Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews

Tablets, vitamins, products to improve potency – choice of choice.

Most likely, you got here in search of drugs for potency – to choose one or more of them and use from time to time. It is such a list that is below, in a visual and convenient form, without advertising promises and empty terms, incomprehensible to a person without a doctor’s diploma.

The article describes not only tablets, but also sparing methods of prevention and treatment. Below you will find information about special training of intimate muscles and instructions for prostate massage. The effect of such “physical education” is often more noticeable than from pills. But the main advantage is different – the erection will be strong not only during the hours of the drug, but in general always. In general, we have collected complete and honest information “without bills”, dispose of her best.

Before you take pills, go to procedures or do a massage – be sure to consult your doctor. The described funds have contraindications.

At first – a little theory to enter the course. Having spent a couple of minutes on it, you can make a choice consciously, and buy exactly what you consider the best option.

What is potency and why it weakens

Speaking very short and simple, then potency is the ability of a man to have sex. A certain set of qualities or circumstances in which there is everything you need to start and finish sexual intercourse.

A condition in which something is missing is commonly called impotence, but the correct and more neutral definition is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is when:

  • There is no erection at all;
  • There is an erection, but weak;
  • There is an erection, but during intercourse disappears, leaving no chance of an enchanting finale.

What types are medications, their units

The market is full of drugs for every taste and wallet. Most do not know how they differ from each other, except for the name and design of packaging.

The pills from impotence are divided into natural and artificial. The former most often are dietary supplements who have not passed clinical trials. Many consumers are not even aware that they drink pills that have not proved their effectiveness for potency. Dietary supplements for men will not necessarily be poor or low -quality. Many people really work. But the reception is at your own fear and risk.

By the method of use there are:

  • oral tablets for potency – for men the most convenient;
  • ointments and creams for local reception – they are offered to apply directly to the member;
  • Injection drugs are injected with an injection, and also in a member, pleasure is not for the faint of heart.

Another differentiation – according to the formula. There are original drugs, and generics – their inexpensive copies. Generics, as a rule, are produced in countries with cheap labor and not very developed science, such as India or China. The low price is justified – Viagra from New Delhi does not need to advertise and promote the brand, because it uses the glory of the original product.

Classification by the mechanism of action is the most difficult and important. Determines exactly what processes the tablet for potency in your body will launch:

  • phosphodesterase inhibitors are the most common type of market. We decipher the name. Inhibit = brake. The unreadable substance of “phosphodiester” is an enzyme that gives the capillaries a compression team. When the vessels of the penis are narrowed, blood can no longer enter, making it solid. These drugs block an enzyme that stops an erection;
  • No-syntase activators-act directly on the blood vessels, make them relax and pass blood inside;
  • adreno -shields – prescribed exclusively by a doctor and have a thousand contraindications. The mechanism of action is similar to the first type – they turn off the receptors that respond to the release of adrenaline. More often taken with diabetes, hypertension, heart function disorders. Accordingly, if you have everything in order with this, failures may occur when taking it;
  • Hormonal drugs – contain testosterone, they are taken by the course and only after the tests;
  • serotonin reversal inhibitors-do not allow the body to remove the hormone of happiness and tranquility, which is why you feel confident and well. They relieve stress that could interfere with sex. No, you will not sit and smile like a fool, the effect is moderate and adequate;
  • Homeopathic remedies for potency.

Why are there problems in bed in the stronger sex

There are a lot of reasons, they are divided into two conditional groups – organic and psychogenic. Organic – from the word “organs” or “organism”, and not “organic”. This refers to problems with specific systems in the body. From psychology, problems appear due to prolonged stress or one-time big experience. Other triggers: internal contradiction, fatigue, misunderstanding or banal dislike.

Most often, several reasons are connected in one person. Everyone believes that he lives not easy, but not everyone has problems with sex because of this. Usually everything goes well until a critical mass has gained. Then one small factor works as a decisive weight on the scales. This weight ultimately tilles the bowl on the “very” side.

Remember how for a long time this topic worries you? If everything was always okay, and then suddenly it became “not okay”, then this is definitely your example.

And if you were always dissatisfied with the sexual life, if you read materials on this topic and five years ago, then the problem has already taken root. Perhaps she was provoked by a concrete fact – insult, laughter, resentment of a girl or a disease transferred.

