How to overcome the crisis of family relations and save the family

How to make peace with your husband after a quarrel and overcome a crisis in a relationship.

How to overcome the crisis of family relations and save the family

When we are in love, it seems to us that this feeling will be eternal. But, as shows static stations, happiness is far from always endless, but often and fleeting.

Dear readers, If you are faced with a crisis in a relationship and do not know how to make peace with your husband after a series of quarrels, Do not despair: every married couple has the chances of establishing the same warmth and understanding, the main thing is the desire of both spouses to fight for their marriage.

Critical periods are practically inevitable, all families have to deal with them without exception. At the same time, there are couples that easily live years outlined by psychologists as difficult for marriage. Happy husbands and wives sometimes do not even notice that their family hearth and harmony are in danger. Often the secret of such relationships is the ability to find compromises and put up quickly after any quarrel. Our attention is deserved by the opposite model of marital relations, in which there is neither mutual understanding, nor the desire to concede, nor a sense of satisfaction with each other.

How to overcome the crisis of family relations and save the family

Difficulties in the family or how to make peace after a strong quarrel

Why are scandals arise in the family one after another? The crisis of family relationships is a widespread phenomenon, and the only question is what the spouses will do in order to overcome it as soon as possible. Psychologists conditionally divide the periods of life together into several so -called complex stages. Each of them has its own difficulties, problems and solutions.

The reasons why the once measured and calm harbor turned into a wild storm of disrespect and unwillingness to hear each other, there may be several. Most often they lie in the following:

  • The expectation of the appearance of the baby in the family, while husbands, turn out to be unprepared for the performance of his father’s role;
  • Personal crises of one of the representatives of the married couple (failure in career, depression, illness, etc.D.);
  • “Money” problems and everyday life – millions of hopes and illusions of family happiness were broken about these “rocks”;
  • the negative role of relatives interfering in the relationship of the husband and wife;
  • tragedies and family dramas (betrayal, death, etc.D.).

Understand that it is time to put up with my husband and take specific actions as soon as possible in order to overcome the crisis of love relationships, it will be possible by many alarming signs. Mutual accusations and constant disputes, lack of sex and irritation to each other – this is what is not in doubt the need to adjust relationships within the still existing marriage union.

A crisis of love relationships often has a sexual basis. The lack of diversity in bed takes its own, which leads to sexual disadvantage. The first alarming bells indicating that the married bed can be the root cause of further discord, are:

  • erectile dysfunction in a man;
  • anorgasmia and frigidity in a woman;
  • betrayal;
  • sexual insults;
  • Criticism of the technique of sexual intercourse by one of the spouses.

Sex is an important component of a happy family life that will help his wife make peace with her husband after a strong quarrel and overcome a protracted family crisis. To preserve all the colors of the intimate life of the spouses, a mutual desire and parallel desires for decisive action to save the “marriage boat” are necessary.

How to overcome the crisis of family relations and save the family

How to act correctly to overcome the crisis of relations

As a rule, the initiative to fight for the family, as well as put up after each quarrel, belongs to someone alone. The desire to find a constructive key arises in most cases in a spouse whose feelings have not completely faded away. He will have to adhere to the next instruction in order to establish relations with the second half and overcome the crisis period in the relationship:

  1. Disagreements must be found out, but in no case do not bring the matter to insults and screams.
  2. You should not keep resentment and dissatisfaction in yourself, moreover, the guilty party is far from always the “guilty” party that she had done something wrong.
  3. You cannot compare your loved one with others, rely on the experience of previous relationships. It is important to focus on the actions of the opponent, which most often cause conflicting feelings.
  4. It is undesirable to sort things out with outsiders and children.
  5. You should not abandon the share of your guilt in the crisis of relations, which most often arises after the first 3 years of cohabitation.
  6. It is important to accept the apology of the second side, and sincerely forgive, without reproaches and unpleasant memories.

Feel that you can’t cope yourself? Contact the family psychotherapist – there is nothing shameful or unnatural in this. Any specialist will quickly find an individual root of problems and recommend building family relationships based on sincere warm feelings, respect, community of interests. It is important not to forget about the need for personal space.

How to act correctly to make peace after a quarrel

Be that as it may, but you can make peace even after a strong quarrel, but only if one of the spouses is ready to give in. To establish relationships, you need to behave as follows:

  1. Wait a while. This will allow both to gather thoughts and analyze their behavior to both, draw conclusions. At the same time, you should not leave the second half alone with you for a long time: if the second spouse does not share your thoughts and opinions, it is quite possible that he will not change his position, and the convenient moment for rapprochement will be missed.
  2. To give in. Many consider the ability to give in weakness, but in fact – this is a true manifestation of prudence. Tune in, do not focus on the fault of your second half, remember only the good from the lived and start a calm conversation.
  3. Cause jealousy. By the way, this way to make peace with her husband works most often, but here it is important to remember this: a man should notice a manifestation of attention to his spouse, and not her coquetry and flirting, which can only aggravate the situation.

As soon as the target is achieved, and you will be able to make peace, do not get hung up on the last quarrel. On the contrary, try to show interest in what the partner is doing. More often ask how things are at work, plan the weekend together, share one hobby of each other, or, at least, do not prevent the realization of personal ideas, interests, desires.

Often, a woman, having mired in everyday problems and troubles, in a bunch of affairs throughout the day, often forgets that her noble longs for joint rest and romance. The lack of sufficient proximity and joint pastime can most negatively affect the intimate life of partners.

How to overcome the crisis of family relations and save the family

Ways to get rid of a crisis in a love relationship

There are always solutions of solutions, and even the most difficult crisis in relations will overcome. You can try to return the spark of previous feelings of the spouses if both try:

  1. Reloading. An excellent option for this can be called a joint journey;Rest, sea and hot sun will help to concentrate exclusively on each other.
  2. Avoid talking about relations with relatives, friends and the application of their advice. None of them can objectively evaluate what is happening, which means that the conflict situation will only aggravate.
  3. Rely only on yourself without resorting to the help.D., Especially concerns girls: love spells, luggage removal and other charlatan things – just deception and fraud.
  4. Do not look for easy ways, rushing to divorce: burning bridges is much easier than put efforts and work on relationships.

In addition, do not perceive strong quarrels as the end of everything. As soon as you manage to make peace, you may look at it from a different angle: this is not a collapse, but a chance to bring marital relations to a new step, to become closer and dear to each other. Having passed such a serious test once as a family crisis, the spouses update their relationship, making them stronger and more reliable.

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