How to get rid of an obsessive fan: instructions as a girl

How to get rid of an obsessive guy, tips and instructions as a girl.

How to get rid of an obsessive fan: instructions as a girl

Hello, dear readers, our conversation today will be dedicated to a fairly interesting topic. Surely every girl had to think about that at least once in her life, how to get rid of a guy who does not give the passage with his importunity..

Unfortunately, a man, unfortunately, does not always succeed in meeting the ideal and his own in every sense. In the life of a woman, especially attractive and pretty, there will always be a couple of stories about a quoted annoying boyfriend. So how do the ladies manage to dump the boring and relentless young people?

In order to understand how to get rid of a guy, it is worth clearly to determine what the most annoying fan needs to. After all, if they are a former young man, you will have to act according to one scenario, and if an unfamiliar uninteresting young man, in another way. As a rule, it is much easier to arrange a point over “and” with a person with a person, with whom, in principle, there is no relationship, than with those who once wore the status of the “second half”. Be that as it may, but during the novel, even a quick -raising, a sense of empathy and responsibility for each other can walk with shadow for a long time.

How to get rid of an obsessive fan: instructions as a girl

How to dump from yourself an annoying boyfriend, tips of women

To understand how to get rid of a former guy, you need to follow a few simple rules. In order for the breakdown to go through with minimal drama, the girl needs to pull herself together, and forget at least for a while about her compassionate essence.

Categorically announcing your intentions, in no case should you back down. Folding and sympathy are those character traits on which many guys begin to play.

You can cheer up a man, inspiring the thought of how easily he will survive the parting and what will soon be happy. What certainly does not need to be done is to try to explain to him the true cause of separation, especially if it lies in its shortcomings. After all, the guy will immediately begin to prove that everything is not really so, and he will definitely get better.

The girl should behave impregnable and unshakable. If she decides to listen to statements about intentional suicide, parting will be delayed for a long time. In any case, an adequate man will not behave in a similar way. Well, if an annoying guy who needs to be rid of as soon as possible, no more than 16 years, then here, you need to be more delicate – the mind of teenagers does not always prevail over emotions.

How to get rid of an obsessive fan: instructions as a girl

How to behave correctly to get rid of an annoying fan

It is advisable to start with a frank conversation. But if, after talking heart to heart, the young man does not want to change his behavior towards a woman, then you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. In no case do not accept gifts from him. Taking any trifle, a woman gives hope to an obsessive guy and a reason to think that he can still change.
  2. No need to flirt with a young man. It is advisable not to smile in his direction, because he can take a smile as a sign of attention. It is important to stay with him polite and sociable.
  3. Do not agree to any persuasion, meetings, conversations in a cafe, etc.D. It is important to intelligibly and tactfully explain that this is not necessary for both.
  4. No need to accept friendship of both an annoying fan and a former guy – getting rid of him will be much harder. His feelings still do not fade away. Having moved to Fredson, the young man will act more actively and will try at all costs, to win the sympathy of his chisel.
  5. Do not respond to manipulation. If a young man begins to cry and blame the girl to hurt him, most likely he tries to simply put pressure on pity.

It also happens that, having attached all the above efforts, the girl cannot get rid of an obsessive guy. In this case, as a rule, the advice on changing the image helps. Only the most important thing: you need to change, for the worse. It is not yet clear what it means? It is necessary to find out that in the ladies’ appearance, the grief-overthler does not like, and create a repulsive image. The chances of his disappointment are quite large, this method often works.

Women’s wisdom does not know the boundaries, and therefore you can find dozens of other, seemingly primitive ways to dump the annoying fan from yourself. In practice, it is verified: not a single representative of the stronger sex, even the one who was originally interested in the development of relations, will not be able to endure for a long time if the woman is constantly:

  • compare it with another man;
  • indicate personal deficiencies and impose a different line of behavior;
  • limit personal space;
  • argue and complain about life, accusing him of everything;
  • be jealous of every skirt.

Some girls, deciding to get rid of the guy forever, as already mentioned, can go a different path, acting through friends and family. In other words, you need to make his inner circle not just talk about you badly, but to inspire a young man that you are a person who could completely break his life.

Intransigence with relatives is not all. Do not let him relax! You can also call a couple of times in the middle of the night, finding some kind of trifling occasion. For example, ask if he loves you. By the way, the same question can be asked a thousand times a day: any person is a normal person with such a pressure would begin to doubt his feelings in a few days.

It is important not to be alone with an annoying guy – this will avoid communication, unnecessary conversations, excuses, etc.D. It is better to constantly show ignore, without responding to calls, SMS. So sooner or later it will be possible to get rid of the pursuer in any case.

What to do when harassing a fan, how to get rid of him

How to get rid of a guy? Everything is simple: the former young man, like an unfamiliar, but obsessive boyfriend, should never be an assistant in any case. It is better to refuse the offered gratuitous services at once and in the root. Any proposal to help and direct assistance itself can be regarded by them as a bribery. Moreover, the service provided will be the reason for the guy’s response request, for whom a polite woman will not be able to refuse.

How to get rid of an obsessive fan: instructions as a girl

Girls should remember that the rudeness, threats and insults from the man who was distraught by the manic dependence, must be suppressed. No need to be afraid to apply for harassment and persecution to the police.

Obsessive people, no matter how offended and unhappy they may seem to be truly dangerous, so all attempts to manifest rudeness should be stopped at least a warning about law enforcement officers. If the girl has a representative of the stronger sex (a close person, relative, friend, etc.D.) who could talk to the admirer like a man, this method can also be tried.

So, dear women, do not forget that the courtship of unfamiliar men must be suppressed immediately, so as not to look for advice on how to get rid of an annoying guy. If there are no intentions to create relations with this person, then noticing his increased interest, do not hesitate and do not give a reason to think that it could be otherwise. Mistakes of the predominant number of girls are that by their behavior they often give an incredibly in love guy a reason to think that he has a chance to conquer the youngster. No need to be afraid of categorical, because, in fact, a woman does not bear responsibility for other people’s unrequited feelings.

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