Examples of physiological reasons:

  • Improper nutrition
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • violations in the work of the heart or blood vessels;
  • lack of sleep;
  • recent disease;
  • excess weight;
  • bad habits;
  • age -related changes.

The man is strong if you consider it as a whole. But if you analyze the personality of psychology and physiology, it turns out that the parts are separately vulnerable, so you need to deal with them.

Top-best preparations for male power

Nowadays, everyone can go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a pack of magic fast -acting tablets. This is relatively inexpensive, the prescription from the doctor is not required, you can choose by information on the Internet – in general, it is available. From idea to erection, literally an hour, no more.

Your task is to choose the right specific tool. Well, and earn on it – a couple of thousand rubles, maximum. Work will have to act yourself, but the review of the funds is already ready, it will help to determine which drug for potency is better for you.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


Who would doubt that the list will begin with these tablets known throughout the world. Viagra is already a common name, synonym for any means for erection. But in fact – just a trademark from the producer Pfizer, with its characteristics, features and disadvantages.

Initially, Viagra was sold as a product that increases pressure, until one day it turned out that in some parts of the body it copes with the task even better than it would be worth. Since then it has been used as a way to raise potency at home.

Active substance – sildenafil. Types refers to phosphodesterase inhibitors, that is, blocks the narrowing of the vessels. Starts to act after 40-60 minutes after admission, the effect lasts about 4 hours.

Contraindications: you cannot take simultaneously with other means of the same action (this, by the way, applies to all such drugs). Not combined with food and alcohol in general. You need to take strictly on an empty stomach. More contraindications are heart failure, unstable angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke or life -threatening arrhythmias.

Does not combine with drugs of nitrate type nitroglycerin – this can be deadly.

Side effects – headache and rushes of heat in 10% of cases, dizziness and small visual impairment – in 3%, nasal congestion and rapid heartbeat – in 2% and 1% taking respectively.

At one time, several large publications in the USA and the Russian Federation wrote about high (compared to other drugs) mortality after taking this medicine. According to 2000 data, 11 million people received recipes for it, 564 deaths were registered after admission. These are 49 deaths for every million. Not a single court, however, did not lose Pfizer – most of the dead had a diagnosis of heart. The data is outdated, but the formula has not changed since that moment. There is only one conclusion: do not violate the dosage and read the instructions.

The price of packaging with one tablet is approximately 600 rubles. make more size and highlight in blue – all the prices of drugs.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


A younger drug for an erection, and perhaps more effective and convenient. The type is the same as Viagra, but the active substance is different – Tadalafil. The effect occurs in 15-25 minutes and lasts as much as 36 hours. It less affects the cardiovascular system, and in general, the body is better tolerated by the body.

Sialis is also incompatible with the drugs of the nitrite group – seriously, this can end with death right during intercourse. If you regularly take nitroglycerin or similar drugs – plan everything properly. Cialis operates for 36 hours, and heart tablets cannot be taken a day before and after, so that they do not intersect in the body. It turns out, 24+36+24 = 84 hours in a row nitrite under a strict prohibition.

Recently, prostatitis has often been treated with sialis and similar drugs. It is not intended for that, but the intake also affects the gland – more than 80% of men with a diagnosis of improvements noted.

Contraindications: myocardial infarction over the past 90 days, ischemic stroke over the past 180 days, unstable angina pectoris, arterial hypotension, lactose deficiency or its acute intolerance.

Side effects are less common than in 1% of cases. The most frequent of them are a sensation of heartbeat, tachycardia, decrease in arterial, pressure, dizziness, migraine, fainting, stroke, distortion in color perception, abdominal pain or chest. The only common side effect in 10% of those who took – headache.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


The active substance is vardenafil, the effect occurs in 20-30 minutes and lasts 4 hours. Levitra is combined with food and alcohol, so it is better for a romantic evening. Keep in mind that if you eat tightly in front of the tablet or immediately after, the action will begin a little later.

Contraindications – simultaneous intake of nitrites or other means to increase erection. Frequent side effects are noted in 10% of those who took – headache, redness of the face. Less often – dizziness, nausea, nasal congestion.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


The last drug from this group today is the most modern medicine for men. To increase potency, the substance of the leap. Ziden works in a special way, slightly different from the drugs above. In itself, it does not cause the development of any substance, but only increases the relaxing effect of its own nitrogen oxide, due to which the vessels are filled with blood. This means that an erection needs sexual stimulation, otherwise nothing will happen. But their own impulses under the influence of the lek will increase. If the situation does not go according to plan and sex cancel, you will not sit like a fool – in longing and with an erection, but you will calmly take up your non -erotic affairs.

