How to wake her in the morning

How to wake her in the morning.

How to wake her in the morning
Quite often, a man wakes up in the morning with a desire to have sex. And if a beloved woman is nearby, he can easily realize his fantasies. But the beautiful half takes more time to excite, so it is very important to correctly wake a woman. It is not difficult to do this at all, it is only important to show a little imagination.

Tender touch

No woman can stand before tender touches. You can start hugging it, iron the surface of the skin. Almost all of her body is an erogenous zone, so you can draw fingers on the back, hips, ankles and even palms. But it is important not to tickle the body, namely stroke. At the same time, there is no need to rush, the first touch will wake her, the subsequent ones will begin to excite. For complete readiness for sex, it may take at least 15 minutes of light massage, but it will be able to experience the highest pleasures with subsequent proximity.

A woman has a very sensitive breast and nipples. Much attention can be paid to this area. It is recommended to slightly capture the nipples with your fingers, tighten them a little or even bite. Massage should be smooth, for it you can even use a special Massage Oil, but before use it must be warm in the palms. Cold objects in the early morning will not cause excitement, but a reverse reaction.

Oral affection

Men like to wake up from a blowjob, women also love morning cunnilingus. And there is no need to believe the stories about the need for a shower before such actions. If the girl was in the bathroom before going to bed, she could not get dirty during the night. Of course, its smell can be slightly more intense than usual, but it only excites stronger.

In the morning, it may take a little more time to get orgasm, but the day will begin very brightly, and a good mood is guaranteed. It is important to pay great attention to the clitoris, caressing his fingers, tongue. To enhance the sensations after a number of oral caresses, you should start using hands and. The combination of the language and the introduction of the fingers into the bosom will make it possible to get not only clitoral, but also mixed or vaginal orgasm.

To enhance the effect, it is worth applying Vibrating toys. It is important to first choose a low speed. If you touch the clitoris of a sleeping woman with a toy with strong vibration, she will rather experience pain, not pleasure. The intensity of the movements of the intimate device can be gradually increased, but you do not need to rush. And in order for touching joy, do not forget about high -quality lubricant. It should also be heated first in the palms, and only then apply to the body.

Classic sex

Penetration into a girl in the morning is possible only after she is very excited. This will be indicated by a plentiful amount of lubrication and its movement to the beat of the fingers or vibrator. Sometimes her moans speak of a strong desire.

It is better to choose poses in which a woman needs to show the lowest activity. In the morning, very few fair sex are ready for active physical exertion. It can be so that the lady will not play a lot and make movements with her body, helping the process. Sometimes in the morning I want to relax and enjoy without straining at all. This behavior does not indicate a lack of desire, it only testifies to the special attitude to morning sex.

If you let the lady relax in the morning, she will get out of bed in a good mood. She will make the upcoming day joyful, and this will be a great gift to a man. You need to wake the lady gradually, and experiments in bed should be transferred to another time.

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