Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo.

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo

An increase in a member, along with the growth of plastic surgery, has become especially popular in the last decade. Men dreaming of a big phallus as often as women about a big chest. This is a great opportunity to fix what nature has saved on.

In addition, this is the only method that will actually effectively increase the member by several cm.

Indications for an operation to increase a member

Indications are absolute-when a small member does not allow a man to lead a full-fledged sex life, and relative when, from a physiological point of view (11-14 cm), a member is normal, but a man wants to increase him.

Congenital defects (Epipadias and hypospadias)

Epipadias is an innate anomaly of the development of the external genitalia, when the external hole of the urethra opens above its normal location, for example in boys – on the upper surface of the body of the penis or on the pubis. Moreover, sexual life is impossible.

Hypospady is an anomaly of the development of the penis, when the outer hole of the urethra does not open on the head of the penis, but on the trunk of the latter. At the same time, a stream of urine loses his physiological direction and the patient experiences certain difficulties during the act of urination.


Develops due to hormonal failures during the development of the boy. Sexual life is impossible or extremely difficult.

Age -related changes and injuries

. Or if irreversible damage to the penis tissues occurred during the injury.

Types of operations that increase the member

Ligamentotomy – an increase in the length of the penis

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: Supporting bunch of a member. The dissection will increase the length of the penis by 2-4 cm

Ligamentotomy allows you to increase a member by 3-5 cm. It is used in men with normal erection. Aimed at increasing length.

Conducted in the clinic with a surgeon-endrologist under general anesthesia. It lasts 30-60 minutes.

During the operation, the suspending ligament of the penis is carried out, which holds a small area (3-5 cm) inside the body of a man.

The rehabilitation period lasts 2-3 weeks. The patient is discharged home for 2 days with a mandatory visit to the doctor until the healing of the seams.

Then the period of wearing an extender begins-at least 3-4 months.

During the operation, the vessels, muscles and ligaments are not touched on, responsible for the erection. After surgery, the erection remains in full.

Sex life after surgery can be carried out after 4-5 weeks.


They resort to phalloprosthetics when a man has a small size and problems with potency. Build 2 types of phalloprostheses, which differ in the device, mechanism of action and cost:

  • Semi -rigid (elastic)
  • Hydraulic (with a pump)

Semi -rigid elastic prostheses

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: Semi -Fallopothesis

– This is the most affordable and popular type of phalloprosthesis. It is made of flexible silicone rods, which are located along the cavernous bodies.

More expensive and modern phalloprosthesis is made of silicone with a metal rod, which is made of a special alloy with a “memory effect”. Such a prosthesis allows a member to reach a non -erect relaxed state.

The disadvantage of elastic phalloprostheses is a decrease in the length of the penis by 1-2 cm. The member is always in a state of erection, not an erect state is achieved by pressing it to the underpants.

Hydraulic phalloprostheses

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: hydraulic (inflatable) phallopothesis

These are the most modern and technological phalloprotes that create the effect of normal erection.

A hollow rod is implanted into cavernous bodies. A container with liquid is sewn into the retroperitoneal space. The hydraulic pump is sewn into the scrotum. Elements are interconnected by flexible silicone tubes.

When pressing a pump in a scrotum, liquid from the pre -gas space is pumped into the member of the penis and an erection occurs. The prosthesis is invisible outside, the member looks physiologically. The erection of the sensations is also close to physiological.

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: How to create an erection in a hydraulic phalloprothesis. Click on the scrotum

The effect is preserved for life, t.e. Sustainable erection is possible at any age and in any condition. The quality of sexual activity is restored to a high level.

In this case, the seed fluid is produced as usual, the childbearing function is preserved.

Of the minuses – during the operation the structure of cavernous bodies is almost completely destroyed and the physiological erection becomes impossible. Therefore, they are established only in cases of irreversible changes in the fans of the penis.

Carrying out phalloprosthetics

The operation takes place in a specialized clinic under general anesthesia after a careful preliminary examination of the patient.

Operation lasts an average of 1.5-2 hours. Special cosmetic cuts and intradermal seams are used so that scars are absolutely invisible on the patient’s body later.

After surgery for 3-4 days, the patient is in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor. Full healing of the seams passes after 4-5 weeks.

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: member after surgery. 7 days you have to walk in bandages

Sexual life can be carried out 3-4 months after surgery.

Operations that increase the thickness of the penis


Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: penis lipofilling

During this, simple intervention in the fabric of the penis is pumped up by the patient’s own fatty tissue from the abdominal or thigh. The effect is at once, the member looks physiologically. The operation does not affect the erection. Lasts for 40-60 minutes. It is done under local anesthesia. The patient leaves home immediately after the procedure, then 2-3 weeks visits a doctor to control.

Of the minuses-the thickness of the penis increases by 1.5-2 cm in diameter. The procedure must be repeated once every 2-3 years to preserve the effect.

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: member after lipofiling

A more persistent result gives the pumping of silicone gels. Of the pluses – persistent effect, low price. But this method has many side effects – possible rejection, inflammation. Therefore, doctors extremely do not recommend thickening a member with synthetic gels.

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

Operations to increase a member: types, cost, photo
Photo: muscle transplantation to increase a member

This is an effective, but one of the most expensive and complex ways to increase the penis.

The penis trunk turns into a muscle flap taken from the abdominal wall.

The member increases in diameter by 3-4 cm.

The operation is complex, is done under general anesthesia within 3 hours. Recovery period of at least 5 weeks.

The effect is persistent and preserved for life, provided that the muscle tissue is successful. Erection comes from arbitrary muscle tension.

The cost of an increase in a member

The price depends on the region, the emergency of the clinic and the doctor, on the type of implants used and materials.

On average, implantation of elastic phalloprostheses costs $ 400-700.

Phalloprostheses with the “memory effect” cost $ 1,100-1600.

The implantation of hydraulic prostheses is significantly higher due to the complexity of its use-about $ 10,000.

Lipophiling on average will cost 80-100 thousand rubles.

Muscle transplantation will cost $ 3,000-4,000.

An increase in the penis is advisable only in extreme cases. These are operations with a large load on the body, high cost and a painful rehabilitation period.

If you have chosen an operational way to increase the penis, be sure to consult an experienced doctor with a big reputation and good reviews. Otherwise the consequences can be irreversible.

  • There are contraindications. you need to consult a doctor

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