Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

How to calculate treason – correct signs.

In some respects, there is a moment when one of the partners notices changes in the behavior or appearance of his second half. Unpleasant suspicions of betrayal climb into my head. However, these thoughts are not always true, and in order to definitely be confident in the current situation, you need to know the main signs of treason.

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

Why men are cheating?

The longer the relationship in pairs lasts, the more unexpected the news of the betrayal of his partner can be. Before dealing with the signs, you need to understand what is the reason for such actions:

  1. Instincts

When the wife learns about the betrayal of her husband, he immediately begins to look for shortcomings in herself, which could push her beloved to such action. But most often, the source of all troubles is ordinary physiology.

Many people know that by nature men are polygamous, at a subconscious level they try to leave a great offspring behind themselves. That is why they come into sexual contact with most women.

People are arranged in this way: women put more effort in creating a hearth and raising children, and men seek to create more heirs. Also, quite often, men do not perceive sex on the other as a betrayal, arguing this action only by instincts.

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

But physiology also has its own different factors:

  • When we are talking about great offspring, the number of children should be large from different women;
  • Change more often with young people, as it is subconsciously perceived as a more healthy and suitable for bearing a child;
  • The connection with the young also raises the authority of a man among other representatives of the stronger sex.

If a woman finds real reasons for excitement, then she should conduct conversations with her husband regarding physiological levers. Perhaps moral foundations and scientific facts will enable a partner.

  1. Life

Another common reason for “going to the left” is the uniformity in the relationship. Sexual and everyday life becomes boring and completely destroys romance. As a result, every day with a partner turns into a routine.

Most often this happens after the birth of children. A woman devotes them all the time, and the man begins to get bored. Not getting attention from his wife, he begins to look for him from other women. This is not a reason to think that he no longer loves his wife, he just lacks her love and affection.

  1. Problems in sex

If you are puzzled by the question of how to understand that your husband is cheating, then first you need to analyze your sex life. Sex for men plays more role than women. If he is not satisfied in this regard, then he can go to betray. His love and feelings remain the same, just sexual discharge comes to the forefront.

At the same time, sexual dissatisfaction can occur not only because of rare sex, but also because of his boredom. If the poses and places have become ordinary, then he begins to look for the woman who will give him new sensations.

A woman can abandon intimacy due to fatigue or illness, while the spouse perceives this in her direction, perceiving, as if he was rejected.

  1. New sensations

A man simply begins to look for something new for himself, since his wife is already considered “caught prey”, and he is slowly fading away in such interest. Now he seeks to go to a new “hunt”.

The main signs of male betrayal

Women are not always able to consider the details that can give out the appearance of an opponent in time. However, there are the main signs that will definitely tell.


Most often, married men are not so carefully monitoring their appearance. Even on the contrary, wives always have to remind them to shave or change a T -shirt. Therefore, if he sharply began to monitor his appearance, then this may mean the appearance of a lover for sex he found, for example, .

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

This can be understood if he suddenly decided to get a new toilet water for himself, change his hairstyle or add elements of the external image. Also, this includes experiences about the appearance and frequent sawing of their reflection in the mirror. All this gives his desire to win a new woman with his appearance.

But we are not talking about the fact that if your man is watching himself, then he is a traitor. This includes those who have never looked after themselves, but suddenly decided to sharply take up the appearance.


This is a common “evidence”, thanks to which a woman learns about treason. New aroma on a man who returned late from work will alert any woman. In addition, the weaker sex is developed much better, so they can distinguish many smells.

At the same time, a female aroma may not necessarily come from a man, a sharp change in perfume. By nature, guys do not like such experiments, it is easier for them to choose the same spirits and constantly use them. But they can change it if a lover asks for it.

Delays at work

To maintain a relationship with his mistress, a man must have enough time. Usually they have a graph of the same type and after work they come at a given time. Thus, you need to start worried when it begins to linger. Especially if he explains this with force majeure circumstances that began to arise regularly.

Do not immediately pounce on her husband if he lingered several times in a month. Circumstances can really take shape unfavorable. But delays several times a week can be alarming.

