Is the kiss considered a betrayal?

Is the kiss considered a betrayal?.

The question “is a kiss of treason” as a rule occurs in two cases. The first is a person, being in a relationship, allows himself kisses with other women or men. The second – your second half has made such misconduct and you do not know how to relate to this. Let’s try to figure it out.

First, remember what treason is in principle. In the public understanding, this is neglect of trust, betrayal, the result of the search for an alternative. In a deeper sense, we can talk about closing needs with the help of someone, while choosing not your partner.

That is, the fact of treason can be considered any actions that did not live up to expectations, were insulting or humiliating for the second half, while satisfied with any needs. For example sex, but again only if a wife or husband expected fidelity from you.

We know couples where the woman is sexwife, and the man is Kukold, where the wife is allowed to sleep with other men, moreover, her man knows about it and sometimes even present. Here sexual intercourse has a place to be, but the betrayal, as such, does not happen. This is important to consider when analyzing our problem.

When a kiss is not a betrayal

A kiss is a way of expressing feelings or a manifestation of sympathy. The very fact of contact with lips or lips to the cheeks of another person cannot be considered a betrayal. There is a business, friendly and related look of kisses. You will not be jealous of your husband, who kissed his mother on the cheek or child on the lips.

Although many are wondering if a kiss on the cheek is considered a betrayal. Then even such contact for some people is unacceptable. The context of the situation is certainly important here. With whom, under what circumstances and for what purpose everything happened.

It turns out in our question not everything is as simple as it seemed originally. To talk about treason, it is necessary that several factors are observed at once. The first – the kiss should be just love, that is, a manifestation of sympathy, passion and love. Only a sexually mature individual of the opposite sex can act as an object.

The second – in your relationship this was prohibited, that is, the spouses expected fidelity from each other. Usually it is not required to discuss this, such conditions are accepted by default at the time of the creation of the Union.

The third-the traitor usually closes some needs with such actions. He lacks attention, care, love or physical proximity. We are not talking about an excuse, but as practice shows, sometimes this circumstance helps pairs avoid parting.

His wife did not receive due attention and succumbed to temptation, after which she kissed with some boyfriend, then the relationship can still be saved and not bring to extremes. Not all men are ready to put up with this, but some recognize their alienation from their wife and are ready to fix it so that she does not look for anything on the side.

How to understand that the kiss should become the final point in the relationship?

Psychologists believe that there is no specific algorithm for detecting a non -return point. We have already found out above that a kiss itself cannot serve as an unambiguous signal to terminate relations. Too different circumstances in every individual case.

Thus you should do a little easier. First, accept your emotions and try to understand what they are. You are angry, experience resentment, disappointment or something else? Find a way to get rid of a surge of emotions, only after that you sit down at the negotiating table.

Without complaints and reproaches, inform your feelings. Ask to explain what it was and what are the true motives. Fit your own boundaries, which is acceptable to you and what is not.

You will be surprised, but some women are not ready to put up with the fact that a man is kissed on the cheek of a female colleague at a meeting, while others allow their spouse to have sex with anyone, if only the infection to the house did not bring.

Each of us has our own ideas about the relations and faces of the permitted in them. Where your boundaries are located, we cannot know. The kiss itself cannot be a betrayal, it is important how much this partner’s action hurts you and whether it is in conflict with your beliefs.

Tell the partner openly about what you expect from him and if he violates the conditions, the relationship needs to be stopped. Otherwise, you will take up the victim’s position and it is difficult to say whether your self -esteem will be restored in the future.

How much DNA remains with a kiss?

With a kiss, DNA transmission occurs, which remains in the mouth for about 40-90 minutes. This conclusion was made by scientists in their study. In the future, when the tests are more accessible, it will not be difficult to prove the fact of treason. This can currently be used as evidence of rape, for example.

Despite the fact that almost no one resorts to the test of the test today due to the complexity of the procedure, there is still hope for the development of this industry. When special devices are sold in pharmacies, spouses will have the opportunity to convict a wrong partner in two accounts. Wait and see.

Is a girl’s kiss with a girl betrayal to a guy considered?

If a girl kissed a girl, which often happens under the influence of alcohol, then the question arises – whether this is a sinful?! And can it be regarded as a betrayal? Going to the forum, it was not possible to find a decent answer. None of the participants reacted to the incident seriously.

Both men and women laugh more at such a situation and regard her as an innocent prank. The partner should certainly be informed, it is unlikely that his reaction will be severe. Men initially perceive the proximity between girls as something funny and cute.

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