How to increase the duration of an erection?

How to increase the duration of an erection?.

Orgasm is a learned reaction. After studying their sexuality, almost everyone is able to determine which types of stimulation and touch more effectively lead him to orgasm. What is your triggers to quickly obtain orgasm? If you are faced with excessively quick ejaculation, try other types of touch and stimulation (slower, softer, faster, etc. D.);variations can bring new pleasures and help turn off the reaction “Autopilot”. To feel another, not so familiar, type of stimulation, masturbators can be used. Due to the fact that masturbators can be different, new sensations are provided to you – new reliefs, different compression power, additional stimulation.

Some men may have learned to achieve orgasm quickly because they had no solitude in their youth, and they had to quickly finish masturbating before someone noticed them. Nevertheless, many also consider it desirable to extend their pleasure and the pleasure of their partner. If you want this, your task is to increase the amount of time that you spend in a state of excitement.

You can try the method “Stop start” (he "Ezhing"). For example, when you feel that you are approaching the point of no return, stop what you are doing with your partner, and just do nothing until the desire to ejaculation subsides. Then start stop again and again when you feel that you are approaching orgasm. Several attempts may be required to determine the point of no return and stop before. You can try to tell your partner when you need movements to slow down or stop.

You can also extend sexual intercourse with the help of prolonging lubricants. Most often they increase male aging time, reducing the sensitivity of the head. In particular, such funds will become indispensable assistants for men with increased sensitivity of the head. In this case, the resulting sensations remain the same.

If you want to extend the erection during intercourse without an orgasm for the sake of a partner, you should talk with a partner about this. You spoke to her (-not) about what you want? You asked her (-h) what she wants? You cannot read the thoughts of your partner (like she cannot read yours), and you can find that her (his) answers will surprise you. Sharing your desires and exploring them, you can improve sexual experience in pairs. One way to start a conversation is to study new positions and sex techniques together.

So that the erection lasts longer, you will need patience and practice. We hope that these offers will help you and your partner achieve new heights!

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