How to make kuni so that the girl quickly finishes?

How to make kuni so that the girl quickly finishes?.

Oral caresses of the clitoris are the most effective way to bring the girl to orgasm. However, it is not necessary to think that the very fact of cunnilingus will certainly end with the highest peak of pleasure. There are a number of factors enhancing the effect and a whole range of measures to reduce the effectiveness of actions. Today we’ll talk about how to make Cooney so that the girl will quickly finish.

It is important to understand that the orgasm should not begin with cunnilingus, oral affection for high -quality sex follow exclusively as the continuation of the prelude, methods of exciting and creating the atmosphere of maximum trust. Otherwise, the act turns into mechanical actions and is not able to affect the emotional part of the brain.

Trust environment

The first one needs to take care – relaxation of a girl. To do this, from her consciousness, all factors causing fears must be removed. Sexologists recommend that the fears completely disappear. If you are at home, then first familiarize yourself with your girlfriend with the location of the rooms, show where what is, let it make sure that you are here alone and there is no way to appear thirds.

Tell me that parents will not return, no one has keys to the apartment, as if inadvertently demonstrate that the lock is reliably locked. Offer tea, say that if desired, it can use devices, towel, equipment and products. This will arrange it for a man. Even if you are well acquainted and for a long time in a relationship, it is important not to forget to repeat these techniques.

Shame and disgrace

If you believe the messages of the girls themselves on the forums, then the orgasm often interferes with a feeling of shame and an awkward situation. As a result, cunnilingus seemed to be and there were a great many pleasant sensations, but there was no full orgasm.

This happens both during random sex, and during the proximity with the spouse. Men do not consider it serious talk that the girl is shy and cannot relax. It seems to them that there is not a single reason for this. But female psychology is more complicated.

Visual contact is one of the frequent problems. It is difficult for some girls on the contrary to look into the eyes of a partner, but as your companion prefers it. If the dialogue in the couple is not established, then the risk of discomfort on its part is great and then it remains only to dream of orgasm.

Invite to turn off the light or perform oral affection under the covers. A good option would be a sex mask that a man puts on specifically for cunnilingus. Thus, the girl gets the opportunity to fully concentrate on the process, does not worry that her facial expressions will cause ridicule. .

Light sliding

This problem is usually absent if the girl has everything in order with lubrication of the vagina, and immediately before sexual intercourse there was a long prelude. However, in some cases, lubrication is not enough, and the language of the man is dry and rough. Since the clitoris is very sensitive, all of the above can lead to unpleasant sensations, irritation and painful friction.

Make sure that the external genitalia of the partner is quite wet, otherwise use the edible lubricant who will solve the problem in the moment and at the same time it can be eaten without consequences, that is, entering the stomach does not threaten any consequences.

The emphasis on the clitoris

Many men do not fully understand the meaning of cunnilingus. For light caresses and relaxed pleasure, you can lick the labia, entrance to the vagina, the inside of the hips.All this is certainly pleasant and will definitely like the partner.

But to achieve an orgasm, all actions should be directed directly to the clitoris, because it is he who is endowed with a huge number of nerve endings and is responsible for achieving the peak of pleasure.

Language movements can be either “left-right”, “up-down” and circular, and only upwards. Do not forget about sucking movements, some people like much more losing. The technique can alternate and change depending on the reaction of the girl.

But here there is a secret, if it is silent or groans strongly, then this is not always a signal to the required changes. Very often a tender sex is completely focused on the process and she is good precisely from what is happening now.

The frequent mistake of men faced with silence is to accelerate or complete change of technology. Or when she screams strongly and breathes quickly, the man begins to increase the pace, which is also able to knock her down from the rhythm. There are a swing when the girl is already at the peak, and then the partner begins to do differently and the orgasm moves away.

How to make kuni so that the girl quickly finishes: 100% method

The physiology of a woman is arranged in such a way that two points in her body are responsible for an orgasm. The clitoris is located outside, and the point G, which is also part of the clitoris, inside. If you have an effect on both fronts at the same time, then an orgasm occurs literally in 2-3 minutes.

Here you can resort to two methods. The first, simpler. Active movements of the tongue directed at the clitoris are combined with masturbation of point G using two fingers. To do this, you need to enter them into the vagina and bend them upward to the pubis. Having groped a hillock, which is a lump of nerve endings, proceed to its stimulation.

To repeatedly strengthen the effectiveness of actions, it is better to use special sex toys. We continue to stimulate the point g with fingers, but we act on the clitoris with clitoral vibrationimulator. He imitates the movements of the tongue, but does it ten times stronger and more productive.

The problem is also that it is extremely difficult to make quick tongue movements for several minutes. As a result, the rhythm is lost and speed falls, the girl gets into the swing, the man is bored with the man.

For cunnilingus, with the goal of simple pleasure, there are enough tender, leisurely movements, but to get an orgasm you have to work hard. Especially if physiologically the girl is not predisposed to achieve squirt. For example, a small clitoris or the absence of its stimulation in the past, sometimes leads to the fact that the girl does not enjoy Kuni at all.

All these problems are solved by the clitoral stimulant, which simultaneously with the fingers displays intercourse to a qualitatively new level. And if at the same time all the rules for relaxing the partner were observed, she is as aimed at orgasm as much as possible and feels confident, then Squirt is simply nowhere to go.

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