Is it possible to become infected with HIV with an oral from a woman to a man

Is it possible to become infected with HIV with an oral from a woman to a man.

It is known that HIV is easy to infect those who take drugs or practice unsafe sex. However, is it real through oral intimacy? This question worries many, and the answer to it is not as clear as it might seem. The fact is that HIV is practically not transmitted through saliva. But despite this, the oral type of proximity can also be fatal and cause infection. Let’s try to find out if it is possible to infect HIV with an oral from a woman to a man.

Is it possible to become infected with HIV with an oral from a woman to a man: what doctors think

According to doctors, the risk of HIV infection with this type of sexual intimacy is not zero, although it is much less than with traditional types of sex.

At the same time, the danger of infection is different for representatives of the strong and weaker sex. During oral sex, there is a risk;It is impossible to completely deny it in any case.

However, it must be understood that the process of transferring the virus itself is not carried out through saliva. It contains a very small amount of the virus, and therefore saliva is practically not infectious.

HIV transmission is carried out through three liquids – namely, blood, sperm, as well as the secret of vaginal glands.

Therefore, during this type of sexual intimacy, the “giving” side can be considered, in greater safety – it practically does not risk infect.

There is such a danger, but in general it is more likely hypothetical, and is based on the possibility of infection through saliva. As for the “receiving” side, the threat is much higher.

Indeed, during oral sex, the oral mucosa is in contact with sperm. It is also necessary to remember that the risks of HIV infection are much higher if the participants have damage in the mouth, wounds.

HIV through the oral: modern research

Scientists from the American University of San Francisco conducted a study on this score. For two years they collected information about people who could potentially become infected by HIV through a yoke from a woman to a man.

During these two years, two hundred respondents filled their profiles. However, there were not a single one among them who would become an HIV through oral affection.

Researchers came to the conclusion that through this type of sex there is much higher risk of infection with other STDs – chlamydia, syphilis and other infections. Most often, herpes is transmitted through oral sex.

But if we talk about HIV, then in terms of infection by a deadly virus, anal sex is much more dangerous than oral.

The study was attended by the male subjects, the vast majority of whom had relations with three or more partners over the past six months.

These subjects had oral sex quite often. 20 % of respondents indicated that their partners in oral sex were HIV-infected. The rest admitted that in principle they did not know the HIV-status of a sexual partner.

Another study of employees of the same university, conducted regardless of the previous one, calculated the approximate risk of HIV transmission subject to the contact of the genitals and the oral cavity.

According to their mathematical calculations, it turned out that such probability is about 4 by 10 thousand cases. Hence it concluded that it is extremely difficult to infect HIV under an oral from a woman to a man, but there is still a very small chance.

For this, it is necessary that there are many wounds and microcracks in the penis and mouth of a partner through which the virus could penetrate. If at least one of such injuries do not, then the transmission is almost unrealistic.

Is it possible to become infected with HIV with an oral from a woman to a man: the final conclusion

However, it is worth remembering that mathematical modeling is one thing, and real life is another.

The only way to completely protect yourself from HIV -infected is not to enter into intimacy with infected patients, regardless of whether this proximity is oral, anal or classical.

Doctors believe that you can do oral sex only with the partner whose HIV status you know. There are many cases when people infected HIV after a single sexual contact. It is also important to pay attention to the prevention of the transfer of other viruses – first of all, hepatitis A and B, against which timely vaccination will help.

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