How to make sperm tastier?

How to make sperm tastier?.

How to make sperm tastier?
Some ladies refuse to satisfy their partner with oral caresses, as they consider the taste of sperm disgusting. But there is a certain list of products that can change the taste of male sperm, making it a little nicer. If you eat them regularly, the taste will definitely become different.

Blowjob is a favorite practice for men. For women, such sex becomes a real tragedy if the taste of sperm causes disgust. Unpleasant taste and aroma can cause rejection. But the rejection of such pleasure can cause a pair in pairs, so many girls go to it, stepping over themselves.

But everything can be fixed. First, you need to pay attention to Partner’s diet. Perhaps he eats a lot of salty, fatty and spicy, which itself affects the taste of sperm. In order to improve oral sex with your beloved man, you need to buy him useful products more often.

Which improves the taste of sperm? Fruits

First of all, you need to pay attention to fruit. It is not surprising that The taste of sperm changes from fruit, After all, they have a large number of vitamins and minerals, which are well absorbed by the body. This is a natural source of health, good mood, as well as beauty.

Pineapple is an exceptional fruit that will help any man before meeting with a sexual partner. Using this product, you can slightly improve the taste of the seed, as well as say goodbye to the nervous voltage that can occur during intimacy. Melon, peach, strawberries, as well as other fruits that have a rich taste will also help.

You need to use fruits 1-3 days before the planned blowjob. And it is they who should become the basis of the diet. It is ideal if in 3 days a man abandoned meat and alcohol, then the sweetness of sperm will be more pronounced.How to make sperm tastier?

Change sperm taste with dairy products

If there was no fruit at hand, then you can try to change the taste of the seed using dairy products. For example, yogurt with milk filler is good. However, you need to be careful, because the frequent use of proteins can cause a negative effect, and the taste of sperm will become even more saturated. It is better to make a fruit salad with a filler in the form of yogurt or cream. This will be the best solution for oral sex.

Improving the taste of sperm ash, kefir and other sweet and milk products. But only they do not give sweetness, but slightly change the smell and texture. Sperm becomes less salty, slightly more fresh.

How sperm the vegetables act?

Vegetables can also taste male fluid. First of all, you need to remove cabbage from the list, since it does not affect sperm in any way. Instead, it is better to eat parsley, celery, as well as radis. With the help of these vegetables, you can make sexual intercourse an unforgettable. It is necessary to use them to decorate the main dishes and salads that need to be eaten before sex. It is important to understand that sperm is not formed in one hour, so greens should be included in the diet on an ongoing basis. And if the vegetables are supplanted protein foods, cum will become much more pleasant. If he is not ready to refuse meat, let him eat more fish or chicken. And it is the vegetables that go by the side dish.

I improve the taste of sperm seafood

Where without seafood? Not many people know that most seafood are excellent aphrodisiac. These are dietary products that should be used during the period of enhanced training. With the help of special studies, it became clear that some seafood have a positive effect on the taste of male seed. Its taste becomes much sweeter and nicer, and the ladies notice it.How to make sperm tastier?
Despite the fact that the smell of oysters, shrimp and mussels are not the most pleasant, but this in no way affects the taste of sperm, which really changes its indicators. If a lady wants to please her man with oral affection, then she needs to buy more seafood in the refrigerator, which are very useful for the male body.

How else to change the taste of sperm?

A man is not always ready to change his diet, abandon alcohol and cigarette only for the sake of blowjob. But there are other methods that help solve the issue with an unpleasant taste. Everything is decided by edible lubricants. It is “delicious” cosmetics for sex, which makes the process very pleasant.

The oral lubricant can be with a strawberry taste, with the taste of caramel, ice cream or exotic fruits. He really has a very delicate taste, pleasant texture and bright aroma. In this case, it can be consisted of safe components. Such a lubricant is applied to a member before a blowjob or during its. And the penis turns into a real dessert. A special lubricant for oral sex improves slipping, it replaces saliva. It is worth trying at least once, and it will become clear that this is an assistant. And the taste of the body and lubrication of a man is not yet felt. Of course, the lubricant will not beg the taste of sperm, but at the time of ejaculation, you can make it so that sperm will not fall into the mouth.Oral sex is a great way to diversify the relationship and intimate life of partners. However, in order for the blowjob to bring pleasure to both a man and a woman, it is necessary to properly prepare for this process. With the help of the above products, you can change the taste of sperm by making it more pleasant.

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