Kegel exercises at home

Kegel exercises at home.

To obtain bright orgasms and maintaining female health, strong muscles of the pelvic floor (MTD) are normally necessary. Their tone can decrease due to pregnancy and childbirth, too much dignity of a sexual partner, with age, etc. The role of these muscles in the body is very important: they support internal organs, prevent involuntary urine release, and are responsible for the quality of intimate life. Therefore, Kegel’s exercises for women at home remain very popular, although they were invented by an American gynecologist back in the twentieth century.

What are Kegel muscles and how to determine your tone?

The easiest way to find these muscles in yourself is to squeeze the muscles as if you want to write and try to endure. To understand what state they are in, do a few simple exercises:

  1. Enter one finger in the vagina and try to squeeze it. If at least a little happened, the tone is normal.
  2. Now add the second finger (best – index and middle), show them the letter V and squeeze the muscles again. If everything is fine, the fingers will be reduced together.
  3. Pay attention to sensations during intercourse. How tightly your vagina wraps around a member of a man? If there are almost no sensations, you need to urgently engage in gymnastics. The second point: the partner also does not receive full pleasure in the process, which may affect your relationship.

Determined that Kegel’s muscles are normal? This is not a reason to ignore training. Even if now they are in good shape, everything will change with age. In addition, childbirth affects their condition not in the best way.

What is Kegel’s exercises for?

The main reasons for their regular implementation:

  • prevention of urinary incontinence problems, which is associated with strong physical exertion, age -related changes;
  • preparation of MTD for pregnancy and childbirth, their strengthening;
  • normalization of hormonal activities, improvement of women’s health;
  • improving the quality of intimate life by increasing sensitivity (after all, the vagina will become already, sensations – more acute);
  • the ability to get a vaginal orgasm or make it brighter;
  • increased blood circulation in the pelvic organs, prevention of stagnation. This is especially true for women who have a sedentary work;
  • Prevention of various pathologies of the genitourinary system.


Along with invaluable benefit, intimate gymnastics for Kegel’s muscles can harm. When you can not perform exercises:

  • the first and last trimester of pregnancy (in the first case, a miscarriage is possible, in the second – premature birth due to increased uterine tone);
  • postoperative period;
  • the presence of oncological diseases;
  • cardiovascular pathologies at the stage of exacerbation;
  • fibroma;
  • polycystic;
  • inflammation in the legs, organs of the genitourinary system;
  • falling of the uterus or rectum;
  • acute states;
  • Vaginal bleeding.

How to perform Kegel exercises for women?

The entire system is built on alternate compression and relaxation of muscles. However, it is a mistake to think that this is enough for full gymnastics. To achieve the maximum effect and a noticeable result, it is necessary to adhere to the technician and use special simulators, vaginal balls. To understand how to properly perform exercises for Kegel muscles, watch the video on our website “Vaginal balls. Training system “. Balls are needed to quickly learn how to manage MTD, to become an amazing mistress for his man and strengthen health. We also advise you to watch our video course “Training and development of intimate muscles”. It presents various techniques and exercises.

As we have already said, the best results can be achieved with special simulators. Classic – Kegel apparatus.

This is the simplest device that the doctor originally used for medical purposes. There is a sensor here, which is introduced into the vagina (outwardly similar to the pear of the tonometer), and the scoreboard connecting to it with a cord. The compression force is displayed on the screen. With the help of a simulator, you can immediately see your results, which acts as an additional motivator.

By the way, on the basis of the classic Kegel system, many copyright techniques have been created, for example, Tatyana Kozhevnikova. Our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya also developed its training. It is presented in the video tutorial. This is a course designed for 21 days and designed to strengthen the muscles, improve intimate life.

Basic tips: We train Kegel’s muscles

  • It is necessary to start with easy exercises, simple techniques. Gradually proceed to more difficult tasks.
  • Muscle tension and rest time should be the same.
  • One approach is a maximum of 30 repetitions (not the first time).
  • For a period of menstruation, take a break, then continue the same number of exercises at which you stopped.
  • There must be one day off per week. It is needed for a full muscle recovery.

The entire exercise program is available in the video course of Valeria of Agina “Training and the development of intimate muscles”. The sexologist tells there about the classical method, gives his own achievements, tested on the experience of many girls.

