Herbs for increasing libido in men

Herbs for increasing libido in men.

Herbs for increasing libido in men
Some medicinal herbs for increasing libido in men: ginlo biloba (or female ginseng), ginseng, epimedium (Goryanka), fencing (helps with problems with erection), bird mountain (used the root), Ashvaganda (from India), southern -American bark of the Quegrakho tree, barley, celery (especially juicy), ginger root, parsley, peppermint, sarsaparil (Chinese root), dwarf palm tree (or palmetto pyloric), guarana, wolf berries and yochimbin.


Sometimes ginseng is called a “male plant” and used to increase libido. He has the properties that put him in a leading place in the list of medicinal herbs for male. For treatment, it is precisely the root of the ginseng, and the older the plant, the stronger its effect. It is known that the oldest roots of ginseng were sold for tens of thousands of dollars each. Ginseng has passed many studies, but we still know very little about its action. It is believed that with oral use, it acts on the endocrine system of the body, which in turn affects the level of sexual hormones. The male sex is accepted with ginseng both to enhance sexual arousal, and to treat problems with erection. Despite the fact that ginseng is considered a medicinal plant intended mainly to increase male libido, cases of its positive effect on the libido of the woman are noted.

Ginkgo biloba

The leaves and fruits of the ginkgo bilobe plant are used by Chinese homeopaths over 5000 years to increase libido in men. This plant contains ginkholides that increase general sexual energy, and also help in solving problems with erection. As one of the studies conducted in the United States shows, 50 % of the guys used Ginkgo, an erection was restored. In another study, 78 % of men whose erection problems were caused by clogging of the arteries of the penis, an improvement in sexual function after taking ginkgo within eighteen months was observed. Ginkgo biloba is one of the best medicinal plants to renounce problems with an erection. The only possible side effect that should be feared is its effect on the composition of the blood (trend towards anemia), therefore it should be carefully used by Mapsa, undergoing anemia treatment with traditional drugs.

Anchors creeping

Studies show that this grass, also known as prickly vine, is a prickly cornflower, cat’s head, babina teeth or guarana, increases men’s libido as therapy with a synthetic substitute for testosterone. Studies also show that this grass successfully increases libido in men and women. The roots and fruits of this plant are dried and used in the form of powder and capsules. You can get information about the dosage in the store of medicinal food additives or by the doctor.

Attention: the drug also has a diuretic effect, so be careful! And if you suffer from chronic urethra infections, seek advice to your homeopath before taking this drug

Highlander bird-grass

There are a variety of opinions about the action of this plant – from “fantasy, I do not remember such excitement in myself!”Before” I did not feel anything at all, probably, it acts only on goats “. If your sexual excitement was not the way you would like, try the remedy again, but be prudent: this grass does not help everyone!


Yochimbin is used as a natural drug for the treatment of problems with erection and libido. However, there is an unofficial opinion indicating that Yohimbin enhances sexual excitement and is becoming more and more popular as a sex narcotic. The dosage can be different, and if you have excessive sweating or nausea when using it, the dose should be reduced. It is always better to consult a doctor before taking this naturopathic drug, since the drug can counteract the effectiveness of other drugs or be poorly combined with them, especially with narcotic drugs. Do not take it too often, as your body can get used to it. Some studies show that Yochimbin is more effective than Viagra, when restoring the ability to erect after a Saturday evening in a club with drugs, although if you “crossed the line”, then Yohimbine is unlikely to help your erection the next morning.

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