Also pay attention to his attention after such “delays”. In the case of sex or meeting with the other, he will come tired, but satisfied. Moreover, he will not go into details, describing the circumstances, usually this will be concise and believable.

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

You can catch it with the help of acquaintances who participated in his story. But friends can cover each other, but an unexpected call to work during the next “delay” can take it to clean water.

Rare sex

When a lover appears, the spouse immediately disappears the need for affection. If the wife noticed that the husband began to demand sex or brought him to zero less often, then it is already worthwhile to be wary here.

At the same time, this behavior is argued by fatigue after a hard day. A refusal of sex can do when the wife met him in beautiful underwear, with makeup and a smile. If there are no problems with potency, then this behavior is very suspicious. Fatigue can really provoke a refusal, but only if this is rare.

The second version of this problem is insensitive sex. The husband can go to bed, however, intimate intimacy looks forced to only take suspicions. If you notice the lack of affection and the desire to go to bed quickly, then this is also a cause for concern.


The signs of the appearance of a mistress can also include sharp shifts in behavior. For example, he can rejoice at his campaigns to work, but the coming weekend is sad at him.

This also includes the moment when the husband is in a great mood after work, but any question of his wife causes him irritation or aggression. Irritation is due to the fact that a feeling of guilt may appear in it. To smooth it out at least somehow, he begins to look for shortcomings in his wife.

There is also a situation on the contrary, when a husband in attempts to make amends begins to show too much care and attention, especially this is directed towards children. Suddenly he becomes the most tender and loving father.

If the listed signs have been seen, then you should be on the alert.

Increased expenses

Another hint for those who wonder how to find out if the husband changes in your budget. It is enough to calculate his expenses to understand the presence of another woman. True, this is not always possible, because many husbands reserve the right to spend part of the expenses. But if the budget review shows the presence of incomprehensible costs, then it is worth straining.

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

Even if the spouse herself does not require gifts, then the lover necessarily receives flowers, sweets, jewelry and campaigns in restaurants. Thus, the presence of a mistress is always associated with additional expenses. The spouse can argue this with unexpected fines or problems, but frequent “sudden” circumstances are suspicious.


Previously, an open and sociable partner becomes closed and detached. If he has a lover, then he will not talk in detail about his day at work. He has already satisfied his communication with his mistress, so he does not need the attention of his wife.

It can still alert hide accounts on social networks. If you previously had access to all pages, now they are all blocked. This also includes observing his phone, that is, he will try to keep the gadget with him. Messages will be read away from the eye of the spouse and the like.

New habits

Communication with a mistress can affect the habits of the spouse. Suppose he can change his preferences in food if he discovers him for himself during the next trip to the restaurant or his mistress will prepare a new dish for him.

New habits include changes in the route. During joint trips, he can subconsciously reach for his secret passion, choosing the road past her house. The most iconic and alarming can be a change of behavior in bed. He may begin to demand new poses or use unusual affection. Of course, this is not always an concern, but somewhere in your head, mark such differences.


If he began to move away from his family and household chores, then you can start worrying if it is not because of fatigue at work. To find out, it’s enough to conduct a small test: start a dialogue with him, if he does not remember half, then this means that he thinks about something else.

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

These signs include a sharp abandonment of family obligations, if he had previously been engaged in them with pleasure. He can also begin to forget significant dates: birthdays, anniversary and so on.

Relations in the couple become stretched, less and less topics become for joint conversations. Together is completely excluded.

Mood and reaction to criticism

After work and spending time, together with his mistress, they cause him a good mood, but any question or reproach from his wife will cause an acute reaction. All due to the fact that now he sees in it the shortcomings that he previously considered a dignity.

The traitor reacts more painfully to criticism, because it seems to him that he is underestimated at home, while another woman praises him.

The reasons why women change

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

Women also, like men, can succumb to the temptation and go to the left. But before we tell you how to determine treason, we will figure out why women are looking for attention from the side:

  1. Long problems

Most often, wives go to others if there are problems in the family that cannot be solved for a long time. Then in this case they simply do not see another exit.

