How to tie a girl to a bed

How to tie a girl to a bed.

Sometimes I want experiments in an intimate life, then the easiest way to get at least some diversity in this matter is to tie a girl to a bed. This approach can be a start for new sexual experiments.

It is important to remember that the girl should not experience pain, since in this case both partners will not be able to get proper pleasure.

In no case should the girl need to bind it very much, because it is possible to harm her body so. In general, for this practice, special sets should be used to fix.

History of the practice of binding in Japan

In fact, binding is a whole science. Let’s look at the usual species for starters, and then talk about an exciting issue. They began to bind the girls a long time ago, and this tradition was born in Japan.

In those days, the rope was a symbol of the connection of God and man, therefore it was used not to bind someone and harm, but rather for spiritual values.

The binding of women in Japanese cities was attributed to the culture of relations. Of course, few people guessed to use this item for sexual pleasures, but now we see that there was still some kind of subtext in this.

In order to correctly connect the girl, you do not need to read a lot of reference books, watch video tutorials or something like that.

In principle, another person himself must be aware of what acts can cause real harm, and which only the partner will verify.

All that you need to learn is to qualitatively connect the nodes so that they do not squeeze their hands at the same time, and do not give complete freedom of action, then it all depends on the human imagination.

But today we will consider the main rules that you need to adhere so that sex does not turn into an appeal to the doctor.

How to tie a girl to a bed or sofa correctly: technique

Let’s start with the simplest. If in this matter the dominant partner is a beginner, then the easiest way to tie the girl’s wrists to the back of the bed. So she will not be able to move her hands and, in principle, will be “neutralized”.

It is important to note that you do not need to use the rope, as the Japanese one hundred or two hundred years ago did, give preference only to soft tissues that cannot dig into the skin, injure and leave bruises.

For binding, a silk ribbon or tie is best suited, which can easily be found in the closet. Never even think about using tights, they, like a rope, squeeze their wrists very much and cause a lot of discomfort.

In this case, a connected girl will most likely be injured instead of orgasm and pleasure from role -playing game.

If the bed does not have a back, then it does not matter, because there is another way that will help to tie the girl. You can just throw her hands behind the head, tie them and tie them to any detail of the bed, which is located near.

If you want even more adrenaline, then before sex you can go to a sex shop and buy special handcuffs for sex that are worn on your hands.

There are also special legs bracelets. Usually they fasten each other with a chain and prevent the girl from moving.

So, a few pairs of handcuffs, a good back of the bed, for which they can be fixed, and most of the work has already been done.

We advise you not to save money, because if you knit the girl’s legs with a tape or tie, it will be extremely difficult to get to her.

One of the sexiest ways to tie a girl to bed is to tie her arms and legs at different corners of the bed, so the girl will not be able to move at all.

But it is worth remembering that such a pose is very much and quickly exhausting, so it is worth asking how the girl feels, whether she wants to continue the script or maybe she needs to relax.

The last thing to mention is a light massage. After the man tied the girl to the bed, and immediately after the end of good sexual pleasures with handcuffs or tie, the girl needs to be massaged to return blood circulation to normal.

If you take into account our recommendations, you will spend a truly unforgettable night that will be remembered for a long time.

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