on yourself. Cut your hair with a beautiful hairpin or make easy styling with beach curls.

The bolder your experiments in appearance, the faster you can find yourself the present.

Female habits

To apply a moisturizing mask in the morning, to spend time alone with you or read magazines about fashion – all these female habits can become pleasant bonuses to reincarnate.

Visit a beauty salon where you can try various procedures: from manicure to scrubbing the whole body.

Try a female habit of writing sitting. Oddly enough, many doctors claim that this is not only not harmful, but even useful for the male body!

New name

First you can experiment with various names. Try, for example, to call yourself different in certain circles of communication. “Trying” several names on yourself, you can choose the most suitable. Further, depending on whether you passed the medical commission or not, there are two options for replacing documents.

Change name without changing the gender marker

This option does not require passing the commission and is possible if you want to change the name and surname to gender-neutral. In this case, you will have to refuse the middle name.

Change of name with a change in the gender marker

If you want to change the name to feminine, you will also have to change the gender indicated in the passport (and in many other documents). To do this, you will need to get a certificate of change in the results of the commission.

Many people worry about that they can stop identifying themselves with the female sex, and the mark in the passport will not go anywhere. Fortunately, this is not so. The same procedure can be done in the reverse order if your self -awareness changes in the process of life.

Physical transition

Hormonal therapy

If a preliminary examination has not revealed serious contraindications in a man to conduct sex change operations, at least 9 months before it, an endocrinologist is prescribed by feminizing hormonal therapy. It is the endocrinologist on the basis of the results of the examination that will prescribe the preparations suitable for you. The choice of therapy will be taken into account and whether you want to look maximally Feminno or are more prone to neutral appearance.

Hormone therapy in men is designed to reduce the amount and effect of testosterone and increase estrogen levels in the body. As a result of therapy, the following are the following changes that are most typical for women:

  • The voice becomes higher;
  • vegetation on the body decreases;
  • The smell of the body becomes less sharp;
  • facial features become more smoothed and rounded;
  • the growth of the mammary glands;
  • the volume of muscle mass is reduced.

It is often that hormonal therapy has such a clear effect on the man that he is enough for a person to feel comfortable. In this case, many refuse to conduct the operation and continue to maintain the desired form with the help of hormones. If this does not happen, the hormones are ceased some time before surgical manipulations.


Floor change operations as such does not exist. In fact, a number of surgical interventions are made aimed at removing or acquiring certain gender signs.


During male feminization, orchyectomy is most often carried out most often – the removal of the testicles. The operation is quite simple and is carried out not only for aesthetic considerations, but also because it is the sex glands that continue to produce testosterone. The conduct of orchiectomy can become an alternative to expensive drugs that vowers the influence of this hormone.


This operation is carried out if the patient wants radical changes in the genitals. In this case, the body of the penis is removed, from the skin of which the vagina is formed. A small area of the sensitive head is used to create a clitoris. The urethra is displayed where it is usually located in women.


The procedure for breast augmentation is advised to carry out during taking hormonal drugs, as this significantly accelerates the process of feminization.

At the request of the client, liposuction can be carried out – the procedure for removing fat deposits, as well as an operation to feminize facial features.

Sex after feminization

Sexy life after a T-transition from a man to a woman can bring even more pleasure than to all manipulations. This is due to the fact that the sensitivity of the genitals is not lost during operations, and emotional comfort from making love increases significantly. However, at the first time after the operation, you will have to use a special “expander” for the vagina in order to make the hole simply does not drag out. With regular sexual acts, the use of the expander can be minimized.

Counting on the fact that after the feminization procedure it will be possible to get pregnant, of course, you should not.


Despite the whole complexity of the male feminization procedure, it is worth remembering that there is nothing more important than your internal self -awareness. It is unlikely that there is something more important in life than the opportunity to fully live it without internal discomfort.

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