How many partners for a girl is the norm. The opinion of doctors

How many partners for a girl is the norm. The opinion of doctors.

For some reason, men dream of getting a virgin to their wife. The girls themselves intentionally hide the number of partners from their chosen one. So the relationship begins with a lie, over time it turns out that the wife once in her youth slept with a neighbor, 10 years ago with the boss, and this smiling guy was amused by your future wife.

The secret will come out and not to avoid divorce. Why was it incomprehensible to lie, because all this was before my husband?! The reason for everything is a kind of invented norm, which reads – before marriage no more than two men, otherwise it is not a girl, but a whore . What is the stereotype based on and how many partners for the girl the norm found out sexologists.

To begin with, they conducted polls and found out that on average, in their entire life, women have 7 sexual partners. The results of a survey of men were amazing. On average, for life 9 partners. And they said that all men are terrible Gulyaks, and these legends about 100 and more girls by 40 years.. However, still strange results, probably most men except their wife have not tried anyone. Many got married because they promised them – there will be sex, sign here, here, take the ring here.

How many partners for a girl is the norm and how much in fact

And so in women on average 7. If we assume that the girl is decent and does not plan to change her husband, then it was 6 to her husband. This is on average. You need to understand that someone after husband 6 and during the period of marriage 6 and before the wedding 6. Well, the weddings were also 6. And someone will die as a virgin, such things. And an average of 7 sexual partners for life. Since this is the result of a survey that reflects the real state of affairs, it means that it can be considered the norm.

By the way, all norms fly to hell if one of the partners is too unsuccessful. I’m not about the absence of an erection. I am about the disease transmitted sexually and undesirable children. Someone for life had 50 men and no problems, only joys. Children were not born where they were not expected, which means they do not suffer from the lack of attention and other manifestations of hatred.

HIV and other infections are bypassed, which means that everything is in order with health. As we know, the size of the vagina from the number of partners does not increase, so you also do not have to worry about it. It turns out the norm is the lack of unpleasant consequences, and not some kind of invented figure.

Trying to balance between the licentiousness and inexperience, the girls are trying to understand how many men seem to be not ashamed, while they will teach a lot. However, psychologists call this a pathology and recommend that you seek advice. There is no level of licentiousness and experience. There are two people who either satisfy each other in everything or not. You can not be experienced enough or not too loose.

The norm is the number of sexual partners that you had according to mutual desire and gave you pleasure. At the same time, these actions did not bring any unpleasant consequences. In this case, everything is normal!

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