How to understand whether a girl of innocence has lost?

How to understand whether a girl of innocence has lost?.

Virginity is a very strange object, it is difficult to understand it or not. The most obvious fact of defloration is the presence of blood during or after the first intercourse. But we also know that this does not happen to everyone and the blood is simply absent from a third of the tender sex. Since understanding whether the girl lost innocence by direct and indirect signs?

Famous, but not reliable methods

Many peoples have a tradition according to which, after the first wedding night, the girl and her spouse should provide relatives with proof in the form of a bloodied sheet. We have already found out that this method is completely untenable.

Unfortunately, they did not know about it before or did not want to know. The sheet was often stained with something similar, so as not to be expelled from the family with shame. If the husband himself did not believe in the innocence of his wife, then the incidents often occurred. The sheet is white, which means that the lady walks. She was waiting for a severe punishment or at least an immediate divorce.

Another famous way is to go to the doctor. There are many stories in the world as before marriage, a man dragged his beloved to a familiar specialist who was supposed to see the pleuria in the vagina and confirm the immaculate of the future wife.

Surely many will be surprised, but a decent percentage of girls is born without gemin at all. Others have a hole in this shape that Gemen initially looks torn. If you still think that the virgin ramp is a wall, then you have to learn a lot about the physiology and anatomy of the female body. The gynecologist cannot give a conclusion with a 100% guarantee whether the girl is innocent or not.

Another prejudice is connected with the behavior of the girl in bed. For some reason, it is generally accepted that the virgin will be constrained and frightened, throughout the act will experience constraint and shame. And at the sight of a member is obliged to faint. In general, all this is another nonsense, because behavior depends solely on the level of trust and the creation of the correct atmosphere.

Nowadays, the girls regularly see a photo of a member in their social networks, no matter how hard they try to dodge this. There are many sites on sex education, which means that it is difficult to surprise modern youth with something.

In terms of pain, the girl also does not have to writhe in agony and suffering. For many, defloration is so simple that they don’t even have time to understand anything. They do not experience any discomfort and say in appearance that she has this for the first time, it is impossible.

But if a man is fixated on innocence, manic seeks evidence of immaculate and terribly afraid to find out that his lover already had, then we can talk about deviation in his sexual behavior, which is called partenophilia.

Various guru are trying to calculate the virgin even by gait. Fortunately or unfortunately, such information is not written on the forehead of the tender sex, and there are no methods for determining defloration. No one and under what circumstances cannot definitely draw a conclusion.

How a girl herself understood whether she lost innocence?!

Neither passers -by, nor husband, nor even gynecologist can certainly know anything. Well, good, they don’t have to. How to figure it out, the matter is in the hat or nothing happened? Sex was, there is no blood, the web did not fall inside the web. I am a virgin or no longer?!

Everything is not so simple here too. More precisely, everything is complicated. There are no tests and devices for the definition of innocence. To substitute a mirror and see either, you will not understand anything. Going to the doctor will not give any results.

You should rely on a simple fact – full sexual intercourse was? Intimate intimacy took place? You are already at least not innocent. In general, even a man’s personality in naked form already suggests that the immaculateness flew into oblivion.

And from a physiological point of view, the virgin playing is a mucous membrane with a hole inside. It was originally, after sexual intercourse it became larger, and maybe it did not change in any way, because since birth it was big.

The passage of the penis does not interfere, you do not experience pain during contact, so everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. Let the partenophiles and residents of the evolution of African tribes do this. They made an idol of Gemen and now they do not understand how to be with it.

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