Secrets of courtesans: techniques that act without fail

Secrets of courtesans: techniques that act without fail.

Secrets of courtesans: techniques that act without fail

In order to always remain beloved and desirable, it is not enough to follow your beauty and study "Kamasutra". External sexuality should be supplemented by an internal sense of its originality. An example can be taken from courtesans. These women were once admired, they were adored and idolized. Representatives of the fair sex aloud these ladies, but in fact they envied them and tried to find out the secrets of seduction from them. The courtesans knew how to get a man and give him a real pleasure. Such women remained true, they returned to them again and again.

Five secrets from professionals

Every woman is sexy in her own way. The main council of all courtesans to those who want to become divinely skilled in bed: confidence in their actions. After that, it remained to master the technique of seduction and maintaining the interest of the partner. To become a courtesan for your man is easy, just remember a few points:

No. 1. Greetings

Each night butterfly has its own chip. She welcomes the client with a crown phrase that makes her heart beat stronger. Come up with your greeting, attracting and intriguing. It can be something like "Hello my night guest" or "I was waiting for you, my lord".

No. 2. Surprise

Each man will certainly like an element of surprise in sex. The courtesans used such a small, but effective, secret constantly. You can, for example, leaning against a partner in public transport, touching his buttocks, hint at the upcoming intimacy in the midst of a scientific conference or dinner with his parents, accidentally hurt his dignity at a time when he drives a car. Such simple manipulations will direct the thoughts of a man only in one direction.

Secrets of courtesans: techniques that act without fail

No. 3. Relaxing-exciting massage

The goal of massage of a real courtesan – relax a man after a hard working day and excite to the limit. The client lies face down. On the buttocks a towel. Starting from the cervical spine and spinal muscles, the professionals slowly go down. At this moment, a towel is pulled off the buttocks, the hands are located on the sides of the hips and continue to massage the pelvis muscles.

Then the courtesan turns her client, admiring his dignity (mandatory moment!), and continues to work in the direction of above-down. Hands, shoulders, chest, hypersensitive inside of the hips. Only one zone, the most important, remains untouched. When the courtesan reaches her, the excitation of a man can be compared with a volcano, which is about to explode. Warm oil In the hands of a partner will produce an incredible effect. Massage technique of real courtesans should be used for sure. The sensations from such a game are simply enchanting!

No. 4. Woman-mystery

Do not immediately undress in front of a partner. Even during striptease, a woman should always remain at least one piece of clothing. The same goes for massage. Tall boots or shoes on the platform along with stockings, light transparent linen, the most open top – Such a performance will be remembered for life. Is it worth reminding that in the wardrobe of every self -respecting woman, there must be several sets of erotic linen. The courtesans did not spare money for attributes, bringing themselves true pleasure shopping.

No. 5. Obscene conversations

It’s not necessarily about curses. Not every man will be excited after the partner covers him with Russian three -story. Obscenity – This is completely different. This is an elegant way to quickly excite a man, just mentioning intima. Everyone probably remembers the notorious council of women’s glossy publications "whisper in his ear that you forgot to put on underwear". Sounds funny as a sign of amnesia. Courtesans actively used this technique. It is enough to say it openly about your own desires, calling everything with their names, not veiled, and the man will immediately take no doubt with great enthusiasm for actions.

The skill of courtesans reached perfection only after many years of practice. They did not share their secrets with other women too readily, which is quite logical. However, even these tips are enough to impress a man and leave a mark on his heart.

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