How to increase a member? Methods, their effectiveness, results

How to increase a member? Methods, their effectiveness, results.

How to increase a member? Methods, their effectiveness, results
You can increase the member, but it will take time and significant efforts. There are several methods that give excellent results. Growth is possible by 1-4 cm without surgery. To quickly achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to use a set of procedures.

How can you increase the penis? Basic methods

An increase in the penis is possible, but it is important to understand that the maximum growth is 4 cm. And most get 1-2 cm for a fairly long period. How can you make a member more?

  • Nozzle – The easiest way to increase a member. It takes 5 to 30 seconds to put on it, and the size becomes the way you want. Here an increase is possible up to 8 cm, and with a phalloplase and up to 15 cm in length. And also the diameter becomes larger.
  • Operation – This is an effective, but difficult way. Restoration after the procedure takes at least 6 months, while you have to use extensors for stretching. Often the operation is carried out in several stages, and the result is not always predictable.
  • Hormonal therapy. If a member of a small size due to a violation of the hormonal background, the doctor may prescribe drugs for tissue growth. They are hormonal, can give a huge number of side effects, so the course is used under the supervision of a specialist. And it is important to activate growth in the right area, so it is always combined with stretching.
  • Injections. This is a new method that is gaining more and more popularity. In a member, injections with hyaluronic acid are made. Due to her, he thickens and lengthens. The procedure is painful, but then a new size is preserved from 5 to 10 months.
  • Home methods for increasing a member. They are diverse, give results if you devote time to them daily. Massage, stretching, growth preparations allow you to get +1-2 cm, but an integrated approach is important. It is about these methods that we will talk further. What needs to be done to increase the member of the house?

How to increase a member at home?

There are methods of increasing the penis that can be used without the participation of specialists at home. All of them give results, but a quick effect is possible if you combine several ways.

Gel or cream to increase penis

Creams and gels do not always give a result, no need to expect a miracle from them. If they simply apply them every day, the probability of growth will be small. These compounds are developed to use them during massage. They prepare the body for stretching, accelerate the process of increase, but with an integrated approach.

The cream is applied directly to the penis. He causes an erection. Incoming components stimulate blood circulation. But they also activate cell growth, improve regeneration. The cream activates internal processes, helps stretch. Additionally, cream or gel also serve for lubrication. They improve gliding during massage.

Gel or cream help if used with vacuum pump, extender or manual massage. And the key to the result is regularity. It will take daily exercises to get an increase of 1-2 cm in 3-6 months.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a device for obtaining an erection and increasing a member. In the first case, it is used before sex to be confident in their capabilities. Only 10-30 seconds is enough to get into a combat readiness. And if you put on an erective ring, then the member will not fall for some time. And all this works without pills.

But often a vacuum pump is bought to extend a member. For this it is used at least 4 times a week. The member is placed inside, pump out air and leave for 20-30 seconds. Then they let in air, make several massaging movements, and again immerse in the device. 3-4 times, at least you need to cause blood flow. To make the effect even better, it is worth applying the cream for growth before the procedure.

There is a small feature of application. The result may appear in a week. It will become clear that the growth was 1 – 1.5 cm. But this is a temporary phenomenon. If you stop classes, everything will return to the original sizes. A long effect will be if you use at least 4 months this device.


Extender is a very effective thing to increase the penis. It is often recommended by doctors, as wearing gives the results. The essence of the procedure is stretching. Exposure occurs not only on the skin, but also on the cavernous bodies inside the organ. No operation is complete without wearing this design, but you can use it without surgical intervention at home.

Wear an extender at least 6 months, use 3-4 hours every day. This design is light, it does not interfere with moving. But it is not always possible to hide it under clothes. It is more convenient to use at home. Six months later, the effect will be 1-1.5 cm. But the main thing is that the new size is not temporary, but constant.

Before use, it is recommended to warm up the body. The increasing cream is applied and massage movements are made for 5-10 minutes to cause a rush of blood and avoid injuries.

Exercises to increase a member

You can stretch the penis in different ways. One option is to suspend goods. This method works, but it is complicated. The effect is possible if you wear a certain weight of 3-4 hours every day. You need to do this standing, it is permissible to walk. Weight increases every month.

