Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

Instructions for the Cliter Stimulator Satiffyer Pro Penguin.

Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

Products from Sexhop are gaining popularity every year. Society is becoming more and more liberated. Cliter is the most sensitive erogenous zone of girls. Therefore, stimulants of this point are able to deliver unprecedented pleasure. We will tell you what a toy for women is a penguin, we will give instructions for use.

Short review

Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

Penguin – vacuum stimulator for clitoris from Satiffyer. The original name of the device is Pro Penguin. The device is completely waterproof. It can be used in a bath in a special way. To do this, you do not need to press the nozzle to the erogenous zone. Just take the stimulator from the body to a centimeter. The motor hidden inside will begin to create directed waves with bubbles. The sensations will turn out to be similar to those that you experience from a watering can. But the intensity will be much less.

There is only one minus – a device with a narrow specialization. The vibrator does not caress the vagina, anus, nipples and other erogenous zones. Penguin is only aimed at the clitoris. The intensity of stimulation can be regulated. Some girls like subtle waves. Others are crazy about strong “shakes”.

How to use

Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

The toy comes from the warehouse of the sex shop discharged. Therefore, it needs to be charged. The full cycle takes up to an hour and a half. The built -in battery is enough for 90 minutes of work. Complement occurs using a USB cable with a magnetic plug. It is in the kit. Just insert the connector into the computer port or into the power supply with which you charge the phone. Combine the plug with contacts in the lower part of the penguin. It is important to check that the contacts are not sealed with a protective film.

Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

No charge indicator on the device. How to understand that the process has gone? After including the control, the control button will start flashing. When the battery gains a full container, the built -in diode will glow.


Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

To turn on and off the stimulator, click on the control button and hold your finger for 2 seconds. In this case, the button will glow quite brightly. If you want to retire and engage in masturbation, you can easily “sleep”. Because the “flashlight” will be visible under a thin blanket if the room is dark. Anonymity violates a loud sound. The noise is easy to hear in a relatively quiet environment. Especially if the penguin’s bell is not tight enough to the right place.

It is better to engage in “massage” in the bathroom or in those hours when you stay in proud loneliness.

Installation of the operating mode

Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

It is easy to manage a toy for women. Penguin has 11 operating modes. You can switch them using a button. Arrow up – an increase in intensity, arrow down – a decrease. Many girls claim that they do not feel anything until they “switch” power to average values. Here’s the matter of individual sensitivity. If traditional vibrators are suitable for almost every lady, then there are no vacuum stimulants.

Experiment and be sure to select the most exciting regime for yourself. Testers in the reviews claim that an orgasm can occur already a minute and a half after the start of masturbation.

Correct “capture” of the clitoris

Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

It is important to correctly press the device to the erogenous zone. To do this, just fulfill a step -by -step plan:

  1. Remove the piercing from the intimate area. It will not be possible to achieve the effect of suction. Plus the metal will vibrate, which is not always nice.
  2. Lubricate the clitoris with a lubricant. You need to use water -based composition. Silicone will spoil the material of the protective cap.
  3. Press tightly to the clitoris. First spread your lips, then tightly “dock” the penguin’s bell with the desired place.
  4. Turn on the toy. If a loud noise is heard, you pressed the head weak. Try again until the noise disappears.

When everything is ready, you can enjoy pleasant sensations. To enhance the effect, play with intensity settings. Scroll in the imagination of your favorite sexual imagination. Manufacturers do not recommend holding the device pressed longer than 15 minutes. But this will not be needed. Orgasm will come much earlier.


Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

After use on the penguin, physiological fluids will remain. This is an excellent environment for the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. In order not to catch the infection, you need to carefully clean the toy. For women this is a standard procedure. First of all, remove the device from charging. It is impossible to wash it with a plug. A short circuit of the battery may occur.

When the device is not connected to the network, it can be sprayed with an antiseptic, and then rinse in warm water without adding caustic chemistry. If there is little time, you can use the express method. Just pull a soft silicone cap out of the bell and rinse under a tap with a cleaning product. Then dry. But it is better to “ate” the stimulant entirely. So less likely to leave a colony of harmful microorganisms on the surface.


Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

After cleaning, the toy must be put for storage until the next time. The device is able to maintain performance only at a temperature of -5 ° C to +60 ° C. If less or more, there is a risk of failure. Particularly negative temperature changes are reflected in the state of the built-in lithium-ion battery.

Ultraviolet destroys any synthetic materials. Including silicone. Therefore, the stimulant should be kept away from direct sunlight. Ideal: put the device in a plastic setup with a plastic fastener like a zipper, then put in a closet.

The device cannot be stored with other products from sex shop. Perhaps a vibrator or anal plug is poorly cleaned. Then there is a chance that microbes will go to the surface of the stimulant. Traces of lubrication on silicone or fat base may remain on the vibrator. This substance negatively affects penguin.

Dimensions and characteristics

Penguin toy for women: instructions, video, how to use

The main sizes are shown in the picture. Let’s go through them:

  • Length: 12 cm.
  • The width of “Body”: 4.5 cm.
  • The width of the “head”: 3.5 cm.
  • Bell diameter: 1.5 cm.

A toy for women turned out to be quite compact. The manufacturer “Statisphary” did everything so that the device is easily placed in a ladies’ handbag. You can take it with you on vacation. There is another option for extremas: grab the device to work to use it in the toilet or right in the office where there are no colleagues.

These are the advantages of Penguin:

  1. Aesthetic design. Smooth lines. There is no hint of sexual purpose. Suitable as a gift.
  2. Water resistance. Can be used not only in bed, but also in the bath, under the shower. Moisture will not get inside.
  3. Removable nozzle. The cap is easy to replace when it becomes unusable from constant use.
  4. Many modes. The level of pulsation is easy to configure. To do this, just turn on any of the 11 provisions.

As disadvantages, one can only call a high noise level. You can come to terms with the rest. Silicone lubricants cannot be used? There are water -based lubricants. Still equipment is not too rich. Only box, instructions, charging cable, penguin. Nothing extra. The manufacturer should add a case for storage and carrying to the “menu”. But he is not there.


It is difficult for some readers to perceive the text. Especially for them, we have prepared a visual video. The author talks in detail about the vacuum stimulator. After watching you will learn a lot of new information. Here’s a video:

Penguin toy for women works on a wave principle. There is no traditional vibration there. But soft stimulation will allow you to experience a multiple orgasm. It is easy to use the device. It is enough to charge it, grease the clitoris with a lubricant, press correctly and choose the perfect mode. After masturbation, it remains to clean the device and put for storage.

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