How to choose an erective ring. Types, features, prices

How to choose an erective ring. Types, features, prices.

How to choose an erective ring. Types, features, prices

There are hundreds of types of erective rings. How to find a suitable for a particular person? How popular models differ, what features do certain options have, what the cost of rings depends on? All about types, forms, methods of using devices for stable erection and increasing the duration of sex.

What is an erective ring

Erective ring — This is a device that helps maintain an erection and increases the duration of sexual intercourse. The device is sold in pharmacies and adult stores. Can have different configuration, is often recommended by doctors for people with a weakened erection.

Visually looks like a ring or clamp. Sometimes it has two or even three rings. Additionally can be equipped with stimulants for a man or woman.

The ring grinds the penis tightly, and does not allow blood to be cast from the organ. Put it on at the time of excitement, and then the device prevents quick ejaculation. You can get an orgasm with a ring, in terms of intensity it will be very bright, but will happen later than usual.

How to choose an erective ring. Types, features, prices

Who needs erective rings?

Any man can use a ring on a member. This device helps to feel intimacy in a new way, learn to control it. But there are people who need such a sex toy:

  • Men with a weakened erection. If excitement occurs, but then a member «falls», Helps the ring. It does not allow to sincere, makes it possible to bring the process to the end. It doesn’t matter what caused the deterioration of sexual function: emotional state, age-related changes or diseases of the urine system.

  • Pairs that want to extend sexual intercourse. The ring helps to increase the duration of sex by 20-30% of the time. At the same time, a member of a man is elastic and firm, which gives a positive sensation to the partner.

  • Fans of experiments. Many rings are equipped with stimulants, they can additionally caress the anus of a man or a woman’s clitoris. In certain poses, the ring enhances excitement, which makes sex brighter.

You can use the ring not only during intercourse, it is suitable for masturbation. And it is also very convenient to use it with vacuum pump. It causes a rush of blood to the organ, and the ring does not allow it to be cast from the inguinal region.

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