Kunnilingus technique

Kunnilingus technique.

Kunnilingus technique

Cunnilingus lies in the sexual stimulation of the girl through the oral caresses of the clitoris, labia, vagina. This is an independent practice that can bring the partner to orgasm without direct penetration. Another argument in her favor — beneficial effects on the female body. During oral stimulation, a number of hormones are released: prolactin, responsible for the elasticity of the chest, oxytocin — For elasticity of the uterine muscles, and endorphin — Hormone of happiness.

Kunnilingus technique

What annoys women during cunnilingus?

Proper preparation — No less important stage than the process itself. Dear men, forget about such bad habits as:

  • bristle — Even light unshaven scratches a fairly sensitive mucous membrane, causes irritation. Therefore, the first rule — shake;
  • Inappropriate conversations — Often constant questions about whether the girl likes everything, knock her down from the mood not only on cunnilingus, but also for full sex. Learn to read the body language of your chosen one;
  • Excessive pressure — Inappropriate activity and just rough sex should be distinguished, because the first is often inappropriate. But don’t laugh about your teeth!
  • monotone — monotonous movements only in the tongue forward are objectively boring. Connect your lips, fingers, it is not forbidden to use different devices, imitators, lubricants with various effects.

How to do it The perfect cooney?

During oral stimulation, you need to pay due attention to the labia, if desired — vaginal, but the most important point is still the clitoris. Most men do not even know where he is, so they cannot give the lady due pleasure.

Clitoris — This is a tubercle just below the contact point of the labia label. It has about 8,000 nerve endings, the sensitivity of girls varies, but the most susceptible point to caresses — head.

Also, in order to deliver a woman maximum pleasure, remember what is important:

  • alternation — At first, when the technique is not yet honed, but the female body — Not fully investigated, do not be afraid to experiment. Connect your fingers, kisses, use the tip and front of the tongue, do not forget to gently iron the lower abdomen and the inner surface of the hips, and if the pose allows — caress the chest;
  • diversity — Depending on the preferences of the partner, alternate slow and quick movements, stiff and soft, change the technique, fleeting the reactions of your beloved;
  • comfort — Sensual kisses, high -quality preludes and long affection should relax the partner, configure her in the right way. Remember that no secrets and techniques will help if the girl feels constrained.

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