How to hide a lover from a husband

How to hide a lover from a husband.

A lover is a man on a regular basis for sexual intercourse with a married woman who sees exclusively intimacy and does not count on more the main goal of this connection. In most cases, the question arises – how to hide a lover from her husband and not stay with a broken trough?

For everyone around your family is a standard and an example to follow. You are the ideal mother of the family with an impeccable husband and well -groomed children in the kit.

But no one even realizes what efforts you have to make to make such an impression, because in your thoughts and the heart is a completely different man.

He is always gallant, tactful, courteous, a real outlet, an ideal lover who revealed you as a woman.

At first it seemed that it was just an intrigue, the meeting would be one -time and not having a continuation, but the feelings were overwhelmed by a nine -point wave.

How to hide a lover from a husband? How to remain an exemplary wife in the eyes of the public and at the same time satisfy their female needs to the fullest?

It is clear that treason is painful, bad and wrong. Having a legal spouse, it was not a woman, the keeper of the hearth, to start shura muri on the side.

Yes, generally accepted stereotypes continue to live in our heads and cause an irresistible sense of guilt.

But what to do if everything has already happened! It’s too late to rest, discourage yourself, your feet themselves carry you to meet him, and the mind refuses to obey – it was overshadowed by unbridled passion.

I don’t want to ruin the family at all and there are many reasons for this: children, debugged life, habit and much more.

The main thing is today and now try not to reveal the cards and figure out how to hide a lover from your husband, and for this you will be useful to the tips below.

How to hide a lover from her husband and do not sleep in appearance?

The woman’s in love is given out primarily eyes, in the background – an impeccable appearance. Excessive attention to leaving.

The young ladies at the peak of feelings think over everything to the smallest details: underwear, stockings, neckline deeper, cutter, stilettos, makeup and a train of spirits.

If recently your favorite clothes have been comfortable jeans and ballet shoes, then such a striking change in appearance will definitely catch your eye to a legal spouse. Therefore, we hide the radiance of the eyes, and the style in clothes we change gradually and not so dramatically!

Keep your mouth shut

Everyone knows that the fair sex is emotional and very talkative people.

But the secret connection is exactly the exceptional case when it is better to keep your mouth on the castle. It is clear that I want to tell a close friend (kuma, sister, etc.D.), share experiences and boast of another present.

Only such behavior can come to the most inopportune moment: they quarreled with a friend and she will take offense or just from envy, and she will blunt everything for your faithful. Folk wisdom comes to mind – happiness loves silence.

It is important to make sure that the partner does not boast of his adventures anywhere. It will be better if he is a free man so that his wife does not conduct an investigation and does not take you both to clean water.

How to hide a lover from a husband who checks the phone

Nowadays, a person is so used to being mobile that without phones, tablets and other gadgets, we simply cannot imagine our life.

Try not to communicate with your lover in social networks from a home computer, it is better to postpone this action until the next day and respond to a romantic letter from a working computer.

In order to exclude embarrassment, agree in advance about the complete ban on calls and SMS at a time when you are at home. Another important nuance – my husband does not have to know all the codes and passwords from your pages.

It is better to meet without preliminary call. Let the man provide a meeting place where you just come in a pre -agreed time.

One of my friends corresponded with her lover from the laptop, and then deleted correspondence. I managed to move to the toilet during the next correspondence, and my husband returned home at that moment. Polyvo was waiting for him in the room. And the wife was waiting for Fingal and a big scandal.

Gifts are completely excluded

Your chosen one loves to make gifts (flowers and perfumes, funny trinkets and expensive jewelry)? Of course, after all, your favorite women need to pamper.

But the appearance of a new dress will need to explain to the spouse and the explanation should be believable and prepared in advance.

But it is better not to bring flowers home, a bouquet in combination with your burning eyes will be direct proof of treason.

It will not be superfluous to recall that no sucks, scratches and bruises after stormy sex on your body should not be.

How to hide a lover from her husband while he is on a business trip or at work

In no case do not bring your Romeo to your home, even if your husband went on a long business trip.

Nobody has yet canceled the “benevolent” neighbors, and the situation from the joke about the unexpectedly returned wife was written precisely from life.

You should not visit the cafe and restaurants with the secret gentleman in which you risk meeting common friends with your husband.

The apartments of girlfriends and relatives are also disclosed, since then they need to be devoted to details, why do you actually need this. A win-win option is somewhere outside the city in the rear seat of a car.

You have to recall youth and put in practice long -forgotten poses. And what? Love and not like this can move!

Do not surround forgiveness. Do not want to feel guilty feelings – do not change. Reminal – do not blame yourself.

A woman who wants to carefully hide anything can give herself to her behavior. Some ladies, experiencing guilt in front of a legal spouse, are trying to go to him. You should not do it! You must usually behave, as always behaved.

No need to close in the bathroom with the phone, trying to answer the next message, often linger at work, run away for the weekend in an unknown direction and the like.

Try to keep up with everything during working hours – it is better to linger from a lunch break, having come up with a thousand reasons for the boss than to sow the grain of doubts in the husband’s head and run into another interrogation.

By the way, in sexual life there should also be no special changes: the noble to the missionary pose is used to it – do it dutifully, do not dumb him with your new knowledge in the art of love.

I am a woman, which means I’m an actress!

Want to laugh, you want not, but acting in your situation is simply necessary. Learn to control your emotions, thoughts and facial expressions, to talk always calmly, even though inside a hurricane. Sushfulness is also useful!

Even if they caught hot, stubbornly rot her line: “Yes, I met a childhood friend, I could not pass by, so they decided to sit a little in a cafe”.

No runaways, apologies and trembling in the voice. If the spouse calls, always pick up the phone, even if this happened at the most inopportune moment. As if nothing had happened, promise to call back, referring to the poor quality of communication or unthinkable employment at work.

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