How to remove a suction – effective ways

Lifhaki, how to quickly remove the bolts.

The temperamental sexual couples are familiar with the phenomenon visually evidenced by sexual contact. Its nature is similar to an ordinary hematoma. After an intense kiss, the subcutaneous capillaries burst, the skin turns red, and after half an hour a special trace appears, which lasts a long time – from 7-15 days. About how to remove a suction, without leaving a hint from it, you should find out more.

How to remove a suction – effective ways

Pharmacy products from suction

So that the stain on the body or neck disappears completely, it is advisable to use a pharmaceutical drug. There are many of them, so you should tell about each separately.


The product consists of a number of plant hoods that can heal wounds and resist inflammation. Calendula with mountain ARNIK Accelerate tissue restoration, yarrow and hamamelis slow down subcutaneous hemorrhages, helps to resolve the edema of Margarita. The ointment is anesthetized, removes swelling.

Ointments from bruises

An effective tool that helps to solve the question of how to bring a suction on itself, are creams saving during injuries. They do not have an instant effect, but improve blood circulation. The substance must be applied to the bruise daily, waiting for his disappearance.


How to remove a suction – effective ways

A banal mesh applied to the body with a solution of this chemical element perfectly eliminates a fresh suction after a hot kiss for sex . It is required to act carefully, lubricating the hematoma place with a cotton wool. It is undesirable only to use the liquid if the trace is placed on the lip.


Ointments that help eliminate clogging of veins should be applied to the skin immediately after a hot kiss, and then regularly repeat the procedure.

Powers with a body

It is enough to mix the product with any cream, and then lubricate the place of the suction daily.

How to visually hide the bolt

You can get rid of immodest views and undesirable comments much faster.

Make masking

How to remove a suction – effective ways

A condition allowing to skillfully cover with hematoma, – This is the presence of such funds:

  • tonal and moisturizer;
  • crumbly or compact powder of matte tone;
  • color or beige corrector.

The last subject of cosmetics is selected, guided by the shade of the bruise. When it is blue, an orange color is suitable, it is better to use pink with light skin. To hide brown or red spots, you need green. The yellow trace will disappear under the violet tool. The procedure will complete the application of bodily dye, which will hide the previous layers. By the way, with a passionate kiss, the location of erogenous zones on the girl’s body should be taken into account.

The step -by -step guide will help to understand how to remove the resulting bolt:

  1. Wet cloth or other way to clean the location of the hematoma.
  2. When the spot is located on the skin of the face, first moisturize it with cream.
  3. It is advisable to immediately treat the bruise with pharmacy ointment.
  4. Capricate the curtain by the corrector, applying it and to the surrounding area.
  5. Bend the product with the help of sponge.
  6. After that, apply foundation. If it does not eliminate the problem, cover it on top with a corporal corrector.
  7. Fasten everything from above by powder.

Masks with clothes

How to remove a suction – effective ways

This method is easy to get rid of unwanted spots even by adolescents. It is especially relevant in the winter, when from the attention of others it manages to hide the suction with a high gate, a scarf. When the street is warm, a light scarf is suitable. It can be tied very stylishly, then no one will suspect a trick:

  1. Use a square accessory, folding it strictly in half diagonally.
  2. Place the resulting triangle with the vertex to the neck behind.
  3. Tie the ends of the scarf in the same place.
  4. Insert the free ends from the node under the bandage.

By the way, recently we already told how to hide a suddenly appeared riser.

How to get a bolt overnight with folk remedies

On the question of how to save yourself from a suction, rich folk experience has been accumulated. Home remedies do a great job, and no worse than pharmacy ointments. Everything that is needed for recipes is easy to find in your kitchen.


Any place of injury, not associated with skin damage, is advisable to immediately cool. As soon as they realized that a bruise would soon appear on the body, immediately attach an ice cube or any product taken out of the freezer to this place. Keep the compress for about a third of an hour. The procedure narrows the vessels, prevents internal bleeding, relieve edema. The hematoma will be barely noticeable or it will not be at all.


How to remove a suction – effective ways

Dilute the powder with water to make the consistency of the pasta. Apply it to the suction, leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning – You will notice the effect right away.


Cover the hematomas with a small amount of product, gently rub it on the skin. Herbal compositions are especially effective, in which the antiseptic and anti -inflammatory effects are indicated.


Delete the defect quickly can be removed with a raw tuber. It should be washed well, then grind it, getting a slurry. Place the mass on gauze, putting it to the place of the suction for half an hour. Repeat such an event three times, each time using a fresh vegetable. Sometimes it is enough not to grind it, but cut thin slices and place them on the skin. The juice squeezed from the tuber also helps, if you soak a bandage folded by several layers. The stain process, performing light pats. As soon as the juice dries, repeat this procedure three more times. From potatoes, by the way, some craftsmen create a home -made anal cork.


This is another tool that can quickly remove the suction on the skin. Before its use, it is necessary to take into account the concentration of acid. To eliminate hematoma, you need 6% product. A more concentrated liquid is diluted using cold water. Then repeatedly lubricate the resulting damage.

Aloe vera

How to remove a suction – effective ways

Grutter obtained from the pulp and juice of the plant must be diluted with boiled water. Then place it in gauze. Compress for half an hour.


The meat perfectly eliminates a fresh bruise. Apply a cut plate of a chilled product for a quarter of an hour, repeating the procedure hourly.

Slok – analogue of hematoma. It can appear anywhere in the body. Typically, such a trace of sexual pleasures itself disappears after time, but sometimes it is necessary to eliminate it in time in order to hide from unwanted views.

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