How cigarettes affect potency in men?

How cigarettes affect potency in men?.

The list of 500 largest companies contain 6 tobacco factories. The leaders of the industry are Philip Maurice with a capitalization of almost $ 100 billion. In the world with an average salary of a country of 35,000 rubles for 2019, tobacco production workers received an average of 108,000.

According to the reports of the World Health Organization in the world, over 1 billion people smoke, and more than 80% of them live in countries with a low level of prosperity. About a third of Russians consume tobacco in one form or another.

At the same time, in our country, among men over 40, more than 48% suffer from erectile dysfunction. Nicotine business is one of the most powerful sources of money for those in power, and we will try to understand how cigarettes affect potency in men.

Basic concepts

According to statistics, 9 out of 10 men suffering from heart failure are smokers. About 4 avid, that is, they can wake up at night in order to make several puffs.

The effect of smoking on the heart and blood vessels has long been studied and looks quite simple – nicotine, poisonous resins, carbon monoxide, acetone, cadmium, ammonium and so on fall into the body.

The brain reacts to poisoning with the activation of the function of the adrenal glands that throw stress hormones into the blood. Vascular spasm occurs, heart function accelerates, blood pressure increases slightly.

At the same time, carbon monoxide is connected to hemoglobin, which leads to blocking oxygen to the heart and blood vessels. People who smoke very rarely experience dizziness, light buzz. This is the result of insignificant oxygen lack.

Experienced smokers no longer notice anything like that, but the process itself does not go anywhere and is repeated every time a person lights up. Sometimes 10, 20, and sometimes more than 30 times a day!

The above process is scientifically proven, justified and is an absolute fact. This is not what you can argue about and not that you can refute the theories. Next a little statistics.

The first cause of the mortality of men in the world is named heart diseases, which in 9 cases out of 10 are provoked by regular oxygen starvation, vascular spasm and load on the heart muscle, which occurs under the influence of stress hormones.

All these are tobacco smoking fruits. But if everything is clear with the heart, then how cigarettes affect potency in men is still not clear.

How cigarettes affect potency in men: the process from desire to opportunities

In the process of occurrence and maintenance of erection, psyche, heart, veins and arteries, capillaries, vessels, nervous and hormonal systems are involved.

If you simplify what has been said, then for high -quality sex with a good riser you need only a few components.

The first is the context of sexual intercourse. Security, respect between partners, mutual understanding, calm, passion. Everything that provokes desire at the psyche level. Earlier, in our publications, we considered problems related to this part of sex.

. But this is not impotence, this is a mental problem that is easily solved by the creation of the situation and the support of the partner. To understand how cigarettes affect the potency of men, it is necessary to trace the whole path of its occurrence and maintenance.

The nervous system works out the excitement of the signal to fill the blood of the cavernous bodies of the penis. A heart that pumps blood in an enhanced regime comes into business. According to arteries, she enters the genitals of a man and with the help of capillaries fills it completely. Ready, an erection arose. But that is not all.

Blood delivers oxygen to all tissues, and then it needs to be moved on. She goes to the venous system. Gradually, the blood flow is reduced, but the diverting veins are transmitted, which creates a balance. Blood enters exactly in those volumes in which it leaves. A long erection is observed in this state. Violation of the process leads to the fact that the member is falling.

Smoking has a negative impact on absolutely everything related to potency in a man! Judge for yourself, the heart muscle is located under the blow, which should pump blood in increased mode, but does not cope with the task because it is exhausted by smoking products.

Further, blood enters the blood vessels called arteries, with the help of which it should be very quickly and unhindered to reach the cavernous bodies of the penis. But the smoker complicated the task, because, as we found out a little higher, the regular spasm of the vessels made them impassable. Atherosclerosis and blockage led to the fact that blood supply was slow.

The outflow of blood from a member is also disturbed due to damage to veins, which leads to the effect of a “sluggish penis”. This is when an erection occurs, but it cannot be maintained and in the process of intercourse it disappears.

How cigarettes affect potency in men: long -term effect

At the same time, insufficient blood supply to the prostate gland caused stagnation. Do not forget that the prostate is a man’s internal genital organ and problems with blood vessels will inevitably lead to problems.

First, the insufficient amount of secretion, which will affect the amount of seed fluid, and then the ejaculation will become impossible. In the end, prostatitis will cause impotence. As a rule, a similar ailment occurs after 50 years, but in recent years, people under 30 suffer from it.

For the prevention of this phenomenon of the tissue of the prostate gland, you need to keep in good shape.For this, a special massage is prescribed for men, which is performed through the anus. There are two options – to sign up for the procedure in the clinic or buy a prostate massager and do massage yourself at home.

Finally put a cross on male potency can a decrease in testosterone levels. The adrenal cortex and testicles are responsible for the production of hormone.

The regular intake of poisonous substances, in particular nicotine, leads to the suppression of testosterone and increase the concentration of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Violation of blood supply and frequent oxygen starvation reduces the productivity of the testicles and, as a result of all this, the testosterone in the blood falls greatly. Erection is more impossible, potency has gone forever. This is how cigarettes affect potency in men.

They simply weaken the ways of blood delivery to a member, and then amaze the sexual system itself. Prostatitis and low level of testosterone are already the last stroke, but problems with erection and ejaculation for smokers begin at 30 years of age. After 40 years, about half of the men already have a diagnosis.

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