Odo Mazo – Pain and Enjoyment.

Odo Mazo – Pain and Enjoyment..

One of the main components of the subculture of the BDSM – Sado Mazo – as the phenomenon goes back in ancient times. The texts of sadomasochistic content are found in the ancient Indian Kama Sutra – they describe the process of flogging (flagellation) during intercourse. In the tomb of the Etruscans in Tuscany (Italy), one of the earliest graphic evidence of sadomasochist scenes of obvious sexual orientation was discovered. Inside the Tomba Fustigation cave, two men are depicted who beat the woman with a stick and a hand during love pleasures. A number of frescoes found during the excavations of Pompey also contain the elements of the Odo Mazo – flogging a woman of a woman, a woman in an imperative pose over a man. The episodic references to the Odo Mazo, as a prelude or replacing sexual relations, are present in medieval European literature.

But the first real description of the BDSM practitioner, and Sado Mazo in particular, were the novels of the French Marquis of Donasien Alfons de Sada, published at the end of the 18th century. It was these literary works that caused the appearance of the term "sadism", formed on behalf of the brave marquis. In the XIX century, the works of de Sad were "Augmented" the work of the Austrian Leopold von Zaher-Mazokh, in particular his famous novel "Venus in furs", in which the main character wants his lover to treat him like a slave. At the same time, a term such as "masochism" – derivative on behalf of the writer.

Despite the consolidation of concepts such as sadism and masochism in the medical literature, the ideas of Zacher -Mazokh and the Marquis de Sad were still very far from the modern subculture of BDSM and the modern Garden of Mazo, mainly in the basic principles of this subculture – security, reasonableness and voluntarily. Sadism and masochism were considered by them as real erotic situations, often implying at all a game torture. In its modern form, the Odo Mazo originated at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, being more likely the development of sexual games with elements of dominance-subordination practiced in European "brothels", rather than the ideas de Sada and Zacher-Mazokha.

Many people believe that the purpose of Sado Mazo is the infliction of pain, that the pain is the factor that causes sexual pleasure among fans of sadomasochism. However, the studies have shown that the pain itself is not such a factor, and satisfaction is determined by the relations of dominance and subordination, in which causing pain acts only as one of their elements. In the process of this, endorphins – hormones, playing an important role in the control of the perception of pain, which are produced by the pituitary gland located in the brain depth, are produced in the body of fans of the Odo MAZO.

The mechanism of effects of endorphins is similar to the mechanism of action of drugs -opioids – they block opiate receptors of neurons of the nervous system, which are responsible for the feeling of pain, hunger, and thirst. When linking the endorphin molecule with the receptor, certain brain structures are activated, and the signals sent back to the spinal cord are inhibited by pain impulses coming along the peripheral sensitive nerves. A person under the influence of endorphins does not fully feel unpleasant effects of Mazo, because the corresponding receptors of nerve cells are blocked. After the cessation of these influences, endorphins cause a feeling of delight, happiness and pleasure.

Role -playing Games MAZO includes flagellation, and spanking, and fisting, bellbasting, and Bastinado (Falac) – in general, all the elements of BDSM that can cause physical impact on participants. For the Sado MAZO process, various attributes are used, which can be easily purchased in any sex shop – and shock devices – lashes, whips, and phologers;and all kinds of role -playing costumes, usually made of genuine leather or latex;Bondage fixers – chains, ropes and belts;needles, spikes and clips – for piercing – and much, much more. The number of fans of the Role Games BDSM, and in particular the Odo Mazo, is growing in the world from year to year – as a rule, a man acts as a dominant partner in such games, a woman as a subordinate – a woman. But it may be exactly the opposite, and the number of participants in sadomasochistic sessions may exceed several dozen people. Such games use various sex toys – for example, strapon. Sadists and masochists form closed communities, interest clubs – meet with each other, arrange joint sadomaso "Parties".

The purpose of the Sado Mazo is not the pleasure of the pain and humiliation of the partner, but rather an emotional upsurge, the pleasure of the explosion of passions and excitement that you cause in yourself, and in another person. Psychologists have found that to one degree or another, each person has a tendency to violence, and in the process of sexual game using a sado MAZ, a person gets the opportunity to realize his secret inclinations, without causing anyone to be harmful. Classes of Sado Mazo benefit both the person himself and others – after all, the implementation "secret" desires occur in the process of ordinary game.

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