Kegel exercise techniques for women

  1. When urinating, squeeze the muscles of the perineum so that the stream completely stops. Hold it for 3 seconds, gradually bring this time to 20 seconds. Relax on the same gap. If everything is done correctly, you will definitely feel the muscles. Nothing succeeded? Do not be discouraged, watch the video tutorial “How to feel the muscles of the pelvic bottom”.
  2. Starting position – lying on the back, legs bent at the knees. Slowly squeeze the muscles and relax, the duration of each stage is 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times, then compress and relax more sharply in 5 seconds.
  3. “Elevator”. This is an exercise for more “advanced” girls who feel the muscles well. Tighten the lower fabrics for 3 seconds, then, holding them, add the middle and upper group. Let go of the muscles in the reverse order, relax 10 seconds.

Even more exercises – in the picture below.

Exercises with Kegel balls

The effectiveness of training with them is much higher. The explanation is simple: the balls are made of dense material, create additional resistance to fabrics, so the result is noticeable faster.

For exercises with balls, a special scheme is designed for a week. For the first three days, train exclusively at home. Every day at the very beginning, a warm -up for muscles is needed. Squeeze and unclench them before the introduction of the balls for 2-3 minutes.

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Day of wearing balls of exercises

1 0.5 MTD must be compressed and unclenched for a minute every 15 minutes. That is only 2 approaches.

2 1 similar manipulations with muscles, the number of repetitions – 4.

3 2 exercise – every 30 minutes. First time: squeeze and unclench the muscles for 2 minutes. The second to the fourth time: manipulations with muscles 2-3 minutes with a delay of 5 seconds.

4 3 similar delay exercises, the number of repetitions – 6.

5 4 Exercises are the same, only a delay of 10 seconds. Repetitions – 8 times.

6 5 Duration of compression and unclenching – 3 minutes, delay – 10 seconds, repetitions – 10 times.

7 output weekend

Full exercises are 10-20 repetitions and 3-4 approaches per day. When you master the base, proceed to a more complex system described in the course “Training and development of intimate muscles”.

Exercises for pregnant women

Strengthening the MTD, you facilitate your future births and recovery after them, prevent breaks and cracks. However, remember: you can do only with the permission of the doctor! Unauthorized gymnastics can harm and lead to very sad consequences.

If everything is fine and the obstetrician-gynecologist allowed to study, try the following techniques.

  1. Starting position – as in the maternity room: on the back, arms along the body, the legs are divorced and bent at the knees, a thin pillow should be under the head and back. Relax, follow the MTD and hold them for 5-10 seconds. Let go of the muscles, rest and repeat. The initial number of approaches-7-8, gradually increase it to 20-30.
  2. Strain the muscles of the vagina and anus at a fairly fast pace, performing a kind of wave. Relax in the reverse order. When engaged in any system during pregnancy, carefully monitor the condition. The slightest discomfort or pain is an occasion to immediately stop the process and consult a doctor.

Exercises for muscles after childbirth

Classes will help to quickly come into shape and recover, but they cannot be done right away. If the birth was successful, there are no contraindications, the doctor approved gymnastics, you can proceed 30-40 days after delivery. When classes are contraindicated:

  • In the pelvic organs, inflammation has aggravated;
  • There are seams, injuries, breaks;
  • problems with vessels in the legs or pelvis;
  • severe bleeding after childbirth;
  • oncology;
  • Exacerbation of heart disease.

This is all not about you? Consult with a gynecologist and, after its approval, proceed to gymnastics. Remember that the slightest discomfort is an occasion to stop and go to the doctor. Initially, the load should be minimal, it can be increased gradually and very carefully.

Kegel exercises myths

  1. Training cannot harm. If everything is done correctly, gradually increasing the load, and not have contraindications, then everything will really be in order. But there are girls who load the body as much as possible from the first classes. This leads not only to banal pain, but also to serious health problems.
  2. In a week, the vagina will be very narrow, here the husband will be surprised! In such a short time, untrained muscles will not come to the desired state. In the first few days, you will only learn to feel and strain them, visible results will appear later. There are exceptions, but rarely.
  3. Simulators can not be used. Yes, if you previously used them and put the muscles in order. Then, to maintain the form, there is enough and just exercises. Never engaged, the muscles are weak, the sensations during sex are not the same? Then you can’t do without balls and other devices.

Caution of simulators

Jade eggs are now very popular. Balls from this stone used in the days of Chinese emperors, they are really effective. However, only if it is a real jade. It is expensive, it is better to buy it in jewelry departments. Everything that is sold in intimate stores and on the shelves of the market is a fake of jadeite. Its danger is in the porous structure. Bacteria and microbes gather on the surface, so such a “simulator” will do more harm in the form of infection.

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