Wearing goods can lead to injuries, therefore, doctors are not recommended. The use of the extender allows you to get a similar effect, but with less danger.How to increase a member? Methods, their effectiveness, results

Massage of a member to increase

Massage movements are made with hands, the technician invented a lot. But the process is again tied to stretch. First, the organ heats up, the blood rushes to the groin, and then the load acting on the cavernous bodies begins. With masturbation, the upper layers are massaged, this gives pleasure, but does not contribute to growth. Massage is done at a deeper level.

Jelking. This is one of the most common massage techniques, translates – “milking”. It happens wet, made using increasing creams, and dry – without additional lubrication. In the process, it is necessary to achieve an incomplete erection, and then the penis is already massaged. The duration of the procedure is from 10 to 30 minutes.

Folk methods of increasing the member

Soda compresses, rubbing burdock juice, alcohol wraps are dubious ways to change the size of the penis. And although dozens of sites talk about them, the effectiveness of such methods is under a big question.

Doctors claim that experiments can be dangerous! Most of the products act irritating to the skin, causing a rush of blood to the organ. This does not give a growth effect, but it can harm delicate skin very seriously.

Remember that all creams to increase the penis are tested. They are safe for frequent use. All gels have quality certificates. But home recipes are an improvisation that can seriously harm health.

Nozzles to increase the penis of a man

Nozzles are the most convenient tool to increase. Acts instantly, does not require effort. And you can choose a nozzle to taste. Conditionally, all nozzles can be divided into 2 types:

  • Open. The head remains bare. The nozzle increases the barrel of the penis, makes it a thin. A special relief on the surface is useful for additional stimulation of a woman. Often such a thing still helps maintain an erection.
  • Closed. Can be compared with a dense condom. Gives an increase in length from 1 to 8 cm. Increases the thickness. Sometimes equipped with vibro element, it applies to the clitoris of a woman in some positions, enhancing her sensations. The nozzles are soft and dense, different colors and shapes.

The price of a member starts at 200 rubles. Everyone can try. There are no contraindications to use, there are no negative consequences. And sometimes such a thing makes it clear to the couple that an increase in a member is not required, that additional centimeters only interfere.

How to increase the thickness of a member?

Most of the described methods contribute to the growth of the penis in length. The tissue stretches occurs. Moreover, the correction of the thickness is almost invisible. It may be present when using a vacuum pump, but the coverage will change by a maximum of 0.5-0.7 cm.

How to increase the thickness of a member? The easiest way is the nozzle. You can buy an open version that will not reduce pleasant sensations for the carrier, but at the same time will make the genitals thicker. And if there is some kind of relief on the nozzle, then there will also be a more intense massage effect, which makes sex very interesting.How to increase a member? Methods, their effectiveness, results

What method of increasing the member is the most effective?

The most effective method of increase is the use of the nozzle. It gives a guaranteed increase and does not require efforts to achieve. It is bought and put on before sex, getting the desired size. The presence of ribs, antennae or other relief increases pleasant sensations for a girl. A man receives a slight decrease in sensations, if the nozzle is closed, this allows you to delay the finale, control the duration of the process.

The second in effectiveness method – injections. The result is instantaneous, although there may be bruises within a week after the procedure. An increase is not more than 2 cm in length or in diameter, but you do not need to wait for the results, training is not needed. Medical procedure is carried out only in medical clinics, it is expensive.

The third method that gives the results is the operation. But she has many contraindications, and even more consequences. The procedure is complex, dangerous, requiring long recovery. What will be the result – depends on the type of operation, the professionalism of the surgeon.

If you want to increase a member at home, then for the result you need to use a combination of several methods. Good complexes that will really help:

  • Massage increasing cream and vacuum pump. Classes every day: one day massage 10-30 minutes, the second day use of a vacuum pump. With each exercise applying cream for growth. Course from 5 weeks to 6 months. To accelerate, you can do 2 actions every day: in the morning massage, in the evening pump. Then the term to reach the result will be halved.
  • Massage, gel for a member growth and extender. Alternation of massage or jelking with wearing an extender for 2-3 hours. One day stretching, the second is the use of an extender. Massage or jelking wet. An increase of 2 to 6 months. If you do 2 exercises every day, time is reduced. But at least 8 hours should take place between the procedures.

