Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner.

Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

As soon as you put handcuffs on your partner, he will no longer resist, and you can calmly study his body and give an unforgettable pleasure

From this article you will learn,

  • Why handcuffs are the forbidden fruit that almost all people want to try;
  • What happens to a person prisoner into handcuffs and how he feels himself;
  • how to choose the right handcuffs;
  • how to get unforgettable erotic sensations from the use of handcuffs;
  • And most importantly – how to study all the erogenous zones of your partner using handcuffs (step -by -step instructions)


Handcuffs are a popular sex toy

Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner
An handcuffs are that experiment in bed, which, one way or another, consciously or not, all people want to try. Sex toy “handcuffs” especially attracts couples, which are in a relationship for a long time.

Unfortunately, many have a prejudice to handcuffs, it is believed that the use of this attribute is a perversion, and to offer such games to your partner is at least a perversion, at least everything that applies to BDSM.

An handcuffs in the BDSM

Firstly, BDSM is not a perversion, it is justHandcuffs as a way to explore a partner
One of the manifestations of our sexuality, hidden desires and so on.
Psychological features when using BDSM elements in ordinary life are not manifested for extraneous observers. We will not analyze the BDSM in this article, but we will dwell on only one subject.

Why are handcuffs so excite?

Specialists in the field of medicine found that the use of handcuffs during sex leads to a special sexual arousal, which is more due not to the action itself, but by thoughts about it. In other words, not wearing handcuffs excites, but the idea that freedom is limited and a person is in the power of his partner. If there is complete trust between partners, then the use of handcuffs should not cause any difficulties.

Selection of handcuffs for sexual games

It is worth saying a few words about the choice of handcuffs.

The handcuffs should be strong enough so that the partner on whom they are dressed did not feel that they can be removed or broken at any moment. They must sit tight enough and attached to the wrists so that there is no way to free themselves.

The material should be chosen so that it does not rub or injure the skin, for example, smooth Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner
plastic or fur. The handcuffs should sit freely on the wrist so as not to cause discomfort, damage, and the hands did not heat.

Of course, handcuffs can be replaced with improvised means: rope, scarf. At the same time, consider two extremely important points: firstly, handcuffs have a special psychological influence, which is incomparably with anything else, and secondly, be careful, do not harm the ropes, otherwise this experiment will not end in anything good.

Of course, the use of handcuffs, like any other sex toys, you need to agree in advance. If you suddenly put on handcuffs for a partner, this can cause a negative reaction, which can also lead to a quarrel.

The main advantage of handcuffs

Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner
So, the most important chip of handcuffs is a psychological immobilization of a partner. As soon as you put handcuffs on your partner, he will no longer resist, but will obediently obey all your actions.Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

Ideally, if there is an opportunity to fix the handcuffs to the bed or battery, then the psychological influence on the partner will be even stronger.

Remember, you can shack into handcuffs both women and men.

Start your prelude gently, throw handcuffs on your wrists, if it is possible to fix the handcuffs on the bed (this is not necessary).

Let your partner lie on your back, your hands are fixed behind your head. Do not wring your hands behind your back, not to lie for so long, moreover, it is traumatic. Everything, now your partner is an open book, study it!

Study of a partner

Start with kisses on the lips, this will allow the partner to relax, feel safe.Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

Continue study ..

Kiss your nose, cheeks, forehead, make a kiss in the eye.

Do slowly, carefully, as gentle as possible. Read the partner’s reaction: how his breathing changes, what sounds he involuntarily pronounces, how his heartbeat changes.

Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner
If you feel a change, repeat, check if there is a reaction to your touch and kisses.

Remember! Where there is a reaction – these are special zones of sensitivity. Sometimes we ourselves do not know where they are with us.

Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner
Continue study … Kiss, bite your neck, ears. Read the information, remember!

Continue study … Kiss, bite, lick your shoulders, forearms, wrists, armpits ..Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

If you think this is nasty, I can say that it can be a particularly erogenous area of your partner – there is very delicate skin. In addition, this is the place where the “smell” of your partner is located.
Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

Continue study ..

Kiss, bite, lick, blow and stroke the chest, nipples, stomach, navel. Follow the reaction. Get down below.

Continue study ..

Go down to the inguinal region, caress the groin, but do not touch the most cherished, continue to go down the hips, knees ..Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

Continue study ..

Kiss, lick, bite … go down to the footsteps, caress them. But so that it is not too tickled. Go through the tip of the tongue on the foot above, from below … Try to scratch your nails – read the reaction, remember!Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

Here you have passed the whole body. Similarly, you can do it from the side of the back, but you can leave it the next time. Now remember all those moments when the partner’s reaction was especially bright, go through these zones.

Handcuffs as a way to explore a partner

What to do next?

Now you can proceed to further oral caresses. Do not rush to finish. Let the process last long, let the tension increase. You will be surprised how you can get a stormy orgasm. Now is the time for cunnilingus, anilingus or blowjob … The main thing is not to bring to the end at this stage. And do not forget to return to especially erogenous zones.

And now, when you understand that urine is no longer there, you can have sex in the traditional sense. If you are a woman, sit on a partner from above, do everything yourself. If you are a man, then it’s easier for you – choose the pose that you and your partner likes better without freeing it.

After you finished, go through all the recognized erogenous points, check how the sensations have changed, it happens that they change. Everything is very individual. Kiss your partner, take a hurry to the shower – reflect.


Congratulations, you pumped. Now you know the erogenous points of your partner. Use them not only during sex or prelude. Just make each other a pleasant one.

In conclusion, I would like to add that you can add the right atmosphere to handcuffs: aromatic candles, muffled light, pleasant music. You can add what to relax you. Do not limit yourself to this article.

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