Ginger finging

Ginger finging.

Ginger finging

Finging is a practice in which For stimulation, ginger root is used, From the part of which an anal cork is cut and inserted into the anus. The peculiarity of the method is that ginger oils first heat up, and then cause a slight burning sensation, and if you compress the anus, burning will be felt stronger. Finging is a rather rare practice that has lost its popularity.

If you decide to try out figs in the case, you will need a ginger root and a knife. Choose the root, be sure to whole, because After the cut, ginger oil evaporates and the impact will not be fully produced.

Cut part of the root of ginger, clean it and give a smooth rounded shape, choose an acceptable. Then round the end of the root and completely remove the skin so that ginger oils can come out. At the base, it is necessary to cut a shallow groove in order to hold the root in place. If you have done everything right, the shape of your root should be similar to a prostate stimulator. After the root is cut out, rinse it under a stream of water.

After the root is cut out, Do not forget to wash your hands, Otherwise, if ginger oil remains in your hands, you can touch your mucous membrane or partner, which will cause burning and unpleasant sensations.

In this practice the lubricant is not advised, Since the root will be so slippery enough for introducing into the anus, and the addition of a lubricant will also not allow ginger oil to prove itself.

It is necessary to introduce ginger root into the anus to a cut out groove, which will prevent its complete immersion and movement. Do not expect an immediate result – The sensations grow pretty slowly, Starting from the heat, which then goes into tingling, becoming more and more intense.

But it is not necessary to use ginger anally, if desired, you can vaginally, cutting it out in the form of a dildo. Often women like tingling and it causes sexual excitement.

Safety precautions

Do not use ginger again;

Do not introduce a cut root after the anus in the vagina so as not to earn inflammation and the introduction of bacteria;

Remember that allergic reactions are possible – in the event of a rash, itching or other irritation, give up this practice.

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