The drug Ziden gives an effect half an hour after taking, the action continues the day. He is the only one of this group does not cause distortions of vision, violations of blood pressure. Combined with alcohol and fatty foods.

Contraindications: taking nitrates and donors of nitrogen oxide, hypotension, stroke or heart attack in the last six months, heavy pathologies of the liver, kidneys, retina. Side effects: flingers of blood to the face, indigestion, nasal congestion, headache, dizziness, swelling, nausea.

The price of packaging with one tablet is about 800-1000 rubles.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


Unique (or still dubious?) a drug. In sources, it belongs to the group of activators of the synthesis of nitrogen oxide, which forcibly relax the vessels. But at the same time, it is a homeopathic remedy – the active substance in each tablet of only 0.003 grams.

We read the instructions – it says that the drug can be used once or course – to improve sexual activity and improve the sexual system. The manufacturer also claims that the impase acts not only on the physics of the body, but also on the libido in general. That is, it promises that interest in the opposite sex will increase. If you simply haven’t had sex before, then it will appear.

Further – more: I have no contraindications and side effects of the impase. You need one tablet for an appointment. Course – 12 weeks. Can the drug have the main effect without any side? Merchant question. Reviews, as always, vary, but no one canceled the placebo. The effectiveness is not proved clinically. However, what difference does it make if he personally takes you personally, and this method will help you?

You need 8 packs for 450 rubles = 3600 rubles for the course.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


This is also an inhibitor of FDE, generic Viagra with the same active substance. There are not one or two analogues – taxis, maxira, vigunde, northern star – tablets for potency based on sildenafil can have different names, but work the same way. The main difference is price. Tablets for the potency of men in pharmacies can cost ten times more. Among the generics there are very high -quality drugs from famous pharmaceutical companies, and there are frankly bad products with a great risk of side effects. If you think about how to buy Viagra and not go broke – a good generic will do.

Dynamo begins to act in an hour, a dosage of 50 mg, it can be increased to 100 mg. Produced in Israel, known by Teva, this adds trust. The contraindications of the dynamo are exactly the same as Viagra.

The price of packaging with one tablet is about two times lower than the original drug – 300 rubles.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


Pharmacological alpha-blocker. Makes the body ignore signals from adrenaline receptors, it is they, with irritation, “turn on” the spasm of blood vessels, pressure jumps, and so on. Only a doctor should prescribe adrenectors. This is clearly indicated by a long list of side effects. Fentolamine is not only a remedy for erectile dysfunction – the spectrum of its use is huge – from groomers to heart disease.

It is impossible to buy fentolamine in the Russian Federation, it is not registered. For the purchase, however, there is no responsibility, you can find on the Internet – at your own peril and risk.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


The drug of the inhibitors of the reverse capture of serotonin. It prevents the “hormone of peace” from the body, this prolongs sexual intercourse and causes other, sometimes unpredictable reactions. Active substance is dopein hydrochloride. Pay attention: in the absence of an erection, primaxetine will not help, it is able to only extend it. Sold according to a doctor’s prescription, but in fact, pharmacists most often release the drug without questions.

This medicine for potency can provoke anything – from nausea and itching to sudden falling asleep and cardiac arrest. A couple of hours before intercourse. Primaxet is not particularly popular due to the large list of side effects. If you are lucky to do without them, the effect will be.

Packaging price No. 6 – 600 rubles = 100 rubles per reception.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews

Super-P Force

The combined drug consists of sildenafil and dopein, they complement each other. The first enhances the erection, and the second makes it more stable, prolongs sexual intercourse. It needs to be taken 30-40 minutes before intercourse, no more than one tablet to increase potency per day. Incompatible with alcohol.

You can buy Super-P Force only on the Internet, respectively, you will not get any guarantees for the drug. The price per tablet ranges from 120 to 200 rubles, depending on the total number.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


Hormonal drug replenishes testosterone if the body is not enough for its own. The active substance is testosterone undkanoat, the ether of natural male hormone. It differs in high bioavailability. Available in tablets. On the Internet you can buy other testosterone preparations – in the form of gel or injections.

