How to stop experiencing awkwardness in bed?

How to stop experiencing awkwardness in bed?.

How to stop experiencing awkwardness in bed?

Sexologists argue that most of the problems arising in bed are actually not related to the physiological characteristics of people, but with their psychological complexes. But it is also worth noting that modern society is literally obsessed with the outer beauty of a woman, but not every woman looks like a standard of beauty imposed on a gloss, which is why many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are simply shy about themselves. What to do, how to relax in bed so that both partners can get a maximum of pleasure?

5 ways to get rid of beds in bed

Start with a heart -to -heart conversation in a romantic and secluded place – This is the easiest and most affordable way to solve many problems. Calmly and honestly discuss all the issues with a partner who care about you, be sure to ask that he does not suit him so that he would like to fix or try in bed. Tell him what excites you or, conversely, that you do not like it and causes anxiety.

How to stop experiencing awkwardness in bed?

In general, embarrassment in bed – This is a normal phenomenon, but it is more characteristic of inexperienced people who have little experience in sex. So if you are worried about the fact that you don’t know how or do something wrong, then nothing prevents you from doing self-education. Now on sale and free access there are many books and articles that will help you increase your sexual skills, also on the Internet there is a training video.

If you feel a certain stiffness in bed, then in an intimate life, most likely you behave passively. Try for yourself a new, active role and you will be surprised how much it will lead and excite your soul mate. If you are not yet sure of your sex technique or you are not quite able to fulfill his desires, then ask him to lead your actions. If you do not want to fulfill the fantasies of the partner, then it is better not to rape himself and honestly admit him to this.

Understand that perfectionism is actually – A terrible problem, You will never be able to match one hundred percent invented ideals. This is especially true of the issue of perception of the body, for some reason many women believe that they simply must look like models from glossy magazines. If you continue to be shy about your own body, then you are unlikely to be able to relax during sex. Just think, because you are together, that is, you already attract your partner and excite him, otherwise you would not have been with him in the same bed. Take a closer look with what tenderness he looks at you, with what care he treats, how his eyes burn when he sees your naked body, and he, unlike you, does not notice your shortcomings at all!

Take care of yourself – No matter how trite it may sound, but sport truly works miracles. Sport – This is not only health, but also a tremendous self -confidence in yourself and your abilities. Moreover, it is not necessary to achieve any incredible goals, a couple of yoga, Pilates or dancing is enough to maintain muscle tone. When you see how your body changes, self -esteem will begin to grow exponentially.

Note: if you still can’t love your own body, make love in the dark or in a muffled light of a nightlight or candles. In addition, nothing prevents you from going on a diet or going to a fitness club, seek the help of specialists of beauty or doctor salons.

How to stop experiencing awkwardness in bed?

Council of a psychologist

Stand out! That is, you need to accustom yourself to the appearance of your naked body, so as not to experience constraints in bed with a man. For example, you can sleep naked or walk at home in one underwear. But don’t run past the mirror, but stop periodically and admire yourself. Your task – You have nothing to see your body and you have nothing to be shy about.

Several tricks from our readers

Take a note of a muffled red light, it is best tuned to the intimate and successfully emphasizes the female figure.

  • Smooth skin – Do not be lazy to take care of yourself and apply creams and body lotions.
  • Do not save on beautiful quality linen.
  • Close your eyes and put on a bandage to yourself/partner, it will give you new sensations and will relieve the tension a little.
  • Be sure to turn on the music that you really like and which relaxes you.
  • Come into the bedroom only with a good mood, leaving all the worries and troubles outside the door.

Drop all doubts, love and be loved!

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