Is it possible to get pregnant at the first time without protecting

Is it possible to get pregnant at the first time without protecting.

There is an opinion that a virgin cannot become a mother after sex without a condom during defloration. However, we know that the virgin ramp is initially not a wall, and even at the time of the gap, it does not at all prevent spermatozoa to head to the goal. So is it possible to get pregnant at the first time without protecting?

In fact, this is the first time or 1,000 001, it has no value. As mentioned above, the virgin playing never protected from pregnancy, moreover, it initially has holes, which allows me to penetrate menstrual discharge from the inside out. And it does not prevent sperm from getting inside.

It is much more important what stage of the cycle occurred sexual intercourse. If the first time coincided with menstruation, then the chance to get pregnant just below 10%. If on the day of ovulation, then the chance with mutual health and the ability to conceive both partners reaches 98%.

Be that as it may, it is likely to become a mother at the first time without protecting himself always. Even at the peak of menstruation, it is impossible to completely exclude fertilization. Some sperm are very tenacious and successful. They can wait for adverse conditions within a week and continue the way.

Is it possible to get pregnant at the first time without protecting him if the guy did not end inside

Many young girls are convinced that it is impossible to get pregnant during defloration, and in order not to fall into an unpleasant situation, you need to convince the guy not to end inside.

Unfortunately, even in such layouts, the risk remains. Lubrication of a man who stands out before entering the partner, that is, at the time of an erection, does not contain sperm in itself. But it passes through the urinary channel, where they can be.

If before a meeting with you a guy masturbated or ended ahead of time and then you decided to continue attempts to perform sexual intercourse, sperm will remain in the uric channel. Lubrication will pick them up and safely transfer them to the vagina when penetrating.

Again, it should be understood that the probability of such an event is negligible, does not exceed 3%. But answering the question “Is it possible to get pregnant first without protecting yourself”, we will answer in the affirmative. Probability from 3 to 98 percent. It does not go under the conditions under the conditions.

Pregnant virgin: how it is?!

Moreover, gynecologists are familiar with stories when a positive test for pregnancy was brought by a virgin. She assured that she had no sex, and when examined, the doctor was inclined to say that she was telling the truth. The virgin playing looked integral.

During caresses and petting, the partner could end near the girl’s external genitalia, on her stomach or back, so a certain amount of sperm penetrated inside and in the future nothing prevented fertilization.

As mentioned above, the hymen is not a dull wall, through it easily and simply passes menstrual discharge, sperm, and sometimes the penis,. Cases when a couple had sex 15 times, but defloration did not occur, a dime a dozen.

Therefore, in the absence of a conscious desire to start a child, you should not practice sexual contacts without a condom or other methods of contraception. As practice shows, even to end next to the girl carefully. Someone is trying to get pregnant for years, and someone is enough for two drops. I didn’t even have to have sex.

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