Before use, analyzes are mandatory. Only a doctor prescribes hormone replacement therapy, he must also control its course. The list of contraindications of the drug is impressive, and no less side effects. With improper use, it may be unpredictable. Sold by recipe.

Packaging of 30 capsules costs 2600 rubles, the course is determined by the doctor.

Vitamins and dietary supplements

A small catalog of dietary supplements for men is assembled here. For potency they offer a lot of funds, but, unfortunately, not all customer reviews have positive emotions. The drugs below differ, first of all, by natural composition. At least, they write on the packaging and in the instructions.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


Dietary supplement belongs to the group of alpha-blockers, while it has the natural composition. You need to take it with a course, at least within a month. The drug is also used for weight loss, it knows how to burn fat deposits. If weight loss is not included in your plans – follow the diet during the reception. Yochimbin is well tolerated, has no side effects even with an overdose (rapid breathing does not count). Improves mood, but can cause insomnia, it is better to take in the morning.

Contraindications: does not combine with antidepressants, stimulants and clonidine. Did not go through clinical trials.

Packaging No. 50 costs 250 rubles, you will need 1.5-2 packages for the course = 500 rubles.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


Bad, without clinical trials. The manufacturer claims that the sniper will help strengthen the attraction, extend sexual intercourse and even control the ejaculation. Recommended for prostatitis, urethritis, adenoma.

The composition is as eccentric as packaging: it includes silkworm larvae, Chinese dereza, deer placenta and ginseng. The list of side effects is an allergy, which is not surprising, with such components. According to information from packaging, one tablet for the potency of men will have a lot, better than a third or half. Given that the tablet weighs 10 g – this is understandable.

Take a tablet (or part) half an hour before the alleged sex. Compatible with alcohol.

You can buy only via the Internet. The price of packaging No. 12 is approximately 700 rubles = 60 rubles for each tablet.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


The composition includes extracts of ginseng roots, yochimba bark, long -leaf euricomas and ascorbic acid. The manufacturer focuses on the fact that the drug not only raises a stone erection, but also enhances the attraction. It was stated that Seals helped to extend the excitement, relieve psychological stress, improve blood supply, stimulate hormones production – well, very diverse activities. Accepted by a course of 2 weeks.

2 years ago, Sealex was prohibited by Rospotrebnadzor for the fact that the composition included Tadalafil, which the manufacturer “forgot” to indicate the packaging. As they say: “And what? But what if!”. After a couple of months, the drug was returned on sale, removing the pharmaceutical components from the composition, now it is really natural. Needless to say, the reviews from that moment have become somewhat worse?

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews

Tongat Ali Platinum

Dietary supplement, efficiency is not proven clinically. It has a plant composition in which the production of testosterone stimulates, improve blood flow, enhances orgasm, enters the ginseng and uterine milk roots, euricoma roots. The manufacturer claims that the components increase immunity, strengthen the erection, increase performance, relieve fatigue and fried pancakes. Okay, they do not fried, but everything else is really stated in the list. The course is 1 month. Combined with alcohol and drugs.

It is not recommended to use heart disease. Registration of the name “Tongat Ali Platinum” is prohibited by Rospotrebnadzor, under this name a means for the potency of men in pharmacies is not for sale. Tongat can only be bought on the Internet. Buying medicine is not prohibited.

If interested, he was also banned for Tadalafil, part of the “natural” composition. Nevertheless, Tongkate has a lot of fans, although it is not easy to distinguish the original from a fake. The cost of packaging No. 10 is approximately 2000 rubles, 30 capsules = 6,000 rubles are needed per course.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews


Consists of extracts of Damiana leaves, creeping palm trees and eurecoma of long -leaf. Alikaps affects the hormonal background, stimulates the prostate more actively. It not only improves potency, but also has an anti -inflammatory effect on the prostate gland, which is relevant with prostatitis.

Take the course, one capsule per day, within 10 days. If you need a one -time effect – 2 capsules per reception.Contraindications: increased nervous excitability, diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis.

Packaging price No. 12 – 1450 rubles = 1200 rubles per course.

Products to improve the reproductive system

Natural aphrodisiacs – not a myth. Some products really contain trace elements that raise libido. And they are also different: some are rich in the necessary vitamins and therefore should enter the diet on an ongoing basis, while others act instantly, but temporarily, sharply increasing the concentration in the blood.

