Menstrual bowl: instructions for use

Menstrual bowl: instructions for use.

Menstrual bowl: instructions for use
Menstruation is not the easiest period of the month, oh, not the most. It’s great that there are many different ways and lotions that will help make this time as comfortable as possible. One of the wonderful pieces that easier life in menstruation is the menstrual bowl. Therefore, we will be happy to tell you about all the advantages of this little thing and the rules of use. And also answer the most uncomfortable questions about the nuances of its use.

What is such a menstrual bowl?

Menstrual bowl is an alternative to hygiene during menstruation. The container is placed in the vagina for collecting menstrual blood. Reusable menstrual bowls are made of safe medical silicone.

Advantages of the menstrual bowl

1. The wildest saving of money

The menstrual bowl will delight any girl, inside of which a caricature Jew from jokes sits. Judge for yourself: the menstrual bowl Hot Planet Amphora, which is in the IntimShop costs only 399 rubles. This is the price of three packages of gaskets or tampons. And such a baby is served until 5 years old. Let in the brutal capitalist world at least menstruation will become almost free "pleasure".

2. The benefits for ecology

When using a menstrual bowl, you do not need to throw anything. Therefore, the use of menstrual bowl reduces the litter of our planet. You think this is a trifle? But no! On average, for life, one woman throws 11,000 tampons and gaskets. Tampons and gaskets, by the way, consist of bleached cotton. And this material is considered toxic and incompetent for the environmental situation.

3. Previously unheard of comfort

Gaskets create an unpleasant compression effect. Tampons lead to a feeling of drying inside the vagina. And the swab can hardly be inserted in advance that the minus for women with an irregular cycle. You can forget about all this with a menstrual bowl. She does not make, does not dry, and it is also easy to insert even before the start of menstruation.

4. Can be worn all day and not steam!

Tampons and gaskets must be changed about once every 4 hours. And the menstrual bowl can be changed every 9-12 hours. She accommodates more fluids than her one -time friends. But still does not cause irritation.

5. It is convenient to carry with you and take on a trip

Imagine how to carry a bulky packaging of tampaxes with you? Dubious pleasure. In the menstruation, by the way, the desire to wear small graceful handbags does not go anywhere. But the menstrual bowl will fit in the most compact clutch.

6. The menstrual bowl is not visible under the clothes

Bully gaskets tend to see the contours of tight -fitting skirts and trousers indistinguishable. Of course, menstruation is a natural matter and there is nothing to be ashamed here. But if you still want to get rid of the accessory in the form of a gasket sticking out from under the clothes, the menstrual bowl to help you. She is not total under the clothes.Menstrual bowl: instructions for use
Now that I completely sang the praises of the menstrual bowl, and you managed to fall in love with this item on my ears, let’s move from theory to practice.

How to use a menstrual bowl?

General recommendations for the input of the bowl:

1. Wash your hands. Hygiene is above all!

2. Choose a convenient pose. It is convenient for someone to get up, legs spread wide. It is more convenient for someone to put your legs on the edge of the bathroom. Some prefer to insert a bowl, sitting on a toilet or falling apart in bed. Experiment and choose a pose in which you will be most comfortable.

3. Fold the menstrual bowl. In the next section, we will analyze the most popular ways

4. Enter in the vagina folded. Do not let go of the bowl ahead of time, it should deal with it inside, and not outside.

6 ways to fold a menstrual bowlMenstrual bowl: instructions for use
Menstrual bowl: instructions for use
Menstrual bowl: instructions for use
Menstrual bowl: instructions for use
Menstrual bowl: instructions for use
Menstrual bowl: instructions for use
The main sign that you did everything right – lack of discomfort.

How to pull out a menstrual bowl

Everything is very simple! Especially for convenient pulling in the bowl, a tail is provided. If the cat is not drawn by the tail, then the menstrual bowl is definitely worth. Pull the bowl of the tail and pour its contents into the toilet or sink.

How to clean the menstrual bowl?

After each emptying:

It is enough to rinse the bowl with running water. Particularly suspicious can pour it with boiling water for reliability. You can also wash the bowl with soap: it is important to choose soft soap with a neutral acid-base balance so as not to violate the vaginal microflora. And in order not to bother with the choice of soap, you can buy a special one to clean the bowls. After washing with soap, the bowl must be rinked properly by water.

General Sterilization:

Once or twice a month should be arranged for the bowl thorough bath day. For this, special tablets for disinfection of bowls are suitable. They are thrown into the water, and a solution is obtained, in it in terrible torment all evil microbes die. An ordinary boiling water is suitable as an alternative. It is important to do no longer than 5 minutes in a large amount of water. It is important that the walls of the bowl do not touch the edges of the dishes. Boiling can be carried out both on the stove and in the microwave.

Live -time questions

How to choose the size of the bowl?

There is a myth that small menstrual bowls are suitable for unborn women under 30 years old, and more bowls – honorary mothers over 30. In fact, the vagina is the muscle of which is neither after 30 or after childbirth, no magical changes occur. Typically, the vagina is proportional to the size of its owner. If you are a miniature young lady, most likely, a bowl of size S is suitable for you. If you are a stately broad -mesh stallion, with a high probability, M.

I heard something about toxic shock syndrome…The bowls are definitely safe?

Yes, the bowls are definitely safe. During numerous studies, there was no connection between the use of bowls and toxic shock syndrome. The bowls are hypoallergenic, do not affect the microflora and are made of medical silicone.

I `m A virgin! Clean, innocent, I keep myself for my husband and all that. I can use the bowl?

To begin with, the so -called "hymen" – This is an archaic horror story from the formidable historical past. Himen – an elastic film at the entrance to the vagina, should not be torn with the first penetrating sex. It is organically stretched during the penetration of fingers, toys, tampons, penis, as well as during sports. Therefore, believe me, the menstrual bowl will not become an extreme event for your vagina. Everything will be fine!

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