Quuffing: what is it, why is it, views, how to recognize?

Quuffing: what is it, why is it, views, how to recognize?.

Sometimes quiting, he is a sound or a feeling of air leaving the vagina, often confuses with the release of gases from the anus, but these are completely different things. Firstly, farting is a gas coming out of the anus, and a queff is a weak sound of air emerging from your vagina. Although these two phenomena have some common features, for example, they make similar sounds, but they are completely different. Quif arises without smell, and it has nothing to do with your diet. Occurs when air enters the vaginal channel and remains in it. Certain movements (for example, sex) can be the reason for this, because the air is pushed out.

There are some things that you can do to minimize or reduce the likelihood of a Quif during sex. Remember that Quifs can happen to everyone who has a vagina, at some point – this is just a physicist! But if you are interested in how to reduce the likelihood of quiting during sex, these are a few things that you should remember.

1. There may be certain positions from which you can stay away if you want to minimize quiting. If you do not raise your legs up or keep them spread for a long time, this can help limit the amount of air that enters the vaginal channel and the causing quofe. Since Quiphs are just smell air pockets, any provisions that can reduce changes in penetrating air will help. Another position that should be avoided – Doggi -Steel.

2. Know that you may just have anatomical predisposition to quiting. All bodies are different, this also applies to intimate parts of the body. Some women are more prone to this phenomenon, depending on the shape and length of the vaginal channel. Vaginal lubricant also increases the likelihood of a quof, so women with a large amount of natural lubricant secreted can face a quof more often. But this does not mean that you should try so that the vagina remains dry during sex, since painful sex is not worth it.

3. You should not be embarrassed or try to consciously avoid quitting – especially if you are worried about what a partner might think. Why is someone consciously trying to avoid this? Quuffing – natural and ordinary physiological function. There is no need to make excuses for a que. It can be embarrassed, but honestly, it is very common, and many women have ever faced this. In fact, some men even excite a Quip, as they interpret it as a sign that they are the best lovers.

Quifs arise when air enters the vaginal canal, and then goes outside, sometimes making frightening sounds. Quifs do not smell because they are caused by clean air. So, if you want, you can call Quifs “vaginal bun”, But know that this is technically inaccurately.

Although it may seem that Quiph is possible only in the most unexpected points (for example, during yoga or during the prelude), they can occur at any time. Sometimes they are completely random, but there are certain types of activities that expose you at a greater risk of Quiph. They are especially common during sex, because fingers, penis or sex toys can easily push air. Your vagina also expands when you are excited, which gives more space for air. And the moisture content of the vagina, which increases during sex, helps to publish not a very pleasant sound.

Some things, for example, are more rude, long sex and a large number of shifts of positions, can increase the risk of Quiph. You can also find that some positions make you more prone to Quiph than others, for example, all where your hips are raised. Instead of changing your sex life only to avoid short -term potential confusion, just warn your partner that this can happen. Or don’t do it, and then you will laugh at it. In truth, this is completely normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

Sex is an intimate process that makes some of us feel quite vulnerable, so it is better to engage in it with those who treat you with kindness and respect, and then your quiting will not worry them.

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