The use of cream without massage will not give a result. It works if you give the load to the fabrics.
A vacuum pump without a cream will give a good erection, but the growth will be insignificant even with frequent use. You need to add cream and manual massage to increase the likelihood of a positive effect.

Contraindications to increase the penis

Before the operation, the doctor will certainly require a complete examination to prevent complications. You also need to figure it out before the home increase in the penis – is it possible to increase the member, whether it will harm your health? In what situations the artificial growth of the penis is contraindicated?

  • For diseases of the urine system. Inflammatory processes or infections can worsen as a result of home experiments with a length. If there are problems, they need to be discussed with a doctor, he must give permission for all manipulations. Difficulty urinating, rubber in the urethra area, hemorrhoids – these are all the reasons to visit a doctor.
  • With hormonal imbalance. If the cause of the size in the improper operation of the endocrine system, then you must first eliminate the disease, and only then do the extension. The course of special drugs will help to choose a doctor, and he will give advice after achieving the desired length.
  • Diabetes of any type. Without consulting a specialist to practice experiments with an extender cannot.
  • Oncological diseases of any organ. First you need to eliminate the disease to take manipulations to increase the organs.
  • Blood coagulation problems. Bruises may occur in the process. It is difficult to correctly adjust the load from the first time. So that there are no complications, it is better to refuse home procedures.

You can engage in an increase in a member at any age: at 18 years and at 60 it will be appropriate. But it is important not to harm, so before the procedure you need to talk to your doctor.How to increase a member? Methods, their effectiveness, results

Complications from incorrect increase in the penis

Is it possible to increase a member without pain? Certainly. Most procedures are safe and painless. But sometimes injuries occur. It is worth learning about them before the start of the experiments.

  • Rubbing. Wearing an extender can cause such an effect. The device is in contact with delicate skin, pulls it, and during movements it can be unpleasantly rubbing. Sometimes the problem goes by itself, sometimes you have to change the extender. First you should try to fix it a little differently.
  • Hematomas. Bruises on the penis often arise. You need to find the balance – how much to pull, how to crush during massage. With vacuum pump, it also seems that you can pump out a little more air. And then a member can turn blue or be covered with spots. This is a sign that very great efforts are made. The ability to control the process does not come immediately. If the bruises arise, take a break in training until they disappear, and then start again.
  • Allergy. A new penis growth can include components that cause individual intolerance. To avoid this, do an allergy test. Apply a little remedy for the bend of the elbow, leave for 2 hours. If redness or irritation does not appear, feel free to use on the genitals.

There are no severe complications, fractures happen very rarely, but skin damage occurs often. Sometimes a burning sensation is felt after training, it can accompany several hours in a row. If unpleasant, change the cream.

Questions about an increase in penis

This is a complex process that needs to be done several times, and then calculate the average value. There are detailed instructions on our website – read here.The norm in the world starts from 12 cm in an erect state. Average size-14-17 cm. But the options are more than 18 cm are quite rare. Surprisingly, the big dick does not always like the girls.

We conducted a survey of women about the size. Read the results here.Creams and gels work if the penis is additionally stretched. They help to speed up the stretching process, so massage and special equipment are needed to get a guaranteed result. Just “spreading” does not always give the desired centimeters.No, it works for most men. But there are situations when any stretching does not give an effect, it is rare. This is due to genetic features. In this case, even surgeons do not always take up the operation, and it remains only to apply injections.A natural increase from home methods allows you to get from 1 to 4 cm. The growth is given more only operations or nozzles.Most methods do not work instantly. Stretching will require at least 4 months of active work, and sometimes you have to practice up to 12 months.Massage, stretching, use of creams positively affect health. All this activates blood flow, improves excretory processes, activates the functioning of the prostate gland. Such actions increase libido, make a man more hardy.

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