Magic point-g: The secret of pleasure

Magic point-g: The secret of pleasure.

Point G is called differently: “Women’s Trigger”, “Grafenberg Point”, “Region 12 hours”, “Region G”. Yes, in other things, as it does not call her, the essence is left alone: this is the most sensitive place in the body of a woman.

How many scientists did not try to isolate it, the conclusion made one: the hypersensitivity of the cherished point-g is explained by the fact that a chain of nerves from the clitoris to the spinal cord passes through this place. And to correctly find and excite this bundle of nerves is a real art.

The German gynecologist Ernest Graffenberg was first groped for a secret point in the 1950s. However, they named the treasured place in honor of her pioneer: G – Graffenberg.

The scientist suggested that this small ball on the front wall of the vagina is located at a depth of 2.5 to 7.6 cm., between the urethra and the pubic bone (the front wall of the vagina, it is easy to find it, your hair grows there).

Since the woman’s vagina is the main channel of the birth canal, so most of the fair sex are deprived of the nervous endings. Everything, in principle, is logical, excessive sensitivity would lead to the death of the mother from pain shock.

Therefore, clots of the nerve endings are located directly at the entrance to the vagina, in the clitoris itself, and in the famous point-g (the size of which, by the way, is 1-2 cm.).

Well, let’s figure it out how to find it?For many, this causes difficulties or does not even immediately get! But do not despair, the main thing is perseverance and patience 🙂

If you want to look for her together, then it is better for a woman to lie on her back and spread her legs. And now, no matter how strange it sounds: try to imagine the dial around the vagina. In the position of “twelve hours” at a depth of 1 phalanx of the finger on the wall of the vagina, you can feel for the area g. Everything seems to be simple, but this is far from the case!

At rest of the female body to find a grapenberg point is not so easy. The best time to search is immediately after female orgasm. A man should be patient, delicate and attentive.

Of course, you can try before orgasm, but it will be a little harder: it is best to caress the female clitoris at this time, at such moments “peas” increases and becomes the most sensitive.

Since the point is near the urethra, the first touches for the girl may not be very pleasant, and even cause urination to urinate. But, do not rush to throw what has begun! Try to gently and gradually regulate the set and degree of pressure on the area, carefully observing the behavior of a woman. And literally a minute later, unpleasant sensations will disappear, giving way to pleasure.

Congratulations if you have achieved the right result! Now you can experiment) you can combine the massage of the Gp with clitoral and even anal caresses, the pleasure will be unrealistic, and the strength of orgasm will increase significantly!

If you are shy, or if you want to make life easier for your partner, then you can try to find a point-g yourself. After all, no one knows your body, better than you.So that everything is as pleasant as possible, take care of the atmosphere: a hot bath, a pleasant smell, a relaxed body … And then you can call a partner, if he, of course, is needed)

And for girls who found their own and do not want to share with anyone, we have a whole section of vibrators for point-g. They are, what you want! Come in, look close, such toys know your job)

Studying each other’s body is a real art. But having achieved the visible result, you can experiment, discover new sensations, fill your sexual life with bright colors. Good luck searching)!

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