TOP-5 products that increase potency in men instantly:

  1. Oysters
  2. Sea fish – flounder and mackerel, in any form except fried
  3. Camel stomach – Sychuzhina
  4. Watermelon
  5. Seeds of turnips

Products for potency in men are good, but there is one “but”: they are removed from the body, without leaving a trace. To get an effect growing over time, you need to select a diet and additive mode. Here is a short list of vitamins and trace elements important for the growth of male power every day:

  • vitamin A or beta-carotene, norm-5000 IU per day;
  • Vitamins B – strengthen the nervous system, make you stress -resistant, provide bright orgasms, relieve fatigue and so on. The group includes 5 vitamins, each has its own norm;
  • vitamin E-hormonal balance regulator, norm-13-15 mg;
  • Vitamin C forms libido, plus vitamin E is better absorbed if you serve them with a couple. Norm – 90 mg;
  • Selenium is involved in the synthesis of testosterone, is responsible for the health of the genitourinary system – up to 100 μg;
  • zinc – regulates the work and health of prostate – 15 mg.


These are perhaps the most important products that increase potency. In this vein, only the lazy did not speak about them and did not joke. Scientists say that every man would be nice to eat 75 grams of nuts daily. Allegedly, this is not only an increase in potency, but also a direct path to healing male infertility – spermatozoa become more mobile, high -quality, and probably confident. 75 grams of walnuts will not make the appearance worse – scientists have chosen this particular amount, because it does not affect weight.

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews

The find among products to increase potency in men-Brazilian nuts, eat 2-3 pieces every day. By the way, they are called nuts conditionally – according to biological characteristics, they belong to the fruits. Contain selenium that increases testosterone, and Arginine, which forces the blood to add to the genitals and therefore received the nickname of the natural Viagra.

Cashews, almonds, pistachios, bakers, hazelnuts – almost all nuts for potency in men are beneficial. Do not neglect this simple, harmless and effective way.

Folk remedies to increase potency for men

The Internet is replete with “recipes from grandmothers”, which they apparently correct their grandfathers. Decoctions, tinctures, mustard, soda – for potency they use anything. The most pleasant and delicious recipes are selected below.

Honey is one of the most popular means. And not only he – all beekeeping products have a beneficial effect on potency. The popular recipe for a folk remedy for potency recommends using honey with aloe juice and parsley seeds, but this combination even sounds strange, is it so strange?

There is another version of a delicious and useful product for potency for every day. You need to pour honey with a nutty assorted from the last paragraph and add aloe to it – if you like this taste. Proportions for nuts, honey and aloe juice – 5: 3: 1.

Before finally gut the flower from the windowsill and pour it with juice, try a drop of aloe juice to the taste. If you like it – act, if not – just take a teaspoon per day, drinking water.

The next folk remedy for increasing potency in men combines useful with a pleasant. For healing mulled wine, take 100 grams of dried apricots, prunes and raisins, plus spices to taste: cinnamon, cardamom, clove. Pour a bottle of red wine, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar, cook over low heat for an hour. You need to drink mulled wine in the evening – well, and when else? As an addition to dinner, it will be very helpful.

The list of products that increase potency in men includes ginseng. Based on its root, preparations for potency are made – black ant and others. Add ginseng to the diet is easy – for example, drink tea with it. But you can prepare a decoction – the procedure is simple, but it takes time.

200 grams of ginseng roof a liter of water, leave for two days in room temperature. Then flying to the saucepan and variety for 3-4 hours, gradually adding honey (total number-2-3 tablespoons) and cinnamon to taste. While the root of the ginseng is cooked on the stove – put the reminders on the phone to check it from time to time and do not forget to turn it off. Drink a decoction of 50-100 ml per day.

Ginger for potency

From the Chinese language, the word “ginger” is translated as “courageous”. This is probably due to external similarity – some roots really resemble the same organ. Or maybe ginger got its name because it has the ability to influence potency?

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews

The composition includes trace elements and vitamins for men to improve potency: A and C, aluminum, iron, magnesium, cholin, calcium, zinc, chromium, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, methionine amino acids, threeonine and tripotophanes. Ginger also contains oils, they make the plant an aphrodisiac. After a piece eaten in your body, the circulation of liquids improves, testosterone increases in the blood. The root has an anti -inflammatory effect, it is not for nothing that it is recommended with a cold. And that is why it is effective for the treatment of prostatitis.

