Point G. Where is it and how to stimulate

Point G. Where is it and how to stimulate?.

Point G. Where is it and how to stimulateAt the moment, unfortunately, female erogenous zones and female orgasms remain unknown areas for men. According to statistics, more than 50% of women have never experienced an orgasm, for which neither from clitoral or vaginal stimulation. But point G has the most direct and huge influence on them.

In pairs in which a woman does not experience final discharge, coldness and regular conflicts are more often observed. Women cannot completely relax, cannot completely reboot during sex. And all this causes a violation of both the emotional and physical state.

In order for you not to encounter such problems, to make sure that there are regular and stable orgasms in your life. To do this, we recommend that you introduce your partner closer to your delicate vaginal zone and show him where the very cherished point of pleasure is located.

This will help you become much closer to each other, and your man will experience pride that he was able to give you these crazy sensations.

How to find a point g

In order to find point G, a little knowledge about female physiology will be required. This erogenous zone is located on the front wall of your vagina. In order for your partner or you yourself can touch it, you will need to enter a finger into the vagina to a depth of three to five centimeters and slightly press.

You can stimulate this point in two ways, namely a finger and a penis, but only with certain poses. Not all men can cope with this task the first time, but there is nothing wrong with that. Thanks to patience and the desire to make your woman pleasant, several times your man will definitely succeed.

The main thing is that all the movements of his fingers or penis in your bosom be gentle and smooth. No need to try to act by force, just soft pressure is enough. In order for you to be as convenient and good as possible, we advise you to search for this erogenous zone lying on your back. Your legs will be wide open and a man will not have any obstacles.

With proper movements, you can feel a small tubercle, which, when stimulated and pressed, will increase slightly and swell. During stimulation, you can experience small urge to urinate, which should not be confused.

When stimulating the Gp, the fingers should be located along the edges of this tubercle and perform movements to compress and unclench. Try to track your feelings at this moment and help your partner be pleased. To do this, just try to voice all the emotions that you are at the moment.

Massage of the point g

Massage of this point can be carried out both with independent masturbation, and with the help of your partner. For more effective massage, we recommend:

  1. Point G. Where is it and how to stimulateDo not forget about the preludes, because it depends on them how much your body will be relaxed and ready for manipulations with the vagina. Ask your man to make you a gentle and relaxing massage of the back, neck and buttocks. Enjoy it with gentle movements that will prepare your body for the release of a sufficient amount of lubrication.
  2. Now is the time to lie on his back and let him lead a finger in your bosom.
  3. Finding the treasured point with smooth and tender movements of stimulation. It can be carried out with the help of actions such as compression and compression, stroking the clock and counterclockwise, as well as pressing movements.

If despite all the recommendations you do not experience the treasured orgasm, then we advise you to purchase a thing developed specifically for these purposes. These are vibrators for point G, which are aimed at contact with the erogenous zone and the implementation of the most pleasant and quick stimulation as possible. With the help of this sex toy you experience an almost instant orgasm that will amaze you with its colors and emotions. Over time, you will arouse the nerve endings at the point G and the brightest vaginal orgasms will become the usual business for you.

Using regularly this vibrator, you can not only receive these emotions at any time, regardless of the desire of your partner, but it is better to get acquainted with your body. You will understand what kind of stimulating movements you like the most and how easily and quickly bring yourself to orgasm.

Poses to stimulate the point g

In addition to stimulating your fingers, you can try stimulation of the penis during sex. However, this can not be achieved in all poses. The most effective and suitable are:

  1. The position is a woman from above. This is a very convenient pose in which you yourself can regulate both the depth of penetration and speed. All this will allow you to carefully follow your sensations and choose the angle of inclination, which will make it possible to stimulate the front wall of the vagina on which the point G is located.
  2. Position from behind. In this pose, the penis tightly contacts with point G, which will allow you to experience a lot of pleasant emotions.
  3. The pose in which the woman lies on her back, and the man stands. In order for your hips to be on the same level with men’s, you will need to find a suitable surface surface. For example, it could be a table. In this position, a man should move softly and smoothly, avoiding sharp and strong movements.

Thus, you can stimulate the point G in a variety of ways, with the help of a finger, penis or a special vibrator for point G, which you can purchase in the online store of erotic goods

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