  1. Revenge

Often women who survived treason from their spouse want to take revenge on him. Such a desperate act only exacerbates the problem in the family. The expected sense of satisfaction is replaced only by the fault, which will still lead to a break.

  1. Indifference

At the beginning of the relationship, any man manifests more attention, performs romantic deeds and gifts. But after a long time, these actions cease. A woman, by nature, should always feel that she is loved and beautiful. If she does not receive this house, it can become a slight target for other men.

  1. Problems in bed

As well as men, rare and boring sex can push a woman a hug of another. Especially offends girls when their partner is selfish and thinks only about his satisfaction.

  1. Low self-esteem

Due to low self-esteem, some women require attention and admiration from others, this can be expressed in flirting with other men. This is especially common in a pair where a woman does not feel beautiful. In an attempt to prove her demand, a woman can go to treason.

  1. Routine

Boring and monotonous relationships, in which there is no romance, can lead a wife to bad thoughts, that is, think about another partner. If you do not add more passion in such a pair, then the marriage can break up.

  1. Jealousy

If the man is too jealous, then constant reproaches and suspicions can push his wife to such an act. In the absence of proper confidence, thoughts may appear about whether it is worth storing loyalty to such a man?

How to understand what the wife is cheating on?

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

If you want to know how to find out the betrayal of your wife, then it’s enough to look at her behavior, this is usually visible with the naked look. However, some manage to carefully hide this, so you have to consider everything in details.

The first alarming calls

When you suspect your wife on treason, you should not rush here. Everything must be well analyzed and the presence of a problem in a complex with the main features must be identified. We can describe the first alarming factors that must focus your attention:

  • She begins to behave coldly, ceases to share the news;
  • Upon returning from work, she will be cheerful and mentally removed;
  • Secrets appear: secret meetings, passwords in phones and so on.

Physiological signs

If, upon returning home, she avoids your embrace and kisses, hurrying to the shower, then she may try to get rid of the smell of another man. You can conduct an ordinary experiment: immediately hug your spouse from the threshold, if she has something to hide, then she will avoid such contact in every way.

There will still be detachment in bed or new sexual habits will appear. This must be monitored, any contact on your part will be perceived with aggression.

During sleep, she will no longer try to snuggle up to you, even on the contrary, she will try to lie down away.

The difference is in appearance

Any woman pays herself a lot of attention, tries to follow the image. However, if interest becomes stronger than usual, then you can begin to worry. She can start sharply painted with bright lipstick, this is necessary not only in order to be more beautiful, but simply because her lover likes so much more.

This includes a change of hairstyle or the transition to a new style of clothing. It is also worth getting nervous if she suddenly began to carefully monitor the intimate zone of the bikini. After all, usually girls only at first pay attention to this, and over time they allow spaces.

Atypical behavior

Signs of betrayal – how to understand that they lie to you

As we have already said, the main signs of treason of the wife are to change her behavior. Most often, it is difficult for a woman to communicate with her husband if she already has a lover. In addition, anxious changes include:

  • The level of irritability just goes off scale. Any providence on your part can cause a real scream. Here he plays the role that your very presence nearby becomes a burden for her;
  • Its interests are replaced, she begins to watch films of an unusual genre or read books of previously unknown authors;
  • Sometimes it can be excessively tender, tries to please you in every possible way. The wife does this out of guilt, that is, subconsciously tries to smooth out;
  • Communication between you becomes minimal, all the dialogs are short and dry;
  • Households began to be given less time, all responsibilities are fulfilled through force;
  • During frank conversations, the wife will remain clamped, her gaze will be constantly allotted in the other direction;
  • He tries to make you often absent at home, so he can easily let go to gatherings with friends or fishing for fishing;
  • Urgent matters suddenly appear, while she does not explain where and with whom she goes.

Thus, any change in appearance or behavior can be the reason for the thoughts of treason.

But even if fears are confirmed, then do not “chop off the shoulder”. You need to think everything over if this person is really dear to you, and you love him, then you need to figure it out. Try to go out for a frank conversation and convince that you can return your relationship. The main thing is not to use reproaches or scandals, because this will not lead to anything good. Try to find out the reasons, maybe everything is not so “deadly” as you think.

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