To add ginger for potency to the diet, you do not have to turn the kitchen into a laboratory of the alchemist – prepare decoctions, infusions and drugs. Just buy it in dried form – in a supermarket or a spice store, and add to the dishes. Ginger is combined with meat, fish, vegetables.

Several ideas of delicious ginger tea:

  1. Cut the root into cubes, throw it into the smallest pan (per liter-half), pour water and bring to a boil. Loosen the fire to a minimum, leave for 10 minutes. Add a stick or pinch of cinnamon powder, remove from heat, fill in the brew of black or green tea, leave for 2 minutes. Strain what happened, throw everything except the liquid – pour it into a cup and drink it with pleasure.
  2. Put in the same pan a teaspoon of finely chopped root, 3 pcs cloves, 2 teaspoons of green tea. Pour boiling water, cover with a lid, wrap in a towel – so that the heat does not go longer. Leave for 20 minutes, strain. Drink with prostatitis, cold and just like that.
  3. Natural refreshing energy: finely chop one ginger root, pour cold water in a pan, bring to a boil, boil for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and add a spoon of ginseng powder or 15 drops of ginseng tincture from a pharmacy. The powder is better, as it does not smell like alcohol. Cover the pan with a lid, leave to cool. When she reaches room (or almost room) temperature – put in the refrigerator at night or day. Drink half a glass every time you need to cheer up – the perfect replacement of coffee.

Reviews of men

Men who have accepted folk remedies for increasing potency or receiving drug treatment respond differently about the result. The erection tablets after the first trick look completely different than before it – expectations and reality do not always coincide.

It seems that you are about to become a mega-lover and a sex machine in one bottle, but in the end you don’t know where to put a four-hour erection when it has already, to put it mildly, tired. Moreover, not only you, but also the partner – contrary to stereotypes, not all women are delighted with the bed marathon in eternity. At such moments, pills from potency would be useful much more than for her.

It is not easy to find truthful reviews from those who accepted certain pills – after half an hour of viewing, even in honest positive reviews, you begin to see a catch. A large number of “custom -made” reviews.

If you are going to purchase a tool for potency – study several sources of reviews. The best remedy for potency in men will not necessarily have one “fives”. Try to find sites on which the selected tablets have an estimate below than 4.8 – even the highest quality remedy cannot suit everyone. Any tablets simply have to have those who remained dissatisfied and described in detail described the situation. If there are no such, seriously think about it – is everything clean here?

Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews

Hammer Torah drops for potency reviews of doctors

A good way to study reviews is a specific drug. Thor’s Hammer – Drops for Potency, which are sold on the Internet and are not represented in pharmacies. The only way to find out something specific about them is to contact the reviews of doctors and consumers. According to the relevant request, the search engine gives out a lot of sites – on some opinions are openly laudable, satisfied buyers compose odes and sing praises. On others – the diametrically opposite situation. Find the reviews of doctors on drops for potency Hammer Torah of course you can. But there are no those in which you could believe 100%. Specialists whose names are signed reviews, alas, does not exist in nature.

Exercises to enhance masculinity (LKM training)

Bonus-special exercises-stimulator of potency for men. They are aimed at working with the pubic and cope muscle and are useful to absolutely everyone. Even if you are sure that everything is in order with health – exercises will prevent problems in the future. It would be naive to hope for eternal youth and health without any board. To give half an hour a day to male health and stay on top even after 5-10-20 years without side effects and complications-it sounds good.

First you need to find the pubic-cocchic muscle (LKM) and learn how to control it. The simplest thing for this is to stop the stream during urination. In response to the command of the brain, it is precisely that muscle. First, just stop the process a couple of times during each urination to master this technique and control the body.

Some can master the next stage almost on the first day of practice, if the management of LKM is easy. Strain and relax the muscle anywhere at any time – without urination.

Exercise for LKM training: Slowly and smoothly strain the muscle to account 5. Consider to yourself, for a second at each account. The idea is to master a smooth movement, so performing an exercise too quickly makes no sense. Gradually increase the time to 10 seconds, reducing the speed.

Complicated exercise “steps”: slightly strain the muscle, fix the position and stop in it for a few seconds, for example, at the same 5 accounts. Then increase the tension again and stop. Repeat 5-6 times, or more, if it turns out. Resembles climbing the stairs, where each stop is a step on which you need to linger. The main condition is to move only up, never loosening the muscle.

