How to bring a girl to a squirt

How to bring a girl to a squirt.

How to bring a girl to a squirt

During the squirt, the girl experiences a half -fainting state, because the inkjet orgasm is most often much stronger than the clitoral and vaginal. Most women with appropriate training and the help of a skilled man may experience a jet orgasm or squirt.

Watch the video – what a woman experiences during this strongest orgasm. If a man spends time and efforts to master this technique, a woman will belong to him completely. The efforts of it are worth it!


Here is a review from the forums of men and women who had a squirt:

“… In my life it was twice, it is awesome. Woman – without control over me, thought an accident. And so wet-minute. Now I’ll be back to this. This is such an excitement!… “

“… but the inkjet orgasm is something that it is impossible to even compare with anything. I would say that this is something unrealistic. It is very different from others and this difference is very serious …”

“… and squirt is like a big explosion after which consciousness changes. Ordinary orgasms, they are also certainly good, but they look like flashes against the background of a nuclear explosion that occurs in you at a squirt … “

“… No matter how much it sounds, but it looks like a huge explosion in your body, which allocating and taking you to another reality, in which you can no longer be aware: where are you and what is with you. You don’t feel the body or emotions. This is a huge discharge for the body and mind. That is, when you return from this reality, you seem to start life from a new sheet … “

“… he is more relaxing, delivers and satisfies in all respects and meanings. I felt it especially bright when I first experienced it. I just started crying. I don’t know why, what happened and how, but I just cried … “

How to bring a girl to a squirt

How to bring a girl to a squirt
How to bring a girl to a squirt

So, the technique of bringing a woman to Squirt

Find the point g

It is located at the front degree of vagina at a depth of about 5 cm from the entrance. It feels like a slightly rough tubercle of about 3 cm in diameter. You can only feel it in an excited state.

Lubrication – prerequisite of squirt!

Female excitement comes for a long time, leaves quickly. Use a lot of lubrication. Please note that it should be neutral – without a cooling and warming effect. Fingers should move easily, glide well.

What a squirt looks like?

During an orgasm, a small fountain or a simultaneous jump is released with a transparent or whitish fluid. The girl beats in the spasms of the whole body that roll throughout the body.

The result is your effort, because the jet orgasm is the brightest and stronger of all female orgasms, and it is worth trying to achieve it.

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