How to learn to dance striptease for a loved one

How to learn to dance striptease for a loved one.

How to learn to dance striptease for a loved one

The female body always excites male consciousness. And when her beloved girl is dancing striptease – The man’s heart beats in unison, and the flesh wakes up with a greedy desire. To translate a passionate dance into reality, it is necessary to adhere to some rules.

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First of all, you need to choose sexual underwear that will arouse a partner.

The perfect set:

  • Lace panties;
  • Transparent bra;
  • Erotic belt with garters;
  • Stockings with a wide elastic band;
  • High -heeled shoes.

If the representative of the stronger sex loves to play role-playing games, the girl can become a nurse for him, secretary, woman-hick, beautiful stranger or any other character. It is important that the chosen clothes are easily removed, and not be with lacing or multiple clasps.

How to learn to dance striptease for a loved one


After the selected image, you should think about an erotic environment. For a dance with undressing elements, muffled light, flavored and ordinary candles or even a table lamp, which will be included in the corner of the room is suitable. Bright light can interfere with the dancer, which will lead to uncertainty and constraint. But lighting should be enough for a man to consider sexual linen and seductive body of a partner.

Musical accompaniment

Striptease – This is an exciting dance. Therefore, the choice of music should be treated with special responsibility. Style and pace can be anything, the main thing is that a woman would like to move eroticly to this music. The melody should penetrate deep into the heart, liberate the performer, call to smooth or quick movements, drive crazy and fill the drive.

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