When you reach the upper “step”, and you will feel that there is nowhere to rise further – go down.

Try on yourself prostate massage. Special devices will make the process painless, so the excuses will not pass. Massage is much more pleasant than prostatitis, impotence, adenoma and their subsequent treatment.

Important: prostate massage is the prevention of diseases, a way to raise libido and recover at the initial stage. From advanced inflammation, as they say, hands off. Serious problems should be solved by the doctor.

The prostate is located on the front wall of the rectum to find it, you need to insert a massager or finger into an anus for about 5-8 centimeters. The massage itself is light sliding movements towards the navel manually or massager. It is necessary to do it with a lot of water -based lubrication.

A massager can be bought on the Internet, a specialized medical equipment store or in a sex shop. It is fundamentally different from the dildo and, even more so, has nothing to do with a member.

Character traits:

  • C-shaped form;
  • small thickness;
  • Stopper that will help fix the device in the correct position.
  • Then we offer self -massage techniques that you can try tonight. But if you are not ready to do the massage yourself, then turn to a friend: let her watch our video tutorial “Prostate massage” to make this process a pleasant love game for both of you.

    Technique “circular movements”

    The first option is to use a device with a rotation function, for example, Nexus Revo Stealth, it is important that the massager be anatomical in shape. Rotation is circular movements that are directed throughout the prostate gland. This is the most comfortable method, since the effect is only on the iron, everything else remains alone. The main plus of this device is that it has a control panel that will free you from the need to take an uncomfortable pose. You just insert a massager on an anal lubricant, for example, Pjur Analyse Me, and he will do everything for you.

    Technique “Come here”

    You can dwell on the device easier and buy a static model with vibration, for example, Nexus Revo Slim. The pluses are all the same: a convenient shape and intensive stimulation. But in this case, the device will move entirely, or rather vibrate. This gives a very pleasant sensation, as it affects the entire region of the rectum and anus, which, as you know, has more than 72 thousand nerve endings. First you need to prepare: a good, high -quality lubricant – by no means a petroleum jelly or, moreover, a fat cream, Wicked Jelle is best suited. Next, pick up a convenient position, you may have to show flexibility. It is best to perform equipment lying on the back. The pose should be as convenient as possible. You insert the device with slowly circular movements, then make the “Come here” technique, that is, you are moving a massager to you, as if you are beckoning someone with your finger, you call to approach you, your legs must be bent at this moment in your knees.

    Technique “Jumping Hammer”

    Another cool stimulator is Duke from the German manufacturer Fun Factory, all toys of this factory are produced in Germany, in the city of Bremen, they pass 8 stages of control and have a two -year guarantee without restrictions. After lubrication, you can gradually introduce a toy with a depth of about 4-5 cm (all men have a prostate where it can vary a little). To the touch the right point is slightly rough, it is not very difficult to find it. Direct massage – accurate stimulation. The main thing is to prevent painful sensations, they should not be. You also lie on your back and perform the equipment – with quick shocks up with a small amplitude, acting as much as possible on the gland. Massager, in its actions, really looks like a construction chipping hammer.

    Connect your woman to this process, it will diversify your relationship and help to wake up passion. Let her watch our video course “Give a man a bright orgasm”, this will be a truly cool gift for both of you.

    Used poses

    Preparations for men to increase potency – the best selection and reviews

    During the massage, you can stand, bend, rely on your elbows and knees or lie on the right side – all these poses provide good access to the right body. It is best to try every pose in order to then decide which one is best for them. The most popular positions that are applied, among other things, are in medical institutions – on the side, with pressed legs, and on all fours.

    Modern medicine focuses on prevention, and not in vain. Indeed – easier, cheaper and more pleasant to prevent diseases before starting. For example, when you drink “male” vitamins, not only an erectile function improves. A prostate, stomach, intestines and other organs does not know what is written on the package – any additives in one way or another act on other parts of the body. Strengthening the private, you improve the state of the whole.

    Another example is to perform exercises for training LKM. This will improve the sexual sphere of life, strengthen the entire genitourinary system. Sexual activity will remain until old age, and after its onset they will not torment incontinence. You will not spoil the body with the use of drugs and numerous side effects and save on going to the pharmacy. The most difficult thing is to make a conscious choice of an adult and follow him.

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