So in fact they make erection rings?

So in fact they make erection rings?.

At first I did not understand whether it is a joke or not. In fact, everything is simple and almost every person knows the answer to this question. But the team was seriously configured, and they expected an answer from me.

“Oh”, I answered arrogantly, “The erective ring tightly wraves the base of the penis, which controls the blood flow, and therefore improves blood circulation and erection”.

“But, as it simultaneously controls the blood flow and enhances it?” – They asked me.

And then it dawned on me. In fact, I did not know how the ring for an erection works, what it is for, what are its consequences, and what it really is.

So in fact they make erection rings?

Why use erection rings at all?

The erection ring has a number of advantages, and almost no disadvantages. The biggest plus is the influence that it has on pleasure (both partners, please notice). But besides this remarkable quality, the erective ring can:

  • Increase the resistance and elasticity of erection

  • Increase the sensitivity of the penis

  • Delay the time of ejaculation

  • Strengthen the moment of orgasm

  • Increase the total erection

It’s like a wonderful bonus for a member. Studies show that rings can positively affect the treatment of erectile dysfunction, since then they do not love them then?

Erective rings are dangerous?

The member ring itself is not at all dangerous. Any unwanted consequences can occur only if the toy sits too tight, or worn too long.

You just need to know the measure in everything: if your cock begins to go numb and hurt, then immediately remove the ring, and if the symptoms do not pass, then you should consult a doctor.

So in fact they make erection rings?

This is the only thing that could be dangerous. For the most part, the rings are completely harmless.

The main thing, do not forget to remove the ring before you are going to go to bed), most manufacturers generally recommend wearing devices no more than 30 minutes a day. If you follow these simple rules, then safe, and most importantly, high -quality sex, you are provided with.

So in fact they make erection rings?

Perhaps you have already read that the main goal of erective rings is to limit the flow of blood and save it in the penis. This is not true, and I would really like everyone to stop being mistaken and repeat it to the right and left.

And this inaccuracy is easily proved: if the ring allowed the blood to enter the penis, but did not let it out, then the penis would be inflated like a balloon. But this does not happen!

So in fact they make erection rings?

The indisputable truth is that the flow of blood is limited. But in fact, the blood vessels are narrowing, which is why the penis expands, increasing the total size and its strength. Blood continues to function normally, but the pressure inside the blood vessels increases.

Try to close your nose and mouth, and then try to push the air. Arteries in your neck will begin to expand! The same thing happens here.

This is the main task of the erection ring to which a lot of other advantages are added. Increased blood vessels fill the penis, increasing the total area of its surface and exposing most of the nerve endings of the skin of special sensitivity. This makes sex more intense for a man, and therefore his partner.

So in fact they make erection rings?

At the same time limiting the urethra, the ring can also help you control and delay the orgasm – therefore, the toy not only makes your member more sensitive to sexual contact, but pushes its climax.And when you finally allow your orgasm to happen, there is a high probability that it will be longer, longer and more intense. (AND … Mmm … dirtier. Sorry.)

Removing the ring will almost immediately return the penis to its usual size and shape, so the erection rings in no case are a constant solution to increase the penis or the fight against erectile dysfunction in the long term. But, in my opinion, the pluses of the rings for the erection are much outweighed.

If my article opened your eyes, and you decided to buy such a magic thing for yourself, then we have them in the store full! With vibration, and with clitoral stimulants (yes, to the woman is also cool), and in the form of Lasso. In general, look at the section "Nozzles on a member", you will definitely like something.

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