Is it useful for a woman to swallow sperm

Is it useful for a woman to swallow sperm.

Oral sex has firmly entered intimate life and has not surprised anyone for a long time. However, there are still a lot of questions that have not received a definite answer. Not all women are generally ready for a blowjob, and those who are ready do not always allow you to end in their mouths. Those who allow you to ask another question – whether it is useful for a woman to swallow sperm or is better to spit out?

To answer this question, first you need to figure out whether it is possible to do it at all and whether there will be harm to health.

For example, the problem of heartburn after the girl swallowed, very common. Why is this happening? It’s all about the composition and acidity of seed fluid.

Is it useful for a woman to swallow sperm given her composition?

There is an opinion that sperm in sex refers to the category of perversions, such as copro and golden rain, if its purpose is not a vagina. On the body, face, in the mouth, and even more so on the curtains, in no case!

However, I would not confuse one with the other. Sperm is still not material developed by the body, but on the contrary, all the best, the most necessary for a new life. Continuous vitamins, amino acids and water.

Judge for yourself, sperm includes zinc, magnesium, potassium, fluorine, hyaluronic acid, calcium, B vitamins, collagen fibers and the above amino acids.

As well as protein, cholesterol, ascorbic and citric acid, fructose and vitamin C.

By and large, just collecting benefits and a health source. And, if you afford to joke a little, no preservatives, everything is fresh.

The benefits are obvious, but how to accept?

There was even a study that proved the benefits of sperm in the ulcer of the stomach and high acidity. It’s all about prostaglandins that are part of the seed.

For the skin, muscles, hair and teeth at least no harm, but of the listed components it is obvious that the benefit is significant.

But is it necessary to take orally, so to speak? After all, all studies indicate a sperm in the vagina, there is a certain plus.

If you get into the mouth, the gums are able to get rid of candidiasis, the researchers say. If a girl practices it regularly, then the effect will come very soon.

How regularly and how soon it is not reported. You probably need to conduct a separate study and arrange all points above and.

If you still think whether it is useful for a woman to swallow sperm, then here you have a spoon of tar into a barrel of honey. Most of the beneficial properties will be lost, since gastric juice will destroy their.

Sperm is ready to meet with the acidic environment of the vagina, where spermatozoa literally feel like a fish in water, enhancing the activity of the tail to advance to their goal.

But for the rigid and fierce environment of the stomach, the seed fluid is not ready absolutely.

Based on this, we can say about that. that it is useful for a woman to swallow sperm, at least there can be no harm from this.

However, do not forget that it is much more useful when the end occurs in the vagina. There, however, is another problem, you can get pregnant when not necessary.

Therefore, it makes sense to give birth, and when there are two or more children, contact a gynecologist, install an intrauterine spiral or choose other methods of contraception, and then have sex for health and end the act in the vagina to strengthen the body.

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