Morning erection. Why does a member get up in men in the morning

Morning erection. Why does a member get up in men in the morning.

Who gets up before everyone else? As in that joke: “I just wake up, but he already got up!”))) For the vast majority of young men, the morning erection is so familiar that they rarely pay attention to this.  But despite the whole naturalness of this phenomenon, not everyone understands the reasons for such a “morning riser”. In this article, we will figure out in detail why men in the morning a member gets up and as a result of what processes this occurs.

First you need to figure out why a member is getting up in general. And it occurs for one physiological reason – an enhanced blood flow in the fabric of the penis. What provokes this tributary you can learn more in the article why a member gets up in men. Maintaining an erection occurs due to stably high pressure against the background of psycho-emotional excitement. This is a root cause, which can cause a large number of different factors, in relation to specific situations. Well, now specifically about the morning riser.

The reasons for the morning erection

Oxygen starvation of tissues. One of the reasons that men get up in the morning a member is oxygen starvation of tissues after sleep. The mechanism is this: during sleep, breathing becomes less common, the supply of tissues oxygen is impoverished, therefore, the limbs cool – a normal tendency. However, one of the brain centers responsible for the frequency of breathing and the content of oxygen in the body begins to sound the alarm – the breath is excited and increasingly increased. The rapid breathing, in turn, the chain reaction at the neural level provokes the excitation of the brain center responsible for the erection – increased respiration and excitement at the cellular level act directly – the palms, feet are sweaty, and the penis comes into tension. This whole process is cyclical and can be repeated from 3-4 to 6-8 times a night.

Erotic dreams. Another reason for the morning erection, about which everyone knows, so we don’t have to talk much here. At the subconscious level, subject to normal psychomotorics, the member reacts equally strongly, both during sleep and in reality with full excitement during wakefulness.

A crowded bladder. The penis rises in the morning due to a crowded bladder. At the level of the nerve endings, the signal from the bladder rises to the corresponding section of the brain, from where, after processing, the signal is supplied to the functionality of the urinary system, which opens the ducts and emptys. If, at the subconscious level, this team is blocked (during sleep or conscious restraint of urination), the nerve endings are overexcited, which irritate the soft tissues, including the penis, which is why they are filled with blood and saturated with oxygen. Thus, the urinary duct is executed, the blood is also clogged and does not flow back, ensuring a stable erection. Since at night we rarely or do not go to the toilet at all, the bladder is overflowing during sleep, but at a subconscious level the body restrains urination, thereby causes an erection according to the above mechanisms.

High concentration of testosterone. As you know, testosterone is the main male hormone responsible for sexual activity and erection, including. It is at night that about 80% of its daily volume is produced. A high concentration of this hormone can also cause a night and morning riser.

Long lack of sex. Strong morning erection can be the result of preceding dissatisfaction when the body subconsciously is ready to throw a portion of sperm, however, with a long erection without ejaculation (ejaculation), a casement of a vitro -transmitting channel occurs. An excess of seed pushes the ripened sperm, which is pushed out by the strength of the muscles of the penis and muscles near it. Their tension immediately goes into the excitation of the penis, which is why he “gets up”.

Morning erection as a side effect

Sex toys. Unnatural reasons for men in the morning, a member can become some toys from a sex shop. For example: a silicone ring that is put on the base of the penis to extend male capabilities during sexual intercourse by compressing blood vessels, which violates the natural outflow of blood from the penis. In this case, the morning erection is of the nature of the residual phenomenon, which occurs with a prolonged finding of the ring on the penis. Approximately the saturation of the blood of the penis with regular lessons with pomp is also triggered (I hope it is not necessary to explain what it is). In general, the use of all kinds of bells and whistles, which, one way or another, squeeze the ducts and blood vessels, leads to coronary failure (when compressed for a long time). If not a lot of time has passed, then the blood that stagnant there (very poor in oxygen and nutrients) thickens and is very difficult to pushes through the vessels. During sleep, the blood is lunch and thickens, leveling the density, and then the blood circulation sharply begins to restore the usual speed. Clogging with a not completely reserved clot leads to an flow of blood into optional tissues – the penis is no exception. Such unnatural erections pass, usually, painlessly, but it is better not to abuse toys.

The consequence of surgical intervention. Among other things, an unnatural morning riser (constantly and periodically) may be the result of surgical intervention in the scrotum (provocative factors can serve as disease: hydrocele, varicocele, testicular cyst, etc.D.) or plastic on the member itself. In general, during sleep, the body relaxes, and after awakening, the muscles begin to work actively. This also applies to a male member, if you consider it only as a set of muscles.

In the morning, the member does not get up as before – is it worth worrying?

Morning erection decreases with age. That is, if up to 20 years old it was stably every morning, then by 30 years in the morning the member rises about 2 times less often, and by 40 years another 2 times less and so on. This is primarily due to a change in the hormonal background of a man, or more precisely with the main male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for sexual activity. The fact is that up to 20-25 years, the concentration of this hormone in the blood of a young man is very high, which determines his high sexual activity. But further with age, the concentration of this hormone in the blood gradually decreases. That is, if you have a member in the morning in the morning not as often at 18, then do not be surprised – this is normal. In general, if there are no problems in sexual life, but at the same time you are not observing the morning riser, then there is nothing to worry about. But if the problems appeared, and the morning erection disappeared sharply with them, then this serious reason will go to the doctor.


There are results of observations according to which men involuntarily get up not so much in the morning as after sleep. That is, there is no binding of this phenomenon by time, but there is a certain physiological state. It is not difficult to conclude that the morning erection is a normal phenomenon depending on the activation of all body systems. This becomes even more visual if you take the male body as a whole as a macromodel of the penis: during awakening, there is always an insurmountable desire to stretch, while the body tenses, and the muscles stretch. Strictly on the same principle, the “getting up” of the member